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Dinosaur Adventure Party-Dinosaur Party Ideas/Dinosaur Party Theme


What little boy and big boy for that matter are not fascinated by Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs lived so many thousands of years ago yet so many little kids especially boys seem to know all about them and even how to pronounce their very difficult names, it amazes me as to why this obsession with Dinosaurs seems to keep going with every new generation of little boys and girls.

It is for this reason that I have really tried to capture this fascinating world of Dinosaurs into the idea of a Dinosaur theme birthday party. There is so many great party products and party games that go along side a Dinosaur Theme Party, which makes organising your child’s birthday party a lot easier and helps with the running of the party as well. There is nothing worse than choosing a party theme which is so obscure that there is nothing available to help you bring the theme and party to life. I learnt this the long way when my son who is very mature for his little age at 3 decided he wanted to have a space theme party, so I was very excited and designed the party invitations and sent them out then went to work on purchasing the space theme party supplies, decorations, games and of course the space man costume. Well suddenly (as it was close to 3 years ago now) I discovered there were no suppliers within Australia that sold space themed party supplies and I had to purchase everything from over seas which cost a fortune in shipping and I also had to make a lot of the props which turned out to be a lot of fun and a huge success but extremely time consuming and there is no way if it was these days now that I have another child and a business I would not be able to pull off such a party, and I think most of us mums are increasingly busy and do not have the time to be making party supplies from scratch.

Anyway back to the Dinosaur party, at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have an enormous range of Dinosaur themed party supplies. We have several different Dinosaur party ranges, starting with one that is more suitable for 1-3 year olds then we have more educational realistic Dinosaur party ranges for 4 and up. Within each of our Dinosaur party ranges we have matching plates, cups, napkins, tablecovers, buntings, cupcake accessories, cake decorations, games, pinata’s, even dinosaur party favours. My idea is to offer very busy parents a One Stop Party Shopping experience that gives my customers not just the party supplies but also ideas on how to put all the party supplies together in order to host the party. It is one thing to have great party supplies but you also need to know how to keep your party guest entertained and that is why I have some fantastic Dinosaur party games as well.

With your Dinosaur party decorations we have some fantastic Dinosaur party banners, giant wall murals and buntings and you can also create your own for example Make a lawn sign or put a sign on your door saying ‘Jurassic Park’ to get guests roaring to go! Make some dinosaur footprints out of brown paper leading up to the front door and then all the way to the party room. Also why not have a dinosaur cd sound track in the back ground to create the fun atmosphere and hand out our dinosaur foam party masks as the guest enter the  party to help them get into character.

Other Great Ideas for a Dinosaur Themed Party

Erupting Volcano

First you need to make a volcano made of sand or dirt inside some kind of large container (like a baby bathtub) or a sandbox. You should wet the sand or dirt so that the volcano will be really big and dig a deep hole inside. Beforehand, prepare a bottle of vinegar and dye it with red food coloring. Give each kid a plastic cup filled with baking soda. Let one of the kids pour the baking soda into the volcano and then add the red vinegar over the baking soda. This creates an awesome eruption with lava spewing all over the place! (Tip: Have extra baking soda and vinegar on hand – the kids usually want to do it again and again!).


Dinosaur standup decorations

We even have pet walking dinosaur balloons which will provide fantastic entertainment for the kids and they look amazing as well.

Pet Walking Dinosaur Party Balloons-Kids Party Supplies


Dinosaur – Diggin for Dinos Party
Activity Plastic Tablecover 137x274cm
Can be used over and over again, great quality and full of information about your favorite


Dinosaur Party Pinata’s


4 Foam Quality Dinosaur Masks-Dinosaur Party Supplies


Dinoblast Party Banner-Dinosaur Party Decorations




12 Stretchy Sticky Tacky Neon Coloured dinosaurs.


12 Dinosaur Gift Tags-Party Bag Tags


12 Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers


Scene Setter Kit Dinosaur (2 x 82.5cm x 149cm, 1 x 113cm x 40.6cm, 2 x 26cm x 40.6cm) Combine to make a Giant Decoration –


28cm Dinosaurs In Action Festive Assortment Latex Balloon –


Diggin For Dinosaurs Party Game


8 Dinosaur party favours, blowouts


8 Diggin Dinosaurs Party Lunch Plates


Express Pack dinosaur birthday express party package


8 Dinosaur Party Invitations



10 Dinosaur Figurines

With these gorgeous Realistic Dinosaur’s you can create a Dinosaur Dig Party game. If you have a sandpit you can hide several of these dinosaurs in the sandpit and the kids can dig for them and put them in their lolly bags for take home favours. If you do not have a sand pit do not despair, simply fill a storage plastic container with sand and use that as your digging for dinosaur party game.

Dino Dig Hunt Game


Dinosaur Helium Birthday Party Balloon 45cm


8 Dinosaur Blast Party Lolly Bags


Diggin’ For Dinos Flag Banner


Dinosaur Fact Cards Party Game or Take home favours