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How To Create A Balloon Garland | Premium Balloons & DIY Garlands

How To Create A Balloon Garland | Premium Balloons & DIY Garlands


So your imagining a fantastic party at home or perhaps your envisioning saving money but not style by cutting out a professional event stylist for your birthday party, wedding or an engagement party? Then the team here at One Stop Kids Party Shop can help you. Before we get any further to check out our full range of Balloon garland kits, Confetti Balloon Bouquets, Balloon sets and all things party please check out our huge ebay store at this link One Stop Kids Party Shop Ebay Store For Full Range of Products


We have some great DIY Balloon Cloud Garland Kits, that can save you hundreds of dollars in party decorations and wedding decorations however they do not comprise on style or Look. Our DIY balloon garland kits and our Confetti Balloon Bouquets will give your event that extra styling professional edge. We do have a fantastic Blog on creating the very best DIY balloon garland kit which we email out to all our customers who choose to purchase a balloon garland kit from us and we really recommend taking the time to read it carefully and watch the suggested tutorials to ensure that you get the most out of your creation. Sometimes it’s tempting to just jump into something without doing any research at all but many people including ourselves and our customers have created a lot of balloon garlands and have made mistakes as well as great decisions along the way so why not take a moment to go through our lessons so you can guarantee a successful balloon garland piece at your special event.


Where possible we are happy to customise orders for customers as long as we have the stock available to do so. Customised orders may or may not attract a small extra fee!! If your thinking of this send us a no pressure email at and let us know your thoughts and visions and we can help you. If you have seen a DIY garland on Pinterest or Google images somewhere that you love attached it to the email, that way it gives us a really clear vision of what your trying to achieve for your special day.


At One Stop Kids Party Shop we love sharing our customers creations with other potential customers, we do this by sharing them on our Instagram page which has about 700 followers and is growing quickly and then again on our Facebook page which has Aprox 2500 followers and is also growing. So if you have a business and would like to share your photos with us please do so either through email or via Instagram or Facebook and we will give you the credit for the creation and give your business or page a shout out at the same time. Networking is the best!! Even if you don’t have a business and your using the balloon garland kit for personal celebrations then we still would absolutely love to see your pictures and we try to show our gratitude for this by including extra balloons in your pack as honestly it is a huge help to us.

Please see the links to our Instagram Page and Facebook page then please continue to scroll down towards the bottom for the balloon garland instructions and some helpful you tube tutorials. Not all the you tube tutorials I have linked below use balloon strip but they are still very helpful.


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Kids Party Cakes / Birthday Party Cakes/ Girls Party Cakes / Boys Party Cakes

One of the biggest things when organising your child’s birthday party is the cake. Usually the cake centres around the theme of the birthday party if your little one is lucky enough to be celebrating their birthday with a birthday party!! Or if the birthday is a more low key family event then the cake may feature more around the age the child is turning or even their favourite toy or movie. Their is the decision to be made of are you going to make the party cake or are you going to invest in a professional cake maker to do the job for you? When considering if you are going to seek expert help with the party cake I suggest weighing up your budget as getting a cake especially made is very expensive justifiably so as it takes even professional hours and hours to create a masterpiece you are not so much paying for the ingredients you are paying for the professional cake maker to spend many of their working hours creating a work of art. If you do decide to have a crack at baking and designing the cake yourself I personally have found it very useful to have a practice run a good month at least before the big day to see if your idea is possible and to iron out any mistakes so when it comes time for the big day you will be happy with the outcome of the party cake. Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have some really good cake professionals that we can recommend and lets just say budget is going to be a big decider on how fantastic you want the cake to turn out.

Have some fun with One Stop Kids Party Shop colourful and crazy kids birthday cake ideas. From classic to whimsical and fun, these kids birthday cakes will be the talk of the party! And remember don’t be too hard on yourself if you do decide to make your child’s party cake as after all the kids only care about how good it taste and the icing!! Cupcakes can sometimes be a better option as well and at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a great selection of Baking Cups, Cupcake Toppers & Cake Buntings to make your cupcakes or cake extra special and to add that special finishing touch that will make all the difference I promise!!


Below is a Army Camo Tank Party Cake my very clever husband made this cake for my son’s 6th birthday it was a Nerf Gun Themed Party, It was a huge hit with the party guests and my god did it taste good I wish my husband made me cakes every week he is so talented at making them look fantastic and taste even better but I guess my thighs and waist line would not be too thankful!!

Camo Party CakeOne Stop Kids Party Shop