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Flashing Coloured Party Dots-Xmas Party Lights

Flashing Coloured Party Dots-Xmas Party Lights


At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are excited this year as it is the first year we have decided to sell Party Dots. Party Dots are fantastic, they are little LED lights that you can set to be blinking or not blinking, you can get them in packs of multi colours or just the one colour and what is so good about One Stop Kids Party shop Party Dots are they have so many possible uses. At Xmas time you can decorate the outside of your house with them or the inside. On the outside of the house you can stick them to walls, garages, windows, inside your outdoor Xmas Decorations, light up the garden path put them in your outdoor Xmas displays the ideas are endless when using them as Xmas Lights/Decorations. I’m so excited as I can not wait to use them this year as I know no one else in our town house complex knows about them and we have a annual Xmas Decoration competition and the party dots are going to add that extra Bam!!

If you are hosting a Xmas Dinner or a Xmas work function or end of year Xmas Disco for the kids then you can use the party dots on the inside of balloons they look awesome inside balloons and you can then add our flashing sparkle ribbon to the end of your balloons and you will have the most magnificent decorations around.

You can use party dots to light up your Xmas party gift bags, you can stick them to yourself as a decoration or put them on the front door of the house for a outstanding greeting entrance to your party guests.

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 Party Dots are so simple and yet such a versatile product. Elegant for floral lighting, eye catching on gift baskets, Dynamic as indoor or outdoor party lighting for almost any occasion. They are Super Bright, completely safe.

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