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Ideas For Wedding Decorations-Sunshine Coast Party Store

Your biggest day of your life is fast approaching! It’s time to get your wedding decorations and wedding decor organised. Don’t confuse your self by consulting other people or too many other people on what type of look you should go for on your wedding day. The most important thing is that you and your partner absolutely love the chosen theme/look and feel of your wedding and wedding reception. Don’t just choose a look because everyone on Instagram and Pinterest are going for that look, go with what you have always pictured your wedding day would look like. If you love the current trends and looks in weddings absolutely go for it but if you always pictured something different then go with that something different look and heck you can put your own modern twist on it.

List of Products You Need to Gather & Organise for your wedding decorations

  • Balloon Garland (You can go with a DIY kit and get one of your creative friends to put it together for you) Or if you are a local on the Sunshine Coast we can come and install the garland or balloon wall for you taking out all the hassle and stress for you.
  • You may choose to also add in a streamer wall as part of your wedding decorations, we can do a DIY streamer wall kit or for locals on the Sunshine Coast we can instal a streamer wall backdrop for you.
  • Flowers you may wish to go with a mix of fresh flowers and artificial flowers. If we come to your wedding and set up balloon garlands, balloon walls, balloon table centrepiece or balloon table runners then we will discuss before hand if you would like to incorporate flowers in with the balloons and if so do you want to go with fresh flowers or Artificial flowers.
  • Some of our clients love using the Big Jumbo Mr & Mrs balloons for their photos. After the photos are done these balloons can be taken to the reception room/hall and put on either side of the bridal table or at the doors to welcome the new Bride and Groom into the reception.
  • With your wedding table make a plain on what your wedding table is going to look like and what your wedding table is going to have on it. Are you going to go with balloons? If you do decide to use balloons on your wedding table you can look at going with a table runner made out of balloons with perhaps some flowers or a vine or lights running through them. If you not keen on balloon garland table pieces then you have the option of going with flower garlands, Balloon Topiary display, Light up Balloon centrepieces, vases, candles their is a variety of ways to decorate your wedding table have a look at lots of pictures and decide what you love the best. Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop Sunshine Coast Party Store we are very happy to help with wedding decorations we can be involved as much or as less as you like.


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Wedding Decorations-Sunshine Coast Party Supplies

Wedding Decorations-Sunshine Coast Party Supplies

Looking for help with your Wedding Decorations? Do you need some inspiration to help you create DIY wedding decorations or perhaps your having a wedding on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland whatever it is you are after we can help. We have a stunning selection of wedding decorations and we have access to a huge range of suppliers so we can work with you to order in all the wedding supplies in the one go this saves so much stress, money, time and hassle. Or if you have to enough to worry about in terms of organising your wedding then let us take the decor stress away from you. We can come and set up wedding balloon garlands, Balloon Walls, Wedding Balloon Table Runners with flowers, balloon bouquets, Jumbo white balloons to line your aisle or to decorate your pool there are so many beautiful ideas and beautiful creations we can provide for your very special day. The pictures in this blog are just a few ideas to get your creativity and imagination running. Remember we can order in so many wedding decorations and wedding props etc it would be impossible to try and list them all in the one go. It is best if you contact us by phone or email and get your wedding decoration planning started. Phone 0403 811 163 Email

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Sunshine Coast Xmas Party Balloons-Helium Balloons

Sunshine Coast Xmas Party Balloons-Helium Balloons

In desperate need of some inspiration to get you motivated for Xmas Day? Then you have come to right place!! I always find reading blogs or watching you tube tutorials on certain subjects gets me motivate and excited to try out something new. Doing new things that you have not done before lifts your spirits, Create’s a sense of accomplishment and feelings of self worth, and generally can get you out of a rut and instead into a much healthier pro active state of mind. That is why I love creating with balloons because there is always something new to try out, A different design to make, a new product to stretch to its limits and all these things inspire me. I wanted everyone in Australia to get to feel what I feel when creating what I call my Art Work so I created the DIY party kits and slowly nearly everything I go out and set up will be provided in a kit so if somewhere on the other side of Australia has seen one of my products on Instagram or Facebook or right here on my website then they can too create the same piece at their special event, how cool is that!!

Beautiful Xmas Party Balloon Bouquets, Xmas Balloon Table Runners,  Xmas Balloon Garlands and Xmas Theme Balloon Walls can really make or break your Xmas Party Setting. Weather your having a Christmas work party or celebrating Xmas with a small group of friends or family at a near by restaurant or at home then balloons can really add that extra sense of excitement and Atmosphere to the location and just remind everyone that this is a really  fun and exciting time of the year. Its amazing how bright and colourful Metallic Balloons and the ever beautiful Confetti Balloons are able to bring that inner sense of happiness and true joy out. Balloon Walls are just the best for photos and add some funny props in there and your going to have the best photos to look back on ever!!

At One Stop Kids Party Shop you can browse our range of DIY Xmas Balloon Garlands, I have listed this year a range of Xmas Balloon Garlands but of course your welcome to ask for your choice of colour mix in case my garlands are just not quite the right for your theme. I have a White Xmas Balloon Garland, Your Traditional Xmas Balloon  Garland and a modern Twist Xmas balloon Garland. There are so many potential colour combinations for a Xmas Balloon Garland so please browse through my selection I have here at One Stop kids party shop and be inspired to add that extra special touch of class this year at your Xmas Lunch or Dinner. Xmas balloon garlands are wonderful for taking photos of the family in front of them. They make for very Instagram Worth images. Don’t forget to tag us in on your Xmas Photos.

If you would love to have a go at building a Xmas Balloon Wall or perhaps a Balloon Wall for your New Years Eve Party or Upcoming Birthday party, Baby Shower party, Bride to Be Party or even a wedding.  Sorry lets get back to focusing on Xmas!! So a Xmas balloon wall is also a fabulous idea if you want to surprise your guests and family this Christmas with something a little different. Confess you use the same decorations year after year you may change the them up a little or buy a couple of new things for the Xmas table each year but if you want your guests to come into your house this Xmas and go oh Wow, Oh Wow we were not expecting this at all and straight away they are delighted and laughing and taking funny photos if you decided to build a Christmas balloon wall. If you would like to order a Xmas Balloon Wall or a Balloon wall for another special occasion or event then please call me on 0403 811 163 or email me at for prices. I can also come to your house or work or event centre and set up the balloon wall for you at an additional cost. If you want to give creating your own balloon wall then I can provide you with a Balloon wall Kit similar to the balloon garland kits but suitable for building a balloon wall instead.











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Sunshine Coast-The Best Balloons Online

Sunshine Coast-The Best Balloons Online

Are you after stunning helium balloons or perhaps a beautiful balloon garland or LED Jumbo pool lights? Whatever your wish, What every your occasion One Stop Kids Party Shop can help bring your party to life with our gorgeous range of balloons and if you require assistance in setting up your balloons and party we are here to help as well. You can either come and collect your balloons from us we work from home and are located in Little Mountain, or we can come to you and set the balloons up for you so  you don’t have to worry about your party decorations we can take the stress out of this for you.

perhaps you are planning a wedding on the Sunshine Coast, or a Baby Shower party, Birthday party or a work event whatever the celebration we can help. Please fee free to either email us at or call us on 0403 811 163. Our website is only a small example of the range of products we can supply. We have access to all the best Australian balloon wholesalers and this means our access to thousands of balloons and party supplies is just at the click of a button. So if you don’t see what you are after don’t panic just send through an enquiry via email or phone and we can have a look into it for you.

Our LED Jumbo pool lights are a big hit here on the Sunshine Coast. They look absolutely stunning during the day then at night they come alive as we place a LED light inside each balloon which is operated by the one remote for all the balloons and you can change the colours. A lot of our local customers here on the Sunshine Coast are going with the Balloon Garland and Pool balloons Kit.

Stunning White With Chrome Gold Pop Balloon Garland Kit by One Stop Kids Party Shop


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How To Create Your Own Balloon Garland Kit-Wedding Balloons, Birthday Balloons-Baby Shower Balloons

Beautiful balloon garland

How To Create Your Own Balloon Garland

Wedding Decor, Baby Shower Decorations, Party Decorations


Balloon Garlands are the Number 1 Party Piece world wide at the moment!! And we know why!! They look fantastic, they make a huge impression on a budget, you do not need to use Helium to create them and best of all as they are air filled you can create the balloon garland a few days in advance of the party which is always a massive bonus as who want’s to be worried about frantically decorating their house while juggling food, cake and guests arriving any moment!! Don’t worry we have all been there and that is why the team here at One Stop Kids Party Shop have gone crazy for the DIY Balloon garland Kits.

Balloon garlands are now very popular as wedding balloons and wedding decorations. At a wedding you need at least one large feature piece that can be used to as a photo backdrop or behind the main wedding table and a balloon garland is the perfect answer.

Many customers also wish to use a balloon garland as a back drop to capture memorable photographs of special occasions such as birthday parties, baby shower parties, christening’s, Christmas parties, Easter gatherings and the list goes one.

With One Stop Kids Party Shop DIY balloon garland kits, they don’t have to be used strictly to create a balloon cloud or balloon garland the balloons and balloon strip can also be used to create a balloon arch. Wedding balloon arches and birthday balloon arches are a fantastic way to wow your guests and just create a fantastic atmosphere. As you can see the team here at One Stop Kids Party Shop is very passionate about the latest developments in balloon colours and balloon styling. Gone as the days of putting a few cheap mis matched balloons around the place or tied to the letter box, balloons have developed and progressed into true styling tools in the past two years. 2018 really saw a massive advancement in balloons with the introduction of confetti balloons, big jumbo latex balloons and chrome coloured balloons.


At One Stop Kids Party Shop we love sharing our customers creations with other potential customers, we do this by sharing them on our Instagram page which has about 700 followers and is growing quickly and then again on our Facebook page which has Aprox 2500 followers and is also growing. So if you have a business and would like to share your photos with us please do so either through email or via Instagram or Facebook and we will give you the credit for the creation and give your business or page a shout out at the same time. Networking is the best!! Even if you don’t have a business and your using the balloon garland kit for personal celebrations then we still would absolutely love to see your pictures and we try to show our gratitude for this by including extra balloons in your pack as honestly it is a huge help to us.

Please see the links to our Instagram Page and Facebook page then please continue to scroll down towards the bottom for the balloon garland instructions and some helpful you tube tutorials. Not all the you tube tutorials I have linked below use balloon strip but they are still very helpful.


Thanks so much

One Stop Kids Party Shop Instagram

One Stop Kids Party Shop Facebook



How it Works

Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop we supply DIY Balloon Garland Kits in many different colours schemes. We help our customers to create their very DIY balloon garland kit by supplying a 3 Metre long Plastic Balloon Decorating Strip with their kit, that means at the end the balloon garland can be up to 3 Metres long. However you can cut the strip down to make it smaller, or cut it into two or three different pieces to create a few smaller balloon garlands. What we love about DIY balloon garlands is they allow for individual creativity and imagination. We usually get our customers to email us their creations and it is just so exciting and rewarding to see how different people take the same items and add their very unique touch on it.

The Balloon Decorating Strip is designed for any size balloon. Balloons may be inflated with air or helium. Two hole sizes are provided. The smaller for balloons 3″ to 9″ and the larger for balloons 9″ to 18″. You may not need to use all holes provided. This clear, polyethylene strip is practically invisible as it holds up to 12 balloons per foot.

1. Use all same size balloons or stagger larger and smaller balloons. Choose colors to complement your event space. Inflate and tie the balloons. TIP IF you are wanting some of your larger 28cm balloons to have that nice round look like so many balloon garlands have then just don’t inflate them fully and you will see how they are nice and round, just play around a bit until you reach your desired look.

2. Cut strip to desired length for clusters, arches, streamers or garlands. Leave extra on the ends for fastening the decoration once complete.

3. Pinch the lip of the balloon together and pull the knot in the balloon neck through the hole.

4. Attach balloons to one or both sides of the strip to create an even cluster. Explore variations until you recieve your desired look. Skip a hole if balloons are too tight.

5. Use as is or attach accessories to complement your event theme such as curling ribbon, flowers, leaves, tulle, etc. These finishing special touches to your garland can be found at stores such as Kmart, The reject Shop, Dollar Stores and Target/Spotlight however Target and Spotlight tend to be a little more pricey.

6) We always remind our customers to NOT OVER INFLATE THEIR BALLOONS it is tempting to over inflate your balloon perhaps thinking it will last longer, look bigger than it is or just plain error, this is a big No No. Over inflated balloons look ugly think about the type of balloon that looks like a light globe compared to a nice tear drop shape. The over inflated one is the the ugly light globe shape one and they really do not look appealing to look at and they certainly will look really yuck on your Balloon Garland. You want your balloon to still be a bit squishy for a balloon garland and leave a long tail as this will make putting them all together much easier later. PLEASE NOTE THESE BALLOONS ARE VERY HIGH QUALITY YOU CAN NOT BLOW THEM UP WITH YOUR MOUTH YOU WILL NEED EITHER A HAND HELD PUMP OR HELIUM. SOME OF OUR KITS COME WITH A HAND HELD PUMP SOME DO NOT. WE CAN SELL YOU ONE SEPARATELY IF NEEDED THANKS.

7) You do not have to use the balloon strip to create your DIY Garland kit that you purchase from us. There are many other creative ways to put together a DIY balloon garland and we will put some links to some great You Tube Tutorials below.

8) The most important things to remember are allow extra time so you don’t get flustered. Do not over inflate your balloons or they will pop shortly after been inflated as balloons expand. Don’t put to much pressure on your self to get it right as there really is not right or wrong way to create a DIY balloon garland it is all about having fun and letting your creativity run wild.