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Birthday Party Inspiration and Ideas-One Stop Kids Party Shop

Party Inspiration and Ideas-DIY Party Decorations


How to create your very own professional looking party decorations at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional to do it for you. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are all about quality and fair pricing. We don’t want to sell our customers rubbish balloons so we only use the best brands such as Qualatex and Sempertex the world leaders in balloons and we only have a small mark up on them as we count on the support from our loyal customers that we know will always come back to us after their first order as they will be so in love with their products.

At   we have evolved with the times and we have embraced the new direction that parties and events are heading in. Gone are the days of cheap looking licensed party ware and non matching balloons and plastic take home loot bags. Birthday Parties, Baby Shower Parties, 1st Birthday parties, newborn photo shoots, engagement parties, weddings have now all dramatically changed! I think a lot of these changes have come from talented people sharing their ideas on Instagram, You Tube, Facebook and the likes and it has made us all re think and re look at the way we decorate for the special occasions in our lives. It’s funny as 6 years ago Disney Princess and Pirates for example were the go to for kids parties and at the time I thought they looked amazing, now with the emergence of metallic rose gold balloons and metallic rose gold confetti balloons, and gold banners, peach and pinks suddenly those old licensed party themes look terribly tacky and cheap, yet surprisingly they were and still are really expensive.

Slowly but surely as time permits between running this website, a huge Ebay store and looking after two children and a working dog, I am starting to bring the website and the business into the new era of party styling. I’m always open to request for custom orders so please feel free to email me at for any enquiries.


Thanks For Stopping By!!



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Mermaid Party Supplies-Mermaid Party Theme-One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia!!

Splish, splash! Everyone will have blast at your mermaid party! Throw a magical mermaid or ocean theme party without spending all your pearls with our collection of Mermaid party supplies. Featuring a stunning underwater scene, complete with a beautiful mermaid and her glittering tail, our Mermaid party decorations and tableware are perfect not only for a girl’s mermaid themed birthday party, but any under-the-sea themed party. Splish, splash! Everyone will have blast at your mermaid party!

Throw a magical mermaid or ocean theme party without spending all your pearls with our collection of Mermaid party supplies. Featuring a stunning underwater scene, complete with a beautiful mermaid and her glittering tail, our Mermaid party decorations and tableware are perfect not only for a girl’s mermaid themed birthday party, but any under-the-sea themed party.

Prepare your party space for an underwater adventure with different types of tissue paper decorations in coordinating shades of pink, purple, and teal. Place our Honeycomb Mermaid Tail Decoration on your refreshments or gift table to instantly make it the focal point of the room. Our Teal Latex Balloons and Foil Star Confetti are other easy accents sure to dazzle guests. When your little guppies get hungry, use our Mermaid party plates, napkins, and paper cups to serve them plenty sea-themed party snacks.

After feeding time, really submerge your guests in party fun with our Mermaid-Blindfold Party Game. Or how about a fun game of Pass the parcel? At one stop kids party shop Australia we have a fantastic range of children’s party favour toys for party game prizes.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big splash at your daughter’s mermaid or under the sea birthday party. Ensure that it all goes swimmingly with our vibrant Mermaid decorations and tableware.





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Charlotte’s Rainbow Birthday Party-One Stop Kids Party Shop

My gorgeous girl Charlotte turned 6 last month, so been a creative mum and a mum that owns a Online Party Store  I feel it is essential to really celebrate in style! Charlotte is obsessed with all things rainbow at the moment! So, since it was during the Autumn months and we live on the Sunshine Coast QLD which has maybe a day or two a year that is slightly cooler, we decided to have a outdoor rainbow birthday party!! As it is Charlotte’s first year at school we decided to go ahead and invite the entire class, yes it was big but it was a great opportunity for me to meet the other mums and for Charlotte to bond with her new friends. Charlotte was very shy when she started at school as this is naturally her nature and we had just moved interstate from Sydney so she knew No One at all and had missed the getting ready for school days the year before starting school so she struggled to make friends at first. I have to say the party was a huge turning point for Charlotte. Immediately everyone knew who Charlotte was after this fantastic birthday party and everyone wanted to be her friend, well done mum!! After you have looked at the pictures below please see underneath them some Rainbow Party Food recipes and ideas.


So back to the party.

Below were the invitations that went out to all the party guest, to let all her new friends know that the theme was a rainbow birthday party we obviously had the invitations made up to be rainbow party invitations and we added a extra not on the invite to come dressed in your favourite colours. If you wish to purchase these invitations please head over to Party InvitationsOne Stop Kids Party Shop


So the day came around for the big Rainbow Party and I had to get up very very early to do the finishing touches to the rainbow party cake and set up all the rainbow party decorations and games. We purchased an inflatable rainbow slide of the internet and we already have a permanent swing set and monkey bars in our backyard. We also have a large springfree trampoline with we covered in rainbow balloons. I also had stick the horn on the unicorn rainbow party party game ready to go and a Rainbow pinata so I was pretty confident the kids would have lots to do.

rainbow jelly cups:One Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow partyOne Stop Kids Party ShopRainbow cookiesone stop kids party shopColorful-rainbow-geometric-Bardot-baby-shower-023Rainbow Baby Shower Party Cake One Stop Kids Party ShopRainbow Lolly Buffet Table:One Stop Kids Party shop


rainbow slideOne Stop Kids Party ShopOpening giftsplaying on the swings


Charlotte eating her rainbow birthday cakeMy Charlotte at her rainbow partycharlotte pinataunicorn rainbow


Each of the guests got to take home a special rainbow loot bag and within each of the party bags I put a very special Rainbow Beaded Necklace which can be purchased through our website. I also filled the bags with Rainbow stickers, Rainbow Candy as well as Rainbow Bouncy Balls I like to put in party favours that the kids can actually use and keep for sometime after the party as a thankyou for coming and just something special to reflect and look back on and what is really nice is a lot of Charlottes friends have since worn their rainbow necklace to other kids parties in their class it is really cool how they all have the same matching piece of jewellery.

12 Glitter bounce ballsRainbow NecklaceOne Stop Kids Party Shopballs

Charlotte's rainbow birthday party-One Stop Kids Party shop


How to make Rainbow Cookies


  • your favourite sugar cookie recipe or sugar cookie mix from the grocery store
  • liquid or gel food colouring in red, yellow, blue and green


  1. Make your cookie dough and separate into six separate servings in a bowl
  2. Add food colouring to each serving and mix well. When mixing colours to get purple and orange, make sure to mix the colours in a spoon ahead of time to get an even coloured dough
  3. Chill your dough in the fridge for 30 minutes and then roll each serving out to about 1/4 inch thickness on a piece of plastic wrap. Make sure each piece is about the same size.
  4. Layer each piece on top of each other in the proper order (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) and put in freezer for a couple of hours.
  5. Once solid, remove from freezer and slice dough into 1/4 inch slices with a large sharp knife. Depending on the size of your ‘loaf’ you can half each cookie – make sure every cookie is about the same size.
  6. Place cookies carefully on parchment lined cookie sheet at least 2 inches apart (my dough spread from a small rectangle into 2.5 inch round cookies). Bake according to instructions until edges turn just golden.
  7. Let cool completely.


If you are worried the layers won’t stick, you can brush a little egg white between each layer when you assemble the cookies.

Rainbow Cookies-One Stop Kids Party Shop



  • Slices of plain, soft white bread, room temperature
  • Vanilla cake frosting
  • A bazillion sprinkles


  1. Spread an even layer of vanilla frosting onto each slice of bread and coat liberally with sprinkles. Trim the crusts off the bread.
  2. Roll the sprinkled bread up like a sushi roll and cut each rolled up slice of bread into three pinwheel rounds, or desired thickness.
  3. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and chill for at least 1/2 hour to help set the shape and keep the rolls from unravelling..




Simply Use premade Vanilla LCM’s and stick a paddle pod up the middle, I just used plain coloured paddle pop sticks but you can get coloured ones as well.  and Betty Crockers Pre Made Vanilla icing and dye it using different colours then spread on top of LCM.



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Fun Frozen Party Ideas, Frozen Party Games


Is your little boy or little girl crazy about Disney Frozen, and they would dream of a disney frozen birthday party? Then let One Stop Kids Party Shop help you out with planning a fun Disney Frozen Birthday Party to remember.

Fun Frozen Birthday Party Ideas:

Use the theme colours from the Frozen movie for your birthday party, these include bright pink, white, teal, Aqua blue, Royal blue, and purple. Have a look at the image below, it will show you how a very creative mum set up a party activity room for her little girls frozen party. She has decorated the tables using the different Frozen theme coloured tablecovers (which you can purchase from our Store in our Frozen Party Supplies category). This mum also printed out Free Frozen Colouring sheets from the internet and had the kids fill in some time at the party by colouring them in.  (These ideas and images came from 


Another Great Idea to have as a Frozen Birthday Party Game is a Snowball throwing game. Simply prepare lots of white crumpled up paper and have the kids have a ball with them.

Frozen Party Games.jpg


Another great idea from, is there “Do you want to build a Snowman” Activity which is getting the kids to do just that build a yummy snowman. “Each child received a plate, a cup with frosting and a popsicle stick, and a baggie with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and an orange tic tac.”


Download the sound track from Frozen and have some games using the music, such as Frozen Freeze Dance, Pass the Parcel, sing a longs, free dancing etc.

You can download some fantastic Frozen Party games from, you will need to print them out  yourself but they look fantastic and will be great fun for the kids to play.


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Kids Parties On The Northern Beaches Sydney

It’s that time again, the birthday party! Parents feel a surge of both excitement and dread. The excitement comes from wanting to make your child feel special, celebrating their young life thus far as well as celebrating our own journey as a parent. The dread comes from the panic of finding the time to plan the birthday party, making sure you choose the right theme and location and trying to organize a suitable time that will suit most of the guests.

On the Northern Beaches Sydney there is an abundance of locations that parents can choose from to host their child’s birthday party. There are also a lot of options in terms of hiring party entertainers and equipment should you decide to be brave and hold the party from home or a local park.

For this article I have put together in point form a brief description of just some of the many locations & business’s on the Northern Beaches that will assist you with birthday party decision making.

For all your general party supplies including invitations, decorations, tableware, party games, loot bags, party favours and so on please visit.


Paint Me Pretty

Little girls pamper parties. All little girls love being made a fuss of… painted nails, glitter hairspray, face painting & mini makeups… Let Paint Me Pretty pamper your little treasure & her friends on her special day! Please contact Michelle on 0411 533 249, visit Michelle’s Facebook page at

Flying Fox Park Cafe’ Party

Winnererremy Bay Park
2 Mona Street
Mona Vale NSW 2103

P: 02 9986 0980
F: 02 9986 0981

Have you been looking for a place to hold a birthday party? The Flying Fox Café offers the best party spot on the Northern Beaches!

Your birthday child and their friends will have a great time in our fabulous playground and when you’re ready, their bright & colourful party table will be awaiting them, laid out by our friendly staff. Our Party Packages are all inclusive, and there are 2 to choose from.

Fox Cubs Deluxe Party
$18.50 per child, minimum of 10 guests
Choice of Fox Party Platters – select from fish & chips, chicken strips & chips, pizza & chips or sandwiches. Topped up with fairy bread, fruit platters and jugs of soft drink of your choice,
Includes party table set up with tablecloth, serviettes, plates, cups, party hats and Happy Birthday Banner, Flying fox balloon decollation

Fox Cubs Celebration
$15.00 per child, minimum of 10 guests
Pizza platters OR party pie platters, fairy bread platters, fruit platters & jugs of soft drink of your choice
Includes party table set up with tablecloth, serviettes, plates, cups, party hats and Happy Birthday Banner and Flying fox balloon decollation

We don’t forget parents either! You can enjoy a fresh espresso or a cool drink and we can offer you Cakes, Muffins, Croissants, Gourmet Sandwiches and Wraps, fruit, cheese or antipasto platters and even a canape menu. Why not have your own party with other parents whilst the children enjoy theirs?

Cheeky Monkeys Play House

Contact: 02 9999 0388

Unit 1101, 4 Daydream Street, Warriewood NSW 2102

Has party rooms, play structures,  under 4’s area and a delicious pizza café. Cheeky Monkeys has set about to offer children a more interactive and realistic experience. They enlisted the talent of a local artist to create an atmosphere of true fantasy in their “Wizaed & Fairy Forest”.  Party hosts dress in character (fairy, wizard, pirate, superhero, mermaid) and offer the birthday child and party guests a truly special experience.  Each of these parties also spend time in our “Monkey Fever Disco” dancing to the latest hits on our glow in the dark flashing dance floor!

Cheeky Monkeys also offers slot car parties on their huge 6 lane race track for kids big (dad) and small!

Bop Till You Drop


Professional kids disco party entertainers for birthdays, christenings, schools & christmas parties. Our parties are full of fun & keep all the kids engaged. There is now even Mini Bop Till You Drop for 0-4 year olds. If your little boy or girl love movement and music then they are guaranteed to have the best party if you choose Bop Till You Drop. If you do not want the pressure of getting the kids up and dancing and having fun then Bop Till You Drop will be your answer. For further information on the fantastic array of party ideas and packages they offer please check out their website.

Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Gardens

420 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives NSW 2075
(02) 9424 0353

Bush Birthday Parties

Our Bush Birthday Party program offers a range of unique outdoor parties that encourage children to explore their natural environment in a fun and positive way.  All activities are nature themed to suit the interest of your child and incorporate hands-on activities like bug hunting, bush walking, plant propagation, fauna encounters, dipnetting and organic bush crafts.
You will have your own ranger to entertain the children and the grown-ups too!  Parents are welcome to bring food to serve after the activities
An alternative to the traditional indoor party experience, host your next party at the Wildflower Garden to experience great service in an exceptional bush setting.


Call us on 9424 0353 or to make a booking. Bush Birthday Parties are very popular, so get in early to avoid disappointment

Booking a Bush Birthday party is simple!

The Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets!  Situated in St Ives, the 123 hectares of urban bushland is a great spot for bush walking, picnicking and special events.

Within the Wildflower Garden visitors can choose from a range of public access walking tracks, including the accessible Senses Track or the more challenging Mueller Track.

The Garden features heath land, tall forest, sandstone outcrops, ponds, gullies and waterfalls.  There are several picnic areas with barbecues, some of which are available for hire.  There is plenty of onsite parking, toilet facilities and a children’s playground.


Little Rascals Indoor Play Centre

Phone: 8968 9600

Little Rascals is available for venue hire. The facility is the ultimate venue for kids birthday parties and functions.

The venue can be booked:

·         2pm Saturday
·         6pm Saturday
·         10am Sunday
·         2pm Sunday

Venue hire is for 3 hours and will be exclusively available to your party.

Venue hire fee $500.

Venue hire includes party host, invitations, balloon decorations, platter of starters for kids (fairy bread/popcorn) & adults (wedges platter) and unlimited jugs of water.

Bring your own birthday cake along (strictly nut free) or for $24.95 we will supply a delicious birthday cake

Kids Food Package

$10 per child
Choice of Hot Dogs Chicken Nuggets or Sandwiches
Hot Chips
Fruit Juice Popper
Mixed Lollies
Party Bag (including special gift)

Adult Platter Options

• Wedges served with Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli Sauce – $19.95
• Hot Chips served with BBQ & Tomato Sauce – $19.95
• Party Pies & Sausage Rolls served with BBQ & Tomato Sauce – $29.95
• Fruit Platter – $29.95
• Assorted Sandwiches & Wraps – $29.95
• Bakery Platter-$29.95

Platters serve approx. 8 adults.

M9 Laser Skirmish & AMF BOWLING DEE WHY

Dee Why offers two great entertainment options in one location – M9 Laser Skirmish and AMF Bowling, to make for a truly memorable day.


$29.90 per recruit

  • 2 battles of M9 Laser Skirmish
  • Hot dog or chicken nuggets
  • Fries and a drink
  • Arcade tokens
  • Party bags
  • Invitations
  • Gift for the birthday child


$29.90 per recruit

  • 1 battle of M9 Laser Skirmish
  • 1 game of AMF Bowling
  • Hot dog or chicken nuggets
  • Fries and a drink
  • Arcade tokens
  • Party bags
  • Invitations
  • Gift for birthday child


Wannabees Family Play Town

Contact: 0280216902

C1/1 Rodborough Rd, Frenchs Forest

Wannabees is a indoor play centre offering so much variety under one roof. Wannabees parties are very special, full of fun, stress free and affordable. Their fantastic party packages have everything you need:

  • Exclusive party host for two hours to take you party group through their city full of adventures!!!
  • Red carpet fashion parade
  • Dance time on the laser lit concert stage.
  • TV studio green screen.
  • Party room allocated for 45 minutes.
  • Reserved table for adults in their European style Cafe.
  • Party invitations

Newport Arms Hotel

Contact: 612 9997 4900

2 Kalinya St, Newport NSW 2106

Kid Parties at The Arms.

New kids party packages are now available with up to 4 areas now able to be reserved in the beergarden. Kids party packages are available for $229 (up to 10 kids) and $21.90 for extra kids and include:

  •     chicken nuggets & chips
  •     soft drink and juice
  •     kids serve ice cream
  •     party invitation stationery
  •     lolly bag per child
  •     named birthday cake
  •     face painting
  •     access to 2 kids playgrounds
  •     party pack including kids hats
  •     balloons & ribbon.


Little Chiefs Fire Service: . Our number is 0409227822 or email Little Chiefs Fire Service offers kids fire themed birthday party entertainment. We bring uniforms for the kids and they have a ball playing fire themed games and spraying water from Henry the fire truck’s fire hoses. All kids receive a Little Chiefs Fire Service Junior Firefighter certificate and a fire helmet to keep. The kids faces are priceless when Henry arrives under lights and siren.



Have our SUPER HEROES come to your next child’s party. With a professionally trained children’s performers you are assured to make your child’s next birthday the most memorable experience for them.

With a specially designed ‘Party Packages’ which includes games, dancing, prizes, balloon twisting, face painting and awards presented to the children. Your child will have the time of their lives.

We also offer other packages like:

Crazy Science Parties
Princess Pamper Parties
Super Party Planning
Cake Decorating
Clown Parties
Corporate Events

*More characters can be arranged for a party booking. Added fees apply. Please call 1300 65 25 77 or visit

Bethanies Jumping Castles 

Phone: 9484 3095

I can personally recommend Bethanies Jumping Castles. We used Bethanies for my little girls 3rd birthday party. They brought a fantastic huge Dora jumping castle to our house, they set it up before the party guest’s arrived then came back 4 hours later and took it away for us. They were so professional and made sure everything was 100% safe. Their prices are amazing in comparison to other Jumping Castle services.




Contact: 0410 221 235

BIG BLAST PARTIES are held on Friday nights, Saturdays, Saturday nights and Sundays. They can also take party bookings during the school holidays – Monday to Sunday.  Suitable for boys and girls 5-15 years old.

Attractions Include:

$35.50 per child. (2-2.5 hour party). (Minimum 10).
(For Fri nights and Sat after 5.30pm- min 10).

  • Home- made mini  pies and sausage rolls; (Vegetarian option of spinach and ricotta on request).
  • Table lollies.
  • Unlimited cold water and cordial.
  • Movie style popcorn.
  • A take home lolly bag 100g.
  • Certificate
  • Wristband
  • And the birthday child gets a go in our Money Machine.
    (Excludes a cake).

Australian Wildlife Displays

Contact: 0417 899 466


If your child love’s nature and animals then Australian Wildlife Displays will help you have the best birthday party from home/local park. They have a fascinating selection of Native animals to bring to the birthday party and the kids will get to touch and interact with the animals.

Then let Australian Wildlife Displays bring some of Australia’s unique and fascinating native animals to the party. In a fun and interactive jam-packed hour, the kids will get to touch a suite of native animals which can include:

  • Pythons
  • Lizards
  • Birds
  • Crocodiles
  • Frogs
  • Possums

The birthday child will get special treatment, and get to be the ‘ranger’ for the day. They will be up the front with the presenter and get to hold all the animals. They will also get to take the animals around for all their friends (that is children and adults) to touch!

Premiere Pony Parties

Contact: 0447 267 420

Northern Beaches, North Shore

For an experience your child will never forget, contact Premiere Ponies , they can assure top quality and child friendly ponies.All horses are specially trained for the purpose of pony parties and pony rides and have fantastic, super child friendly temperaments.


All horses are specially trained for the purpose of pony parties and pony rides and have fantastic, super child friendly temperaments. Premiere Ponies explain how their ponies will stand forever allowing children to pat and groom them, they can be led by children as young as 2 and are completely used to children riding on their back.  They provide grooming equipment and bands so the children can groom or plait the horses as well as ride them as much as they wish.

  You will be provided with two stunning riding ponies of your choice with two handlers plus a Miniature horse and handler which is provided free of charge for grooming and handling purposes so all children are occupied whilst the two ponies are being ridden.1 hour parties $300

1 1/2 hour parties $375

2 hour parties $450

Please check their website for full bios and photos of all our gorgeous ponies.



Contact: 1300 354 768

Flip Out is a Huge Trampoline playground that houses Australia’s largest Trampoline arena.

According to Flip Out They “Open a awesome door for an ultimate experience in birthday celebrations”.

Flip Out designed the party packages to last approximately 2 hours for optimum enjoyment



Forest Connexion – Level 1, 18 Aquatic Drive Frenchs Forest  NSW  2086

PHONE: 9452 4111

“Lollipops Playland Frenchs Forest is the areas Kids Party Ideas leader, and the Lollipops Party is perfect for birthdays and entertaining kids in the Northern Beaches & North Shores best Kids Play Centre. The Lollipops Party has all the essential kids party ideas covered, with party games, unlimited play and best of all… the work is done by us!”

Included in a Lollipops party is

  • Private Party Room (1 hr)
  • Unlimited Play in Lollipops
  • Party Host
  • Party Invitations
  • Birthday Cake
  • Adults Free
  • Hot Chips and Chicken Nuggets
  • Popcorn & Fairy Bread
  • Mixed Lollies
  • Cordial & Water
  • Lolly Bag
  • Birthday Child gets a return Voucher
  • Weekday specials are also available, you can also just book a table if you are looking to save money.


Weekend FitNastics Parties:

According to Pittwater Sports Centre

“Our gym parties are simply fantastic”
“Imagine having a party for your friends with the whole gym to yourself, complete with games, relays, circuits, music and completely supervised. No wonder they are so popular!    We offer various timeslots every weekend.  Parties run for two hours, incorporationg ninety minutes in the gym with qualified coaches organizing games, gym circuits, relays, and fun with the children”.
“After that, we allow thirty minutes for party food fully catered by the Pittwater Sports Centre cafe.
We offer parties for kids four years and up, so take the pressure off and let us give your special birthday child a party to remember!Ages 5 and above”

Weekend Gym/Sandbucket Combination Parties:
For the ultimate party experience, choose a Combination party! You have a choice of
• 60 minutes FitNastics fun + 30 minutes Sandbucket play OR…
• 60 minutes Sandbucket Play + 30 minutes gymnastics funAges 4 and above

Midweek Madness’ Pre-Schoolers Parties:
A mid-week party just for pre-schoolers!

A Midweek Madness party lets the children have fun for 90 minutes, 45 minutes in the gym and then 45 minutes in the Sanducket playcentre. Party guests play games, fly on the trapeze, jump on our trampolines, swing on the rings, have sword fights on the beam, and a whole lot more.   We can even cater for the imaginative ones with special themes.

We can guarantee the kids are entertained and kept active the whole time.

Note- Midweek parties are run during term time only.

Sandbucket Playcentre Parties


Stress Free, Mess Free! Thats right… a kids indoor play centre ideally located on the Northern Beaches. With all the latest indoor play equipment – slippery dips, ball pits and soft play equipment – The Sandbucket Playcentre is the place to bring the kids to run off some energy, whilst you relax and enjoy a coffee in our cafe.

Choose either a mid-week or weekend party. Enquire about our exclusive sandbucket party option.

Minimum 12 children

Daily from 9am

Laser Tag Parties!Come and test your skills in our outdoor laser park. Groups are split into 2 teams, Alpha & Brava,and the fun starts! Our fully trained Commanding officers will brief the children and devise different games to play during party time.

Extreme Birthday Parties!
Try out our NEW latest party option!
Our ‘Extreme Parties’ run the time frame of 2.5hrs and, would you believe, in this
time the kids go through a combination of kayaking fun, survivor and gladiator style
games as well as use the gymnastics hall!
Suitable for energy-charged boys and girls aged 10 and over. Our specialised
coaches are trained and ready to put party guests to the test!
(Saturday and Sunday only)

Kayak Parties:
The latest craze on the Northern Beaches is our ‘Kayak Parties’…. suitable for children aged 7 years and over.
Why not hire our kayaks and spend a few hours exploring Narrabeen Lake? Our Kayak Parties are held on weekends, anytime you want.


For enquiries, bookings or further information about our programme. Contact Daphne Katos on     0409 569 483, address is 1a Powells Road Brookvale 2100

Do you have a Art/Craft Loving child then why not try “If U Like ART”, they offer creative birthday parties for children aged 5-14 years. They offer a great range of birthday party ideas and packages for both boys and girls and all guest’s get to take home their masterpieces!

Hoopstar Kids Birthday Hula Hoop Parties

Contact:, Fantastic Fun Hula Hoop Parties.