Confetti Balloon Bouquet (Pink With Rainbow)



Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop! You are viewing our listing for our gorgeous selection of pearl pinks & Pearl White balloons with clear Jewel balloons that contain rainbow tissue confetti inside them. These balloons are premium helium quality balloons. Including in this set is 12 coloured balloons consisting of 3 Hot Pink Pearl balloons, 3 Candy Pearl Pink Balloons, 3 Baby pink balloons and 3 Pearl white balloons. You will also receive 4 clear balloons that contain rainbow tissue paper confetti inside them. Please note balloon strings and weights are not included. For interstate customers the package will be shipped flat and the customer will need to arrange inflation. Please read instructions below on how to best inflate the confetti balloons. For Local Customers on the Sunshine Coast QLD we are able to put the bouquet together for you additional costs are involved so please call on 0403 811 163 to enquire or email us at

Air inflation and low humidity makes confetti stick better to the balloons (Do Not Blow The Balloon Up With Breath It Will Create Humidity and will Not Allow The Confetti to Stick, Use A Balloon Pump, Air Compressor Or Helium) when filled with helium confetti stays at the bottom of the balloon and moves around when it moves in most of cases, which does look really pretty as well. You can try rubbing the outside of the balloon with your hand, or rubbing on the carpet to create the static.
*Please stretch the balloon first, and keep the size within the suggested size (30.2cm) to avoid bursting. These balloons are a nice generous size.

Air inflation:
Please avoid blow up your confetti balloon using your breath. It will steam up the inner and the confetti will become damp.

Helium inflation:
You can go to local party shop for helium inflation.
Please avoid using HI-FLOAT Helium for confetti balloons, it makes it float longer, but it will make confetti wet and clump together but it will make it stick to the sides as well.

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