Elegant Peach Rose Gold Dreams Balloon Set-Decorations



Premium High End Brand Balloons-Decorations

Elegant Peach Rose Gold Dreams Balloon Set includes a total of 30 balloons. This set is made up of Pearl Peach, Metallic pearl rose gold, Chrome Gold, Clear Balloons- This is a stunning set made up from a mix of very high end premium Quality balloons, they are costly because of their brand and their look so they are best save for a party or event where you really need your decorations to be perfect.




For Australia Wide Customers our balloons are shipped out flat and customers will need to arrange for the balloons to be filled with air or helium. For locals on the Sunshine Coast we can come and set these balloons up at your event or we can fill them and you can pick up or we can deliver (Additional Costs Do Apply). If you are picking up these balloons inflated with helium it is 50cents per balloon for the helium plus the cost of the balloons themselves. If you would like me to add high float to each balloon to make it last for many many more hours than without high float then it is 70cents per balloon plus the cost of the balloon. If you love our balloons but you would like a different combination of colours that is also totally fine just let me know via text, call or email what colours you are after and I can confirm that I have them in stock then we can go from there. Please always ring ahead before arriving as I do work from home. I’m mostly home during school hours however I may go out to the post office or to a school event etc but please again ring ahead before arriving my phone number is 0403 811 163 or email for product enquires on partyshop9@gmail.com



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