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Balloon Garlands-You can make your own Balloon Garland Kit

Balloon Garlands-You can make your own Balloon Garland Kit

You don’t have to be a professional balloon stylist to pull of your very own beautiful Balloon garland. You just need a great quality balloon pump like the ones we sell here at One Stop Kids Party Shop. You need at least 3-4 hours to allow plenty of time to inflate all your balloons then assemble the garland. But you can do this my daughter created her very own DIY balloon garland at age 9 it was a super cute Rainbow balloon garland so anyone with a spark of creativity and imagination and willingness to give something new a go, will simply love creating their very own balloon garland. You will get a great sense of personal achievement when you see all your family and friends taking photos in front of your garland it is a really nice feeling and it makes you feel happy seeing how beautiful you have personally made your party room or event. And of course if it is your wedding day or even your child’s birthday and you don’t want to be worried about putting together the party decorations then I can come to your event and set whatever particular item you are after up for you. This is for locals on the Sunshine Coast only and additional charges do apply for installation.

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Wedding Venue Decor, Wedding Balloons-One Stop Kids Party Shop

How To DIY Your Own Wedding or Party Decorations!!


At One Stop Kids Party Shop gorgeous DIY Balloon Cloud Garland that contain all you need to create your very own statement party piece! The balloons used in our kits are by Qualatex the leaders in the balloon industry. These balloons are not just your standard balloon!! The colours are Exquisite and the Quality is unbeatable. This is how they are able to create such a stunning finish. – Simply inflate your balloons and secure to the decorating strip supplied in your kit. Create a professional masterpiece with out having to pay hundreds of dollars these are the same balloons and materials that event stylist use and charge several hundred dollars to install for you. Once you purchase the garland we will email you a blog that explains how to put your balloon garland together. You can also add your own special touch.


To view our entire range of Balloon Garlands and Diy balloon garland kits check out our huge One Stop Kids Party Shop Ebay store at this link

View Our Entire Range Of Balloon Garland Kits


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60 Rainbow Helium Quality Balloons/Create A Photo Backdrop, Party Table Back Drop/Balloon Banner/Balloon Arch/Decorations


This listing is for 1 pack of 60, 30cm rainbow decorator balloons . Please note listing is for the beautiful balloons only, The balloons do not come with the balloon string or clips. The balloons come deflated (Helium not included).

If you are looking to create a Rainbow Balloon Photo Booth Backdrop or a Backdrop for your Rainbow Party Table Setting then please check out our listing for our Rainbow Backdrop Tent Canopy’s under our Rainbow Party Supplies Category at this Link 
There are many different decorations you can create either using helium or air, whether you are creating a balloon wall backdrop,  Rainbow Balloon Banner, Rainbow Balloon Arch, it is best to use top quality helium professional balloons to get the best results. Also once the balloons are inflated coat them in a heavy duty hairspray this seals the pores of the balloons and stops them leaking helium, making them last longer. Also keep them in either Air con or the coolest area of the house/party room away from heat.

Please Take Note that good helium quality balloons like the one’s you are purchasing are very dense with colour, this means that they may appear black or a very different colour when they are deflated compared to their true colour which comes to light once inflated. If you are concerned blow a bit of air into one of the balloons and you will see it’s true colour. Whilst all care is take to accurately describe and represent the balloons in the most realistic lightening their may be slight differences due to different light’s, computer screens, flashes as so forth balloons are one of the hardest items to accurately photograph. These are great quality balloons, and you will not be able to get such a mix anywhere else for such value for money and quality.

This Listing you will receive the following Balloons:

10 30cm Helium Quality Red Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Yellow Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Orange Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Purple Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Green Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Dark Blue Balloons

Rainbow BalloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Australia Rainbow Balloons Primary rainbow balloon wall backdropRainbow Balloon ArchOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Balloon Backdrop Rainbow Balloons Stair Case Rainbow Balloons

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How To Make A EASY Rainbow Balloon Arch/Party Decorations Rainbow Balloon Arch

Easily make a magical rainbow balloon arch!

A fun idea that works with any party colours! Give your Rainbow Birthday Party or My Little Pony party a punch of pony power with a balloon arch that looks straight out of Rainbow Falls!

 Make it the main event of your party decorations by placing it where it’s sure to be seen, like the favors table, or the front door entrance, have a treasure hunt leading to a treasure box that is at the end of the rainbow (One Stop Kids Party Shop sells the treasure boxes in their pirate party category of their online website. ♥.

Have the guests all take their photo under the Rainbow Balloon Arch and use this as your thank you notes that can be sent out after the party. It’s great to have bright fun and imaginative party decorations as they really do help kids get into the spirit of the birthday party theme and of course they make the birthday girl or boy feel extra special and loved that all the colours, decorations etc are  especially for them to show them just how special they are.

What You’ll Need

  • 16 pink balloons
  • 16 orange balloons
  • 16 yellow balloons
  • 16 green balloons
  • 16 blue balloons
  • 16 purple balloons
  • 4 helium tanks
  • 6 balloon weights
  • Purple curling ribbon
  • Scissors


Step 1: Inflate Balloons

Begin by inflating your first balloon. For a 12-foot arch, you’ll need 96 balloons that will be inflated and tied together to form clusters of four balloons each. You can buy your own tanks, or have your balloons filled at your local party store.

Step 2: Tie 2 Balloons Together

Inflate a second balloon and tie it onto the first to make a pair.

Step 2 Image

Step 3: Tie Pairs Together

Repeat Steps 1 & 2 to make a second pair of balloons. Now join the two pairs of balloons in the center – twisting their centers around each other – to form a cluster of four balloons. Make sure the balloons in each layer are uniform in size so all the sections of the arch will look even.

step 3 image

Step 4: Tie It to a Balloon Weight

Cut a long strand of ribbon (approximately 48in) and tie one end to a balloon weight. Tie the other end around the center of the balloon cluster you just made. You’ll be adding three more clusters underneath this top layer so make sure to leave enough room underneath.

Step 4 Image

Step 5: Make More Clusters!

Make three more clusters of balloons in the same color. Nestle each cluster underneath the first balloon cluster you made.

step 5

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1 – 5

Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have six groups of balloon clusters in your chosen colors.

Step 6

Step 7: Start Making a Column!

Arrange your groups in the order you will want them in the arch. Choose the first color you want in the color sequence – this will be one end of the balloon arch. Take the next color group and cut off the balloon weight, then tie it to the top of the first balloon group.

Step 7


Step 8: Attach Another Group!

Attach the next group of balloons you want in the color sequence to the top of the balloon column you’ve made. You might need a stepstool!

step 8

Step 9: Make Another Column!

Repeat steps 7 and 8 to the other three groups of balloons to make a second column.

step 9

Step 10: Connect the Columns!

Bend the two columns toward each other until they meet and make an arch formation. Tie the tops of the columns together

rainbow arch 10

Step 11: Show It Off!

Arrange the arch where everyone can admire your handiwork. Outside or inside, this balloon arch will brighten any space it occupies – on the lawn, in front of the door or over a favors table!

rainbow arch