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How To Make A Balloon Wall -Sunshine Coast Party Store

How To Make A Balloon Wall-Sunshine Coast Party Store

What Is A Balloon Wall?

What is a balloon wall you ask? A balloon Wall is just that a wall made out of balloons! Balloon Walls are the most amazing party statement piece ever! They not only look awesome in photos they actually look magical even fake in real life. Balloon walls are usually made up of a mixture of Latex balloons in various sizes and sometimes foil balloons, Orb balloons and flowers. People use Balloon Walls for taking photos in front off, store openings, putting behind the bride and Groom at the wedding reception, creating mystical lands (at children’s events), creating a fantastic statement piece of birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, concerts all occasions that require beautiful party styling.

Does One Stop Kids Party Shop Install Balloon Walls?

Absolutely we do!! We can come to your wedding, engagement party, bridal shower party, baby shower party, birthday party, Xmas Party or corporate event or store openings and install a stunning Balloon Wall for you. We generally only install Balloon Walls on the Sunshine Coast but we would consider traveling to Brisbane however all our travel expenses would have to be covered. Installations of our Balloon Walls is extra on top of the Balloons price will depend on how big you would like your balloon wall and how far we have to travel. Please email us at or call on 0403 811 163 to discuss dates, venue and costs.

Can Anyone Make A Balloon Wall?

Let me assure you anyone over the age of about 16 can create a balloon wall and anyone under 16 can help out. Balloon walls are more time consuming that Balloon Garlands but if you have the patience then the look of a balloon wall is worth the time and effort in creating one. Don’t forget to grab yourself some photo props that are suitable to what event your hosting and you will have a life time of funny photos and some very good marketing material if you are using the balloon wall to promote your business or event.

What About Customers Who Don’t Live On The Sunshine Coast?

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we can put together a DIY balloon wall kit for you containing either the bare minium you will need to create a very simple balloon wall or we can create a Mid Range Balloon Wall Kit with the balloons, foil balloons, glue dots, line then you can get a Deluxe Balloon Wall Kit with everything you require to create a professional balloon wall. We can even include a Stand if need be. So don’t worry if you don’t live on the Coast but you love our balloon walls because we can put all the ingredients in a kit for you to re create the balloon wall of your choice.


How Can I learn To Make My Own Balloon Wall?

There is a very easy answer to this you tube tutorials they are the best way to learn my favourite creator shows all the many different ways you can easily create a balloon garland this is her channel be sure to spend a good amount of time viewing her different tutorials then you will be so ready to purchase your balloon wall kit of us and get started How to make a Balloon Wall Easy To Follow tutorial


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How To Make A Balloon Garland-Easy Step by Step Guide

How To Make A Balloon Garland-Easy Step by Step Guide

Balloon Garlands are an eye catching party decorating trend for parties and celebrations. Balloon garlands are the perfect statement piece that will wow your party guests. We create premium stylish personalised balloons for any occasion: birthday’s, baby showers, weddings, engagements, bachelorette parties, milestones, corporate & seasonal events. And for our Australia Wide customers we make DIY balloon garland Kits so you can very easily create your very own balloon garland, As we only use the most Premium Quality balloons sourced from professional Australian Balloon specialist you just know your garland is going to turn out amazing and will last for days.

Have you always wanted to create a balloon garland but thought you would need professional tools and hours of balloon styling training to do so? Well I’m here to let you know you don’t need either. You just need some patience, planning a good balloon pump and one of our easy DIY balloon garland Kits and I promise you will be a balloon garland expert in no time at all!! I love telling my not so sure customers that my beautiful daughter Charlotte (Who features a lot on my Instagram page) Created her very first balloon garland at 9 years old and she did a fantastic job. It was a 1.5M long rainbow theme garland so there you go you can do this!!

How To Make A Balloon Garland Kit

  1. Before you start making your balloon garland kit you are going to want to first establish the theme of the event. If there is no particular theme then you are going to want to decided upon the colour scheme. If you need some ideas you can check out our large range of Balloon Garland Kits or if you don’t see what your after please contact us via phone, text or email as we are happy to provide a Customised Balloon Garland for you Phone 0403811163 or Just remember we may need some extra time on Customised orders in case we need to order in specific stock to make your dream creation come to life. The more time we have to work with the better!!
  2. Once you have decided upon your theme or colour scheme then you need to decide where about’s are you going to display your garland. Are you planning on using command hooks to attach it to a specific wall, if possible are you able to put some nails in the wall if not will command hooks stick to the wall or ceiling. If it is not possible to put hooks up or nails then you are going to want to look at a backdrop of some sort. I will be creating another blog on building a Balloon garland backdrop so keep your eye out for that.
  3. Ok so now you have establish where and how you are going to display your garland, you now need to decide on the size. The most popular DIY balloon garland size is the 3M that seems to be the go to size. A 3M balloon garland is very powerful as it is a significant size to show case all the various colours and balloon sizes and it takes up a good size. However sometimes our customers prefer a 1M or a 2M garland as they are just wanting to do a small one to go above the gift or cake table. Or you may wish to get a 3M balloon garland then get another in a small size for the party table as they can be used as a table runner.
  4. You have now established the theme/colour scheme you have decided on how you are going to display the garland and you have decided on the size now you need to decide on how you are going to inflate the balloons. Inflating the balloons is the most time consuming part of creating your own DIY balloon garland. It is impossible to blow up the balloons for a balloon garland via your mouth because you will pass out. Also you can not inflate 12cm Mini balloons by mouth it just does not work and you don’t want to put hot breathe into a confetti balloon as it will muck it up. My advise is to get both a Dual Action Hand Held Balloon Pump and a Portable Electric Balloon Pump. These two pieces of equipment are going to be your life saver they are going to help you to create beautiful balloons and save you hours of time and effort. Both these pieces of equipment will last for a very long time so if you love parties they will come in handy time and time again or if you are only going to do a one of party and a one of Balloon Garland Kit you can always sell them on Marketplace or gumtree once the party is over as they are so popular at the moment you won’t have any trouble with re selling them.
  5. Create a large area where you can just inflate balloons and dump them in front of you, don’t try and inflate then create, inflate then create, inflate all your balloons first. I like to listen to my favourite podcast while I’m inflating the balloons I find this actually very relaxing.
  6. If you love the look of round ball shape balloons for your balloon garland then the trick is to inflate your balloon to full then gradually let the air back out until you get the nice beach balloon look then tie it in place. This will also give you a nice long tail on your balloon to attach it to the balloon strip or the fishing line.
  7. Once you have inflated all your balloons you are going to have to decide at the start what method and what design you are going to go with. Are you going to use the balloon strip that comes in all our DIY balloon garlands or are you going to use the fishing line. I personally use fishing line not balloon strip as I like how secure and tight it makes the balloons but many people prefer the strip so you are going to want to have a look at some you tube tutorials and decide what you think will suit you better.
  8. I now want you to go to the  Best You Tube Balloon Garland Tutorial Channel Ever!!
  9. After spending some time on the above you tube tutorial channel you will now have a very clear picture of what is going to be the best way for you to put your garland together, you should now feel confident, organised and excited to get started.
  10. Remember to go to our Home Page at Website Home Page-Purchase Your Balloon Garland Kit! if you don’t see the garland your after either call us on 0403 811 163 or email us at I find it really helpful when customers send through pictures of the garland they are wanting that way we are both on the same page.
  11. Don’t forget to show of your creation by tagging us in on Instagram!! Our Instagram account is One Stop Kids Party Shop Insta Account!!