Stunning Pink, White & Grey Balloon Garland Kit 3M



Stunning Pink, White & Grey Balloon Garland Kit 3M


This listing is for our stunning DIY Baby Pink, White, Pearl, Grey & Silver Confetti Balloon Garland Kit! This simply Stunning Elegant Balloon garland would be the perfect feature piece for your celebration, this divine balloon garland would be perfect for a little girls birthday party or big girls birthday party, baby shower party, christening, wedding, and so on.

It is a DIY kit so you will be sent all the items needed to create the kit yourself and I will email you the instructions and Online Tutorials to help you with putting the garland together at the time we pack your order. As garlands only use Air from a Hand Held Pump Not Helium they can be prepared a day or two in advance to the event. However if your event is not at home then you will need to consider transporting the balloon garland to the event if it is already assembled it will be Aprox 3 Metres in length otherwise you may need to ask for permission to get to the venue early to set it up.

I only use Genuine Qualatex and Sempertex Premium Quality Balloons, my garlands are also made to order I do not buy them pre packed I make them up myself to ensure that my customers is receiving a premium piece. As I receive many balloon garland orders a day I need Aprox 2-4 processing days to make the kit then you need to allow at least 4-6 business days for transit depending on where you are so I ask customers that require their garland within 10 Business Days or less (Not Including Weekends As Australia Post Does Not Operate Weekends) to please choose express post. I’m selling my garlands at a extremely competitive price so please keep this in mind if you have to pay a bit extra for express thank you.




3 Metre of plastic Balloon Strip

12, 28cm White Balloons

12, 28cm Pastel Pink Balloons

8, Chrome Pearl Pink balloons (To create this colour I have to double stuff two balloons, I stuff a chrome silver balloon inside a Pearl pink balloon this creates the chrome pastel pink colour).

12, 28cm Grey Balloons

12 Mini 12cm White Balloons

12, Mini 12cm Pastel Pink Balloons

8, Mini 12cm Chrome Pearl Pink balloons (Double Stuffed as above)

8, Pre Filled 28cm Silver Confetti Balloons

8, Pre Filled 12cm Mini Confetti Balloons

2, 45cm Pastel Pink balloons

2, 45cm White balloons

2, 45cm Pearl Pink balloons



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