Pearl White & Rose Gold Confetti Balloon Bouquet



You are viewing our listing for our Metallic Gold Rose 30cm Helium Quality Latex Balloons and our 30cm Metallic Pearl White Helium Quality Balloons. You will receive 3 Metallic Gold Rose Balloons, 3 Pearl White Balloons and 3 30cm Pre Filled Metallic Gold Rose confetti Balloon to make a 9pce Bouquet. Please note listing is for the balloons mentioned above only. Please note to get the Confetti to stick to the side of the balloons we have used a product called Hi Float which is a type of clear balloon Glue that is used to make your helium balloon float for longer but is also great for using with Metallic confetti to get it to really stick well to the sides of the balloon. However you can get Confetti to stick to the sides with the use of static please read below for helpuful Hints on how to get the most out of your Confetti Balloons.


Our Balloons are professional Helium Quality they are  designed to be filled to 30.2cm, think tear drop not light bulb when inflating balloons, light bulb balloons are look yuck and they are over inflated leaving them very likely to burst when they start to expand with heat as all balloons do.
– Please take note our balloon bouquet’s are shipped flat! Balloon strings are not included in the package.
– We have already done the hard, time consuming work of pre filling the clear balloons with Confetti, so all you have to do is inflate, please read instructions below for correct inflation of confetti filled balloons, they are gorgeous balloons but they do take reading the instructions to get the best look!!

If you are filling the balloons with helium the confetti will tend to sit at the bottom of the balloon and move around as the balloon moves, if you are filling the balloon with Air (Not Breathe) then you are able to create static more and you will find the confetti will stick to the sides of the balloon better than with helium. However please note different climates will have an affect on how much the confetti sticks to the side or sits at the bottom of the balloon. To get the most out of your confetti balloons please read the instructions.




Helium or Air (NOT BREATHE) Can be used to inflate your confetti filled balloons. The magic ingredient needed to get the confetti to stick to the side of the balloon is static. So once you have inflated your confetti balloons, try rubbing them on carpet or a piece of clothing such as a dressing gown or one that creates a lot of static and gently shake the confetti around the inside of the balloon. This may need to be repeated every so often. You can also have the confetti as a decoration on the bottom of the balloon and when the balloon moves around so will the confetti. Either way looks stunning.

Don’t be tempted to over inflate your balloons thinking they may last longer, this is the opposite! Over inflated balloons not only look ugly but they also expand with time and suddenly you may find all your balloons bursting. We will not be responsible for refunds on balloons that have been over inflated, if your unsure check out You tube for some fantastic tutorials.


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