DIY Xmas Confetti Balloon Garland Kit 3M



DIY Xmas Confetti Balloon Garland Kit 3M


Stunning DIY balloon garland kit in traditional Xmas Colours with some corals to add a unique modern twist.

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop! You are viewing our listing for 1 DIY Christmas Balloon Garland kit designed to be made to measure Aprox 3M. Upon purchasing the garland kit from us we will email you a link to our blog that contains all the instructions and online tutorials you will need to research the variety of ways you to can create a professional balloon garland.

Included In The Kit
6, 30cm Pre Filled Xmas Confetti Balloons
10, 28cm Coral Latex Balloons
12, 30cm Dark Green Balloons
12, 30cm Lighter Green Balloons
12, 30cm White Balloons
12, 30cm Red Balloons
12, 12cm White Balloons
12, 12cm Metallic Gold Balloons
12, 12cm Metallic Red Balloons
12, 12cm Green Balloons (A mix of dark and lighter green)
10, 12cm Coral Balloons
5m Plastic Balloon Strip.
1, 4m Lime Green Paper Garland


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