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Xmas Gift For School Teachers-Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers

Xmas Gift For School Teachers-

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers

Ok so it is that time of year again Christmas we love it and we dread it all at the same time. There is so much to think of including gifts for the kids, gifts for friends, gifts for family, and gifts for the kids school or kindy teachers. As a teacher myself I have to say I would never expect a parent to give me a Xmas gift but when I have received one it has been very much appreciated.

So last year when it came to the end of the preschool year for my son I decided to present each of his main teachers with a mixed bag of mini slices. Ok I cheated and pre brought the slices but ha I do not have time to be cooking 5 different slices as well as managing a business and caring for two kids but I did not tell anyone this and to be honest no one knew, well unless they were to kind to say so LOL. Ok so I went to Coles and purchased a pack of mini lemon slices, mini caramel slices, mini coconut ices and I may have put a few love heart shaped chocolates in as well. I packaged each of the teachers Xmas Gift Bags in my Christmas Printed Cellophane Party Bags, and finished each bag of with a personalised tag saying thanks for teaching Nathan this year etc and decorated with Red and Green curling ribbon. The teachers loved them and it did not cost me an arm and a leg and I knew they would not go to waste. If you did not want to do the slices you could always do one gorgeous pre brought cupcake or Xmas Biscuit, or even a gorgeous cake pop.

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a great selection this year of Xmas Cellophane printed party bags as well as Christmas decorations and Christmas Party tableware. So come on into One Stop Kids Party Shop and take the stress out of some of your Xmas preparations.

Gorgeous Xmas Cupcake in Clear Cellophane party bags
Twinkle Santa Cellophane Xmas Bags


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Xmas Cellophane Gift Party Bags


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