Midnight blue & Metallic Gold Confetti Balloon Bouquet



Confetti Balloon Bouquet (Midnight Blue & Metallic Gold)


Stunning Party Decorations

A gorgeous mixture of our Midnight Blue, Metallic Gold balloons and Confetti balloons – beautifully chic for all occasions! Balloons are all helium Quality but also suitable to be inflated with Air (NOT  BREATHE for the confetti balloons as it will cause humidity and the confetti balloons will not go correctly) So classy and elegant we just love this little bouquet. The bouquet is made up of the following

6 Midnight Blue balloons

6 Metallic Gold Balloons

6 Pre Filled Confetti Balloons with a mix of Navy Blue & Gold Confetti Balloons

With Confetti Balloons if using helium first rub the balloon gently against your shirt or even your hair to create some static then slowing inflated the balloon with helium do not inflate the balloon to full capacity and at the end put in a few pumps of air from a hand held balloon pump. Then tie the balloon the rub again against your shirt and your hair and create static. Please do not use breathe to blow the confetti balloons up as it causes humidity and will make the balloon not work correctly. Make sure when inflating balloons to not over inflate, balloons expand after inflating so if you inflate the to full capacity or over they will pop shortly after no matter how great quality (Which our balloons are Qualatex so the leaders in the world but will still burst shortly after inflating if over inflated, think a nice tear drop shape not a light globe) There are some fantastic tutorials on you tube please take the time to do a bit of research first to get the best out of your bouquet. Alternatively you can take your balloons to a party store like spotlight, Big W or a florist and have them inflate them for you. You can now purchase disposable helium canisters from Kmart and the Reject shop as well.



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