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Pillow Favour Boxes/Great For Parties, Easter, Engagements, Weddings

New Pillow Favour Boxes

Brand new to One Stop Kids Party Shop our these gorgeous pillow favour boxes. Fill with Jelly beans, smarties, Easter Eggs for Easter Gifts, Covered Chocolates and any small treats. The Red Pillow boxes are perfect for Valentines day that is just around the corner. You could also fit a party favour toy in them as well for a added surprise. At only $3.95 per pack of 12 these gorgeous favour boxes will be a great hit!!
At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a fantastic selection of party favours that you can choose from to fill your pillow boxes with. We have on offer a variety of colours as we know that there are so many different events and celebrations that require party favours and of course with these different celebrations come different colour themes.
Why not grab a pack or two for your baby shower party. If you know what sex the baby is then you can select either pink polka dots or blue polka dots. If you are unsure what the sex of the baby is then you could go with our green polka dots. Or for some fun grab a pack of both pink and blue and let the guest”s have a laugh when they receive either pink or blue!!
Pillow favour boxes are fantastic for kids parties as well. Some parents do not like sending their children’s friends home from parties with a big bag of lollies so the opt for a different solution to the traditional party loot bags. That is where the pillow boxes come into play. They are small and cute but still large enough to fit a few sweets in and perhaps a small party favour toy.
Engagement parties and weddings are another example of where you could use One Stop Kids Party Shop pillow boxes. Now days everyone hands out favours at engagement parties and weddings and our pillow boxes are a budget friendly easy way to hand out gorgeous favours or to place them on the guest’s party table. Simply fill with 2 love heart chocolates or something similar and wham you have a excellent budget friendly yet stylish and modern wedding favour.
Please see below for a display of the various pillow party favours we have here at One Stop Kids Party Shop.