Pink, Blue & White Balloons (30PCE) Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party/Decorations


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Gender Reveal Balloons

This listing is for 30 Helium Premium Quality large 30cm (Inflated size) Latex balloons in White, Blue and Pink. This gorgeous combination of balloons would be perfect for a Gender / Baby Reveal Party or for a baby shower party where the parents are keeping the sex of the baby  a secret. We also sell the jumbo 90cm Gender Reveal Balloons. If you are a local we can inflate and set the gender reveal balloon up for you prior to your Gender Reveal Party. Please let me know if you would prefer pearl balloons or standard solid colour you can leave a message at the checkout and I will do my best to meet your request. PLEASE NOTE THIS LISTING IS FOR THE 30 HELIUM QUALITY BALLOONS ONLY DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LARGE BLACK GENDER REVEAL BALLOON HOWEVER WE DO ALSO SELL THAT BALLOON SEPARATELY THANKS.
























Are you located on the Sunshine Coast QLD and your looking to purchase a giant Gender Reveal Balloon for your Gender Reveal party? Then you have come to the right location. At One Stop Kids party Shop we just love the excitement and fun involved in preparing a giant Gender Reveal Balloon. Nothing beats when the parents to be come to pick up their gender reveal balloon and they know I know the sex of their little baby to be. Its just one of those very special things in life. Its funny how important it is to know what your having as it really does determine so many things. Will you have years ahead of dolls, pink rooms, pink clothes, dance lessons and all things girly or will you have a years ahead of trucks, tree climbing, sword fights, Soccer games. Knowing the gender of the baby pre birth also helps parents to prepare for their baby. They can now paint the nursery, purchase appropriate clothing and toys and also come to terms with what they are having which is a lovely bonding experience in those last couple of months of pregnancy. I personally decided not to find out the gender of my two children as I just wanted to keep it a surprise although deep down I knew anyway especially with my 2nd but in saying that when the nurse handed me my first baby and said its a boy I was not surprised at all. Both times I just wanted a very healthy baby and I honestly did not mind if they were a little boy or girl it was not that important to me and at the time we were renting so it was not like I had to thinking about painting or creating a permanent nursery. If it was now though I would probably find out because we have our own house, my other two are older and it would be nice to be able to prepare ahead. So deciding to find out if you are having a little girl or boy is ahead of time is such a personal thing so don’t judge or try to persuade a couple either way just be supportive of what decision they decide to make and have fun with it.

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