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Lego Party Ideas/Block Party Ideas/Boys Party Supplies

Block Party Utensil and Napkin Holder Idea

Are you throwing a building block/Lego party and looking for some cool party supplies? Create your own birthday party decorations with this awesome Block Lego Party Utensil and Napkin Holder Idea. A fun way to keep all your forks and spoons organised, set the finished product on your buffet table so guests can admire your work while they grab their cutlery!

Utensil Holder
1. Lay out the blocks to determine how large you would like your utensil holder.
2. Begin building the holder making sure that each of the side pieces interlock.
3. When complete, insert your utensils into the block structure.
Napkin Holder
1. Lay out the long blocks side by side to determine how long you would like your napkin holder.
2. Use the remaining blocks to build up two sides of the napkin holder making sure that the long bottom blocks interlock with the side blocks.
3. When complete, insert your napkins into the holder.
Note: One set of blocks makes both the utensil holder and the napkin holder using the dimensions as shown in the photo.

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Block Party Door Idea

Are you throwing a Lego birthday party and in search of some pretty awesome party ideas? How about giving this Block Party Door Idea a go! A fun way to add some character to your doors, follow the directions below to transform them into giant blocks!

1. Wrap your door with a Large Red Tablecover from our store
2. Attach circle paper plates to the door.

Lego party door cover idea

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