Stunning White, Silver, Golds Confetti DIY Balloon Garland Kit-Party Decorations



DIY Balloon Garland Kit-Whites, Silver, Golds and Confetti Balloons-3M Garland Kit

Our Luxury DIY Stunning White, Silver, Golds Confetti Gold Confetti Balloons DIY balloon garland kit makes it easy for you to recreate a Pinterest worthy party without any of the guessing work! Balloon garlands are the perfect party backdrop and will leave your guests in AWE! Our kits include EVERYTHING you need to create a beautiful balloon garland for your party minus the hundreds of dollars a party stylist would charge you to come and set up the same product!!

 Balloon Garland Kit Includes:

15, 30cm White Balloons (Inflate to full capacity then let out some air gradually until you get a nice round ball shape)

15, 30cm Pearl White Balloons

8, 28cm Chrome Silver Balloons

8, 28cm Chrome Gold Balloons

8, 30cm Metallic Gold Balloons

10, 30cm Grey Balloons

8, 30cm Pre Filled Gold Confetti Balloons

4, 46cm White Balloons

2, 60cm White Balloons

20, 12cm White Balloons

20, 12cm Pearl White Balloons

8, 12cm Silver Balloons

8, 12cm Metallic Gold Balloons

8, 12cm Grey Balloons



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