Stunning Gender Reveal Pink, Blue, Gold DIY Balloon Garland Kit



Stunning Gender Reveal Pink, Blue, Gold DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop! You are viewing our listing for the very  modern and fun DIY Gender Reveal Balloon Garland kit in the colours of mix pinks, Mix blues and Chrome Gold. This is a 2M kit and is perfect for mid size areas or backdrops. This garland is perfect for a first timer Balloon Garland creator as there is no confetti balloons involved and it is a good size. Once you have placed your order for a DIY Gender Reveal Balloon Garland Kit I will email you through our DIY balloon garland guide which has links to some fantastic you tube tutorials that will see you been a balloon garland expert in no time.



2M Balloon Garland Strip (You can also use fishing line)

15 28cm Pastel Pink Balloons

5, 28cm Hot Pink Balloons

15, 28cm Pastel Blue Balloons

5, 28cm Metallic Chrome Blue Balloons

12, 28cm Chrome Gold Balloons

8, 12cm Pastel Pink Balloons

8, 12cm Pastel Blue Balloons

8, 12cm Darker Pink Balloons























Gender Reveal Party Ideas


Are you looking to create a beautiful party room for a friend or loved one’s gender reveal party? Then you have come to the right location. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are all about helping our customers to re create what we have all ready created. As not everyone can have us come to their gender reveal party and set up the decorations and instal a balloon garland we have made our very popular DIY party kits including our beautiful DIY gender reveal balloon garland kits, Gender Reveal balloon Bouquets and other fantastic gender reveal party supplies to help you pull of a really fun memorable party. At a Gender Reveal party you are going to want some beautiful decorations that when your party guest’s and of course when your parents walk in they go WOW, this wow factor straight away makes your guests feel and excited and in the mood to celebrate. They can see straight away how much thought and fun has gone into planning the party and they are instantly going to feel encouraged to get involved and be happy. You are going to want a giant Gender Reveal balloon for when that amazing time comes for the parents to be to find out what gender their baby is, then you are going to want a gender reveal party cake to celebrate the gender of the baby and after all no party or celebration is complete or official without eating cake. You will also need some fun Gender Gender Reveal party games which can be found through some searching on google and instagram, a lot of the gender reveal party games are free or can be made and not brought making the party games so much cheaper. Gender Reveal parties are just so special, everyone is so excited and can not wait to find out if a little princess or prince is on the way, what can be more exciting and fun than that.


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