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Kids Party Games are Fun filled and Make Parties a Success

Kids Party Games are Fun filled and Make Parties a Success

Party games are an essential party of a child’s birthday party. They are what essentially create the long lasting memories and fun. There are many different types of kids party games that can be played some can be purchased others are one’s that have been around forever and do not cost anything like “What’s the time mr Wolf” and musical chairs, there are more modern games that parents have thought off and kids love such as water bombs and nerf gun battles, or water pistol battles which is a great party game for summer time. There are also games which can be purchased such as pin the tail on the donkey, jumping sack races, pass the parcel, egg and spoon race, mini golf, duck fishing, pinata’s you name it check out this link for a great range of kids party games which can be purchased online

It is a very good idea to have a plan of the how you will map out the party, if the party is going for two hours, you will want to divide this time into arrival, games, eating/cake, saying goodbye handing out the lolly bags. It is good to have a 15minute time frame at the start of the party as there will be guest’s that may be a little bit earlier, right on time or a bit late, I find it is a good idea to set up a craft activity that relates to the party theme for this arrival period.

Once all the kids have arrived introduce your first party game while you are running the party game, have your husband or friend make sure all the party food is brought out to the party tables and have another person preparing the party drinks as the kids will be thirsty after their party game. Once your first party game is over let the kids have some party food and drinks. After they have had some party food then introduce your second game. It may be a pinata, or pin the tail on the donkey or whatever you feel is suitable for the celebration and age of the children.  If the second game is only short you can also do the third game at this stage. Once your 2nd & 3rd party game is over let the kids have some more food and drink and have some free play and enjoy each other company. You may want to do one more party game or play some music and let the kids have a dance or musical status etc than it is time for the cake. Once the cake is done the party should be winding up to a end and you will need to make sure your party bags are on hand for when parents arrive so you can say goodbye and hand out the party bags.  If you find you have some guest’s hanging around and you need to finish the party up the party bags are always a good hint to say ok it is time to go home now!!

So for great kids party games and kids party favours and ideas check out One Stop Kids Party Shop for a great selection of kids birthday party supplies that will help you to make your parties a huge success and create long life memories for your child. Rest assured we have a great selection of ideas for you to play at your child’s birthday party and we have party games that are suitable for both boys and girls birthday parties, a lot of our party games match up with the theme of the birthday party as well.

One Stop Kids Party Shop-Kids Party Supplies & Baby Shower Supplies


Kids fishing for duckies with there hands behind their back no cheating


125 Water Bombs_kids Party Games


Pirate Treasure Chest Pinata-Pirate Party Games


Potato Sacks for Races (Each sack is approx 100cm High) – Pack of 6
Flying Rocket Balloons-Kids Party Games entertainment
Lego City Party Game “Pin The Shark”


construction party game


Fairytale Princess Party Game-Girls Party Games


Fairy Castle Pinata-Girls Birthday Parties Games Pinatas
Egg and Spoon Relay Race


Animal Golf Set-Kids Party Games or birthday present


Diggin For Dinosaurs Party Game


Walk The Plank Pirate Party at home game


Digging For Treasure Pirate party Game, or for a dinosaur party you can hide mini plastic dinosaurs and dig for dinosaur or fossils


Kids Party Games, Rainbow Party Theme, tie donuts or apples to string and get the kids to put their hands behind their back and try and bit the donut or lolly etc of the string, the first one to bit it off without touching it with their hands wins the game


Hot Potato-Inflatable Party Game With C.D