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Top 5 Boy Birthday Party Themes

Top 5 Boy Birthday Party Themes

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop we are specialized Kids Party Suppliers and we have been in the kids birthday party industry for close to 5 years. It is funny but we have found that for boys and girls birthday parties each year there is a top 5 birthday party themes and most of the time the top 5 only changes by about 1 or 2 themes, depending on what is going on with Kids Movies and other trends with kids toys etc.

For 2012 we have put together our top 5 Boys Party Themes in Australia starting with Number 5. Coming in at 5th was a Rock Star/Disco Theme for boys, looks like our Aussie boys enjoy been little rocks stars and love a good dance to funky top 40 music just as much as our Aussie Girls!!

Coming in at 4th was a Cars 2 party, Cars parties are particularly popular with the under 5’s. I can see why the under 5 year old groups love a cars party with so many great new cars party products that have become available this year it makes having a Car’s party very exciting indeed.

Coming in at 3rd it is a Pirate Themed Birthday Party. Pirate Parties have been on the top 5 boys birthday list for many years in a row. It seems boys love dressing up as pirates and there are so many great pirate themed birthday party games and pirate themed party supplies available it makes putting on a pirate themed party for parents a much easier task than other possible boys birthday party themes.

Coming in at 2nd has been a lego themed party. With a huge increase in popularity of Lego City, Lego Ninjago, Lego Star Wars and lego Batman it is not surprising that a Lego Party has become such a popular choice of party theme for Aussie Boys or Aussie children.

And coming in at number 1 is a Dinosaur Themed Party. Dinosaur parties are still the most popular choice of party themes for Australian Children. It is amazing how these prehistoric creatures still capture the imagination of young children. And once again like pirate parties there are so many fantastic Dinosaur party games and Dinosaur Party Products available it makes hosting a pirate themed party a easy choice for busy Australian Parents.

My predictions for the top 5 boys birthday themes in 2013 will be Dinosaur Party Theme, Pirate Party Theme, Angry Birds Party Theme and Lego Party Theme. I would love to hear what your predictions for 2013 top 5 boys party themes??



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