DIY Balloon Garland Kit-Metallic Black, White & Gold




Welcome To One Stop Kids Party Shop!! You are viewing our listing for the Stunning Metallic Gold, Chrome Gold & White Balloon Garland Kit

This is a DIY kit which means we send you the balloons and balloon strip according to the size of the garland you have ordered and you assemble the kit as close to your event as possible. Please note the kits are all hand assembled by me and I only use premium quality balloons either Qualatex or Sempertex to ensure your garland will look professional.  Two Quick Tips you don’t need helium its better to use air from a hand held pump or a electrical balloon pump that you can pick up from Ebay for under $40 and if you want some of your balloons to have that nice round beach ball look just don’t inflate them to their full capacity. All the other tips and tricks will be in the email that I will send to you thank you.

Upon purchasing your garland I will shortly send you a link to the tutorial/Instructional blog that I have created to help you with tutorials and hints on how you can assemble your very own kit. If you spend some time reading through the blog and watching the you tube tutorials we suggest then this will make putting your garland together a lot quicker for you and there are a variety of ways we show you how you can create a garland and confetti balloons so please choose the method you feel will best suit your area you wish to decorate.


18 Metallic Gold 28cm Premium Qualatex balloons

8, 28cm Chrome Gold Balloons

18, 28cm White Balloons

18, 28cm Metallic Black Balloons

15, 5inch Metallic Black Balloons

15, 5inch White Balloons

15, 5inch Metallic Gold Balloons

3, 46cm Black Balloons

​3, 46cm White Balloons

3M Balloon Strip to attach the balloons to.



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