Winter Wonderland White Xmas Balloon Garland Kit



Winter Wonderland White Xmas Balloon Garland Kit

Whether your having a Winter Wonderland Xmas Party Theme or hosting a Disney Frozen Princess Party, this absolutely stunning DIY garland kit is going to be the talking point of your party. Set the garland up in a way that you can get photo’s of your guest standing in front of it and you will have the most beautiful memorable photos. This garland is designed to be around 3M when assembled. Our kits are sent out flat and the customer has to assemble the garland we will send through a very helpful guide that includes links to you tube tutorials on how to make a balloon garland kit. We have not had one customer as yet that has not been able to make a balloon garland so don’t worry about that everyone can make them you just need a good hand held balloon pump especially for the 12cm balloons and a couple of hours to assemble. For locals on the Sunshine Coast we can come to your event or where you are hosting the party and set the garland up for you (Additional costs involved feel free to email us at or call us on 0403 811 163 to discuss pricing and planning.


10 Chrome Blue Balloons (28cm)

12, Baby Pearl Blue Balloons (30cm)

12, pearl white Balloons (30cm)

10 Clear balloons with snowflakes printed on the outside (28cm)

8 Electric Blue Balloons (30cm)

10, 12cm Metallic Mini Balloons

10, 12cm Pearl Baby Blue Mini Balloons

10, 12 Pearl White Mini Balloons

6, 12cm Mini Clear balloons with Silver Confetti inside

1, 5M Plastic Balloon Strip



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