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Kids Party Bags / Party Bags For Kids Australia-One Stop Kids Party Shop

Kids Party Bags

The best party should end with a great party bag!
We have a huge choice of Party Bags For Kids to suit all tastes and budgets. From simple Themed Plastic Loot Bags to Paper Party Bags through to long lasting Take Home Popcorn Boxes, Noodle Boxes and more you are sure to find something the kids will love. And don’t forget the all very important Take Home Party Favours to fill the kids party bags with. Make sure you grab enough take home party favours for the party bags as well as for the party game prizes and pinata. A lot of parents appreciate more party favour toys than a bag just full of candy these days so try and mix it up. A big bag of popcorn is also a great idea for the take home party bags or take home treat boxes as popcorn is so healthy yet still fun for the kids. Individual bags of popcorn can be purchased from Kmart for super cheap and we all love a bargain. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a selection of both random boys and girls party favour toys as well as specific party favour themed packs if you are fussy like me and wanting to match the party favours with the overall theme of the party. A great tip for the party bags is to leave them on a table by the entrance to the front door that way the party guest’s want forget to grab a party bag on the way out, perhaps even do up a sign with a chalk board saying please don’t forget to take a bag on the way out mind you the kids probably won’t forget to remind you as they all love their party bags that is for sure!!

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Paper Party Bags in Lego Themed Solid Colours With Lego Character sticker sealers to Truly create that Lego Party Bag Finishing Touch.
Paper Party Bags in Lego Themed Solid Colours With Lego Character sticker sealers to Truly create that Lego Party Bag Finishing Touch.

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kids party bag ideas Australia


Kids Party Bags Australia, Australia is starting to Follow in the trends of the U.S.A and the U.K in terms of kids birthday parties, and one of the growing trends and I guess pressure on parents today when it comes to putting on a party for their child is sending each child home with a fantastic party bag. I have often said before that kids take home loot bags are now more like a take home show bag that we used to get once a year at the Easter Show. Kids expect so much more these days and in part we are as parents a little bit responsible as we want our children to have the best of everything and make sure that our child does not have less than his or her friends. And we it comes to our children’s birthday parties we want to make a lasting impression on our children’s friends and their parents and one way we can do this is by sending each child home with a fantastic party bag.

If we are clever we can send each child home from the party with a party bag that looks awesome but has not cost us a month’s wage to put together. One thing I have noticed as a seller of kids party bags is that the party bags like everything else have tripled in size and complexity. The days of a small plastic bag with a clown on the front and a few sweets and a party horn and balloon if you were really lucky that we got as kids no longer exist. These days there large paper party bags in a variety of gorgeous colours and designs, there are party treat boxes, party cups and party lolly bags that match the theme of the particular party. So the first thing you need to decide when putting the party loot bags together for your child’s birthday party is what are you going to go with a bag, box or cup and what size. Depending on what party favours you are going to include will determine what bag you will need to go with. I would recommend getting the bags first then get your party favours as then you can make sure you do not get any birthday party favours that will be too large or too small for the particular party bag that you have chosen. I have learnt this from feedback from my customers. I would also recommend buying some bulky fillers to fill the larger size bags and boxes up with such as healthy bags of pre made popcorn which can be purchased very cheaply from kmart, you can also go with some of the larger party favours which we sell here at One Stop Kids Party Shop such as our smiley face paddle ball games, whoopie cushions, bangles, glow wand sticks, Erasers we currently have some fantastic Angry birds Erasers, sticker sheets, star shaped glasses and lots of other fantastic budget friendly yet good quality party favours.

Party bags are so much fun, they are a fun activity for you and your child to put together in the lead up to the birthday party and they make a wonderful party table decoration, kids just love looking at the party bags and thinking how they are going to get to take one home at the end of the birthday party celebration. If your child is a little bit older you can purchase some of our gorgeous party bag gift tags and get your child to write a personal message to each of their friends that have helped them to celebrate their special day.

If you are very time deprived like a lot of us Aussie Mums that are trying to juggle kids, works, househould, exercise and husbands then you can a lways get one of our very helpful team members here at One Stop Kids Party Shop to put the party bags together for you. If you provide us with a budget per bag we can give you examples of what we can create for you for each child using your budget.

Anyway enough said come on into One Stop Kids Party Shop and check out our great selection of Kids Party Bags Australia, and kids party favours for yourself.

Fantastic Selection of Kids Party Favours.
30 Neon Mix Paper Party Bags

Party Cup Lego Plastic Souvenir Cup – Each


8 Lime Green treat boxes


8 Coloured Rainbow Treat Boxes