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Scalloped Party Treat Boxes

Scalloped Party Treat Boxes-

Great For Serving Party Food & Take Home Treats

Scalloped Edged Party Treat Boxes are versatile treat boxes that take just seconds to assemble (no tape or glue needed). They’re perfect for chips and other sweet treats on a party table, or as individual loot boxes. Add some extra colour and fun by lining them with a coordinating coloured napkin. Each box measures 6.5cm square at the base, 13.5cm square at the top and is approx. 10cm high.

At One Stop Kids Party Shop our Scalloped Edged Treat Boxes are sold in either rainbow Neon Coloured mixes and in individual colours such as hot pink Scalloped Treat Boxes, Orange Scalloped Treat Boxes, Red Scalloped Treat Boxes, Yellow Treat Scalloped Treat Boxes, Black and White Scalloped Edged Treat Boxes, Blue, green and lime Scalloped Treat Boxes. Sold in Lots of ten so you get two hot pink, two royal blue, two lime green, two bright yellow, purple and two bright red.




10 Neon Coloured Treat Favour Boxes


Treat Boxes take home loot boxes favours


8 Yellow scallop-edged treat boxes


Black Favour Boxes


White Treat Favour Boxes-Weddings. Baby Showers, Kids Parties
Pale blue scallop-edged treat boxes



treat boxes with labels


8 Treat Favour Boxes Orange


6 Treat Boxes 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 red


8 Purple scallop-edged treat boxes
8 Coloured Rainbow Treat Boxes