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Wedding Decorations-Sunshine Coast Party Supplies

Wedding Decorations-Sunshine Coast Party Supplies

Looking for help with your Wedding Decorations? Do you need some inspiration to help you create DIY wedding decorations or perhaps your having a wedding on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland whatever it is you are after we can help. We have a stunning selection of wedding decorations and we have access to a huge range of suppliers so we can work with you to order in all the wedding supplies in the one go this saves so much stress, money, time and hassle. Or if you have to enough to worry about in terms of organising your wedding then let us take the decor stress away from you. We can come and set up wedding balloon garlands, Balloon Walls, Wedding Balloon Table Runners with flowers, balloon bouquets, Jumbo white balloons to line your aisle or to decorate your pool there are so many beautiful ideas and beautiful creations we can provide for your very special day. The pictures in this blog are just a few ideas to get your creativity and imagination running. Remember we can order in so many wedding decorations and wedding props etc it would be impossible to try and list them all in the one go. It is best if you contact us by phone or email and get your wedding decoration planning started. Phone 0403 811 163 Email

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How To Make A Balloon Wall -Sunshine Coast Party Store

How To Make A Balloon Wall-Sunshine Coast Party Store

What Is A Balloon Wall?

What is a balloon wall you ask? A balloon Wall is just that a wall made out of balloons! Balloon Walls are the most amazing party statement piece ever! They not only look awesome in photos they actually look magical even fake in real life. Balloon walls are usually made up of a mixture of Latex balloons in various sizes and sometimes foil balloons, Orb balloons and flowers. People use Balloon Walls for taking photos in front off, store openings, putting behind the bride and Groom at the wedding reception, creating mystical lands (at children’s events), creating a fantastic statement piece of birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, concerts all occasions that require beautiful party styling.

Does One Stop Kids Party Shop Install Balloon Walls?

Absolutely we do!! We can come to your wedding, engagement party, bridal shower party, baby shower party, birthday party, Xmas Party or corporate event or store openings and install a stunning Balloon Wall for you. We generally only install Balloon Walls on the Sunshine Coast but we would consider traveling to Brisbane however all our travel expenses would have to be covered. Installations of our Balloon Walls is extra on top of the Balloons price will depend on how big you would like your balloon wall and how far we have to travel. Please email us at or call on 0403 811 163 to discuss dates, venue and costs.

Can Anyone Make A Balloon Wall?

Let me assure you anyone over the age of about 16 can create a balloon wall and anyone under 16 can help out. Balloon walls are more time consuming that Balloon Garlands but if you have the patience then the look of a balloon wall is worth the time and effort in creating one. Don’t forget to grab yourself some photo props that are suitable to what event your hosting and you will have a life time of funny photos and some very good marketing material if you are using the balloon wall to promote your business or event.

What About Customers Who Don’t Live On The Sunshine Coast?

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we can put together a DIY balloon wall kit for you containing either the bare minium you will need to create a very simple balloon wall or we can create a Mid Range Balloon Wall Kit with the balloons, foil balloons, glue dots, line then you can get a Deluxe Balloon Wall Kit with everything you require to create a professional balloon wall. We can even include a Stand if need be. So don’t worry if you don’t live on the Coast but you love our balloon walls because we can put all the ingredients in a kit for you to re create the balloon wall of your choice.


How Can I learn To Make My Own Balloon Wall?

There is a very easy answer to this you tube tutorials they are the best way to learn my favourite creator shows all the many different ways you can easily create a balloon garland this is her channel be sure to spend a good amount of time viewing her different tutorials then you will be so ready to purchase your balloon wall kit of us and get started How to make a Balloon Wall Easy To Follow tutorial


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How To Pull Off Your Very Own Professional Party Setting-Sunshine Coast Party

How To Pull Off Your Very Own Professional Party Setting-Sunshine Coast Party

Formula For Pulling Of A Safari Wild One Theme Party!!

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop! At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are not just all about selling products instead we are about providing party inspiration and Party styling ideas. In 2018 we took a bit of a different direction with the business and started focusing on DIY party kits so everyone can be their own party stylist. We all have an imagination and we all have motivation to put together fantastic fun parties for our family and friends so those two factors equal the ability to pull of your own professional looking party set up.

As we can only help those living on the Sunshine Coast with their party set up’s we want to make sure that everyone in Australia is not left out of our fantastic products and ideas. So that is where the idea of turning many of our products into kits that can be posted out Australia Wide. We have DIY balloon garland Kits, DIY Table Balloon Garland Kits, DIY Balloon Bouquets (In specific colour combinations and themes) and in 2019 we are going to introduce DIY balloon photo walls, DIY balloon Columns, DIY balloon Arches, DIY balloon love hearts, DIY Balloon Star Arches.

There are a great array of new and exciting products to come to One Stop Kids Party Shop in 2019 and we can not wait to see photos of our customers creations. Everyone that purchases the kits end up with a different looking outcome so even though you may be purchasing the same DIY balloon garland kit as someone else in Australia your garland is going to be unique because no two persons create the same finished look.

One of our DIY party theme ranges is our Safari Themed range and our Wild One range please see below for some fun and inspiring ideas that you could pull of at your next birthday party, baby shower party, bridal shower and so forth. Just be careful though because your friends and family will be so impressed with your work that you will be hired for all the parties for the next 5 years!!

And if you simply just want to sit back and relax and enjoy your party or event then we are more than happy to come to you very early the morning of the party and set the decorations up for you.


Do you love the idea of a Wild One Safari theme party? What occasion do you think it would be best for? I think a Wild One Theme party is fantastic for a 1st birthday party and a Baby Shower Party! Would you use this theme for any other type of parties or events? Would you prefer for a professional party stylist to come to your event and set the decorations up for you? What is your budget for the set up of your party and event? Work out your budget then work out what is the best option for you.


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Party Supplies Sunshine Coast-Huge Stock Take Clearance Sale Now On

Party Supplies Sunshine Coast – Australia Wide Delv

One Stop Kids Party Shop is having a massive End of Year/Start of year clearance sale. We are changing directions with the business so we are practically giving away party supplies. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are able to post out customers orders Australia Wide either through regular or express postage. For local party customers on the Sunshine Coast we are happy to make arrangements for you to come and collect your order so you don’t have to pay shipping fees or if your order is over $80 you qualify for free delivery so perhaps stock up in the one shopping experience so you can buy more products rather than spending some of your money on shipping costs.

As we move out of 2019 and into 2020 we are making changes because every year the party industry changes and we have to change with it to keep our products and services fresh and on trend. This means at the end of each year we have a huge clearance sale to make room for new and exciting products for the upcoming next year. We only have so  much storage space so you can take advantage of this special transition time and grab yourself some fantastic high quality party supplies and party decorations for less than wholesale price. We have a beautiful range of party supplies and party decorations on sale just check out our Clearance Party Supplies Category which can be located on the home page of our website. This is our blog so if you are wanting to browse the items within our huge sale category then you will need to press the home button to take you to the home page of our store.

Below is just a few pictures of some of the products we have currently on sale, we have hundreds of products on sale and each day we are adding to this sale category so please bare with us as we add more party supplies and party decorations to that sale category, but at the same time don’t much around if you see something you really love buy it as we have limited stock amounts on the party items that are on sale and we can not order them in for the price they are now on sale for so once the stock is gone its gone.

Looking ahead for 2020 at One Stop Kids Party Shop we are really expanding our DIY party kits so our customers all over Australia can re create the displays that we instal for our customers here on the Sunshine Coast. There is nothing more annoying than seeing some really inspiring party set ups on Instagram but having no way or no idea on where to start if you are wanting to create a similar setting for you event, party or wedding. So our goal for 2020 at One Stop Kids Party Shop is to expand our DIY party kit ranges. Currently we have the DIY balloon garland Kits and DIY confetti balloon bouquets but in 2020 we are going to move into supplying DIY balloon Walls, DIY photobackdrops, DIY streamer back drops, DIY donut walls and many other DIY party ideas.

The party industry is changing with Pinterest and Instagram and many Party Facebook groups people are now realising their own creative talent and are surprising themselves at their awesome ability to put together their very own beautiful party setting. Yes it is lovely to have a party stylist to come in and take charge and take the worry away from you and this is especially important if it is your wedding or baby shower party where you just don’t need the added stress of styling your own party but for children’s birthday parties for example a lot of mums get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from creating their own party set up. So the team here at One Stop Kids Party Shop get this and we are helping those Mums, Ladies, Dads, Grandparents by supplying the DIY kits, this way it takes the hassle of going to many different party shops and craft stores trying to source all the decorations and all you have to do then is enjoy the process of been creative, once we post you our beautiful extremely high quality products then you can straight away get on with your creating.

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Sunshine Coast Xmas Party Balloons-Helium Balloons

Sunshine Coast Xmas Party Balloons-Helium Balloons

In desperate need of some inspiration to get you motivated for Xmas Day? Then you have come to right place!! I always find reading blogs or watching you tube tutorials on certain subjects gets me motivate and excited to try out something new. Doing new things that you have not done before lifts your spirits, Create’s a sense of accomplishment and feelings of self worth, and generally can get you out of a rut and instead into a much healthier pro active state of mind. That is why I love creating with balloons because there is always something new to try out, A different design to make, a new product to stretch to its limits and all these things inspire me. I wanted everyone in Australia to get to feel what I feel when creating what I call my Art Work so I created the DIY party kits and slowly nearly everything I go out and set up will be provided in a kit so if somewhere on the other side of Australia has seen one of my products on Instagram or Facebook or right here on my website then they can too create the same piece at their special event, how cool is that!!

Beautiful Xmas Party Balloon Bouquets, Xmas Balloon Table Runners,  Xmas Balloon Garlands and Xmas Theme Balloon Walls can really make or break your Xmas Party Setting. Weather your having a Christmas work party or celebrating Xmas with a small group of friends or family at a near by restaurant or at home then balloons can really add that extra sense of excitement and Atmosphere to the location and just remind everyone that this is a really  fun and exciting time of the year. Its amazing how bright and colourful Metallic Balloons and the ever beautiful Confetti Balloons are able to bring that inner sense of happiness and true joy out. Balloon Walls are just the best for photos and add some funny props in there and your going to have the best photos to look back on ever!!

At One Stop Kids Party Shop you can browse our range of DIY Xmas Balloon Garlands, I have listed this year a range of Xmas Balloon Garlands but of course your welcome to ask for your choice of colour mix in case my garlands are just not quite the right for your theme. I have a White Xmas Balloon Garland, Your Traditional Xmas Balloon  Garland and a modern Twist Xmas balloon Garland. There are so many potential colour combinations for a Xmas Balloon Garland so please browse through my selection I have here at One Stop kids party shop and be inspired to add that extra special touch of class this year at your Xmas Lunch or Dinner. Xmas balloon garlands are wonderful for taking photos of the family in front of them. They make for very Instagram Worth images. Don’t forget to tag us in on your Xmas Photos.

If you would love to have a go at building a Xmas Balloon Wall or perhaps a Balloon Wall for your New Years Eve Party or Upcoming Birthday party, Baby Shower party, Bride to Be Party or even a wedding.  Sorry lets get back to focusing on Xmas!! So a Xmas balloon wall is also a fabulous idea if you want to surprise your guests and family this Christmas with something a little different. Confess you use the same decorations year after year you may change the them up a little or buy a couple of new things for the Xmas table each year but if you want your guests to come into your house this Xmas and go oh Wow, Oh Wow we were not expecting this at all and straight away they are delighted and laughing and taking funny photos if you decided to build a Christmas balloon wall. If you would like to order a Xmas Balloon Wall or a Balloon wall for another special occasion or event then please call me on 0403 811 163 or email me at for prices. I can also come to your house or work or event centre and set up the balloon wall for you at an additional cost. If you want to give creating your own balloon wall then I can provide you with a Balloon wall Kit similar to the balloon garland kits but suitable for building a balloon wall instead.