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Solid Colour Party Supplies

Solid Colour Party Supplies

Hi and welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop, today I want to share with my readers and customers a quick note about the sometimes forgotten Solid Colour Party Supplies. Too often we become focused on what theme will I go with this year for my child’s birthday party or my friends 21st, 30th or 40th birthday party etc and we forget the good old Solid Colour Party Supplies. Solid Colour party supplies have come a very long way in the last couple of years. Party Suppliers are now more than ever putting a lot more time and money into developing a gorgeous range of high quality coloured party ware. I have seen a dramatic change in the past 5 years that I have owned a online party store with what my suppliers are doing with solid colour partyware. There has been a huge increase in the colours available, a massive increase in the quality of the colours themselves and the quality of the products and more party supplies available in matching solid colours. For example in the past most party wholesalers only supplied white paper party napkins, white plastic plates and bowls and if you were lucky a white plastic tablecover. These days you can purchase nearly every colour on the spectrum of colours and you can also pick from different shades of the same colour. And gone are the days of only been able to purchase some Napkins and plates in a particular colour you can now purchase party bags, party tableware, party decorations, treat boxes, balloons, table covers, cutlery all in the matching colour.

When it comes to throwing a party such as a kid birthday party, adult party, Baby Shower Party  or special event using solid colour party supplies I would strongly suggest going with two or 3 colours that work together really well, we have some great photographs to illustrate some wonderful combinations that can be purchased from us here at One Stop Kids Party Shop or email me at When using two or more combinations of party colours this breaks the colours up making each colour stand out more and the end effect is simply stunning especially if you go with really good quality Solid Colour Party Supplies. For example for a girls 1st birthday party or a girls sweet 16th birthday party you may go with pink, purple and white, or purple, pink, white and black if it is for a 16th birthday party, 21st birthday party or Hens night. For a boys birthday party you can go with light blue, royal blue and Red or White or carribean teal, whatever you feel looks fantastic together.

For an engagement party you could go with a sophisticated range of quality black and white party supplies or silver and gold. These days you can even purchase pretend silver and gold cutlery and serving supplies.

In Summary Solid Color Party Supplies are the perfect complement to a child or adult birthday party, theme party, cocktail party, baby shower, bridal shower, or any sort of party you can imagine. Our Solid Color Party Supplies feature bold, brilliant colors in a rainbow of hues capable of matching any pattern or theme.

Use Solid Color Party Supplies to breathe life into your parties with colorful cups, plates, plasticware, bowls, table covers, and so much more. Spruce up your party decorations with latex balloons, crepe paper streamers, and curling ribbons in bright colors that all of your guests are sure to love. Order our Solid Color Party Supplies to decorate your next party today and show your guests what a great party planner you are. Please check out our images below to see a small range of the solid colour party supplies we can order in for your next birthday party.


Bermuda Blue


Black Velvet


Bright Plum


Candy Pink


Classic Pink


Classic Red


Emerald Green
Clear Plastic Party Supplies


Black & White Party Supplies


Lime Green and Hot Pink Combination


White, Yellow and Royal Blue Combinations


Great Boy Colour Combinations


Solid Colour Party Supplies


Hot Magenta


Caribbean Teal Party Supplies


Silver Party Supplies


Solid Colour paper party bags


Every Colour of balloons available!!


Gorgeous Lavender Solid Colour Party Supplies


Fresh Lime Solid Colour Party Supplies


Gorgeous Bright Red Solid Colour Party Supplies


Solid Colour Party Supplies Avail from One Stop Kids Party Shop


Caribbean Teal Party Supplies