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Kids Paper Party Bags-Rainbow Loot Lolly Bags

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are famous for our Neon mixed paper party bags . These gorgeous colourful bags are made from good quality slightly glossed paper and they have a gusset bottom which means once they are filled they stand up on their own which makes them a wonderful party decoration as well. There is nothing more exciting for the kids than when they enter the party room/party venue and they see the rainbow coloured paper lolly bags sitting up on a table!! We sell them in either lots of 12 or 24 and you can purchase as many packs as you desire. You can also purchase packs of just the same colour as well from our website. The party bags measure (13cm W x 25cm H x 9cm D).

We have two different sets one set contains yellow, orange, purple, lime, orange, bright blue and hot pink the other set contains bright Red, Orange, Leaf Green, Yellow, Light Blue and Purple

One of the most fun parts of going to a birthday party for kids are the take home lolly bags. Take home lolly bags have been a tradition with kids birthday parties for many many years and boy have they changed over the history of time. Gone are the days of a little plastic cellophane type bag with a picture of a clown on it and a few yummy sweets and a party blower if you were lucky. Now days children are taking home what appear to be more like a showbag not a lolly bag. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we do not really agree with giving children $15-$25 gifts bags to go home with, instead we thing what is more appropriate is a lovely party bag with a few small favour toys (We sell a great range here at One Stop Kids Party Shop) and a few yummy lollies, if you are looking to bulk the bag up a bit why not throw in some healthy popcorn packs or a milk etc it does not have to be a lot. We recommend that you calculate how much you are willing to spend on each Child’s take home lolly bag then purchase the products for the bags around that budget.

We have also recently added a great range of kids birthday party name tags for the party bags.

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