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You Can Create Your Own Balloon Garland-Everyone Can Do It!!

Create Your Own Balloon Garland-Its Easy

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop! This blog is about The all important Balloon Garland Kits. You have mostly probably found my site because you have seen the absolutely adorable balloon garlands all over Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. And if you have thought wow they are so beautiful but I would not know where to start on trying to make my own balloon garland kit then I’m here to convince you that it is not only possible but its easy. Easy does not mean quick as making a balloon garland is not a quick process but if you spend some time reading through our DIY balloon garland guide and the fantastic you tube tutorials on how to make a balloon garland that we have compiled into one guide which you will be emailed for no extra cost when you purchase one of our DIY Balloon Garland Kits. I won’t go into too much detail here on the ins and outs of making a balloon garland other than to say my daughter created her very first rainbow balloon garland at age 9 and she did a beautiful job that would easily pass to be used at a birthday party so this should give you the confidence that you too can make a balloon garland. You just need a really good Dual Action Hand Held Balloon Pump or a Portable Electric Balloon Pump and a good few hours to inflate your balloons then put them together. You can assemble the balloon garland kits a day or two ahead of time as you are using air and not helium this is the beauty of the balloon garland, it just gives you more flexibility that the traditional helium balloons, although in saying that if you would like helium balloons from our Sunshine Coast party supplies store we usually add a product inside the balloon called High Float and this extends the time that latex helium balloons inflate for which is just awesome.


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