Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon Bouquet-Baby Shower Party Decorations-Unisex




Gender Reveal Balloons


You are viewing our listing for our 8PCE Gender Reveal Party Balloon Bouquet. Featuring our stunning Premium Grade Helium Quality (Qualatex) Balloons, 2 in Light Pink, 2 in White, 2 in Light Blue!! Plus 2 Pre Filled Confetti Balloons one has a mixture of pinks and a splash of gold and one has a mixture of blue’s and a splash of gold.

The Latex Balloons are designed to be inflated to aprox 30cm, and can be filled with either helium or Air!!

PLEASE NOTE: When balloons are filled with helium, confetti tends to pool at the bottom of the balloon. If you wish to use Helium in the Confetti Balloons we suggest using a Product called Hi Float you can purchase this online or you can ask your local party store about it. If you do not use Hi Float you can try creating static to get the confetti to stick to the sides of the balloon however you will need to repeat this process several times. There are some great tutorials on You Tube so please take a look at them if you plan to inflate the balloons yourself at home.



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