Chrome Gold, White & Rose Gold Confetti Balloon Garland Kit 3Metres!!



Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop! You are viewing our listing for 1 DIY Chrome Gold, White & Rose Gold Confetti Balloon Garland Kit. Upon purchasing the garland kit from us we will email you a link to our blog that contains all the instructions and online tutorials you will need to research the variety of ways you to can create a professional balloon garland, Arch, Cloud.

Creating your very own balloon garland is easy, getting it too look like a professional has done it for you require’s the very best of the best Highest of Quality balloons, thats were One Stop Kids Party Shop stands out from the crowd, we only source our balloons from the world leaders in balloons Qualatex and Sempertex and we individually pack each balloon into our own packaging so they can be inspected before they reach the customer. We also make our own confetti balloons, not the balloon part we use Qualatex Diamond clear balloons and we use our own premium quality confetti mixes. There are some very nasty cheap balloon garland kits on the market now and they contain terrible quality, toxic even dirty balloons and your just not going to get that nice professional beautiful look with those types of balloons so do be careful price is important but finding a store like us that sells the very best quality balloons you can get at a very fair competitive price is what counts the most. You don’t want to look back at your photos and feel disappointed with your garland.

Included in this Kit Is:

30 White 28cm Genuine Qualatex Balloons

15 Pearl White 30cm Balloons

10, Chrome Gold 28cm Genuine Qualatex Balloons

30 Mini 12cm White Balloons

12 Mini 12cm Pearl White Balloons

6 Diamond clear 30cm balloons with rose gold confetti inside (we personally make these up ourselves using Qualatex Diamond clear balloons so we can ensure you the quality is the best.

4, 12cm Diamond clear balloons with Rose gold confetti inside.

4 46CM White Balloons

1, 3M Plastic Balloon Strip to attach the balloons to.

You do not need helium to create a balloon garland kit, but you will need a hand held balloon pump





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