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Lego Party, Boys Birthday Party Theme, Kids Parties Ideas

Boys Lego City Party Theme-Kids Birthday Parties At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have all of the great  Lego City Party Supplies. All little and big boys love Lego and what a better way to celebrate boys love of Lego and construction than to throw a Lego City Party Theme Birthday Party.

At One Stop we have a fantastic Lego City Party Favour pack which includes a great range of Lego City party favour toys. We also have the Lego City party invitations, Lego City party plates, party napkins, Loot/Lolly Bags, Party Cups, Stickers, Tablecover, treat boxes, Lego cake decorations, Ceiling Decorations, Table Centrepiece, Lego City Balloons both Latex and Foil which are are both suitable for helium inflation. We even have a fantastic huge Lego City party Scene setter/backdrop to create a feature wall for your birthday party.

At a Lego theme birthday party why not set up a construction play area with lots of lego and lego characters for the kids to have free play with, this will be a great area for children when they first arrive at the party and is perfect for kids that are shy and feel intimidated at birthday parties. You can also have a range of cardboard boxes in various shapes and sizes and if you are creative why not paint them in the bold colours of the lego bricks. The kids can have lots of fun building with the large lego boxes.

Some other great games you can play at a boys lego theme birthday party are throw lego bricks into a bucket, lego and spoon race so instead of putting a egg on a spoon put a few pieces of lego on the spoon, you can have a lego guessing game so fill a jar with lego bricks and get the kids to guess how many pieces of lego are in the jar, have a party favour prize ready to go for the guest that guess’s the closest amount.

We also have a Lego Pin the Shark so it is a party game similar to pin the tail on the donkey and within the game there is a blindfold and large Lego themed poster and the kids have to pin the sticker onto the shark the guest that gets closest wins a party prize, make sure you check out One Stop Kids Party Shop great range of party favour toys for party prizes and for lolly bags fillers.

It is a good idea to choose a part of the house either inside or out where you are going to set up the birthday party table. You can place the giant Lego city birthday scene setter on the wall then to the side have the birthday party table. Decide if you are going to have a party table with a variety of finger food for the kids to choose from so they can come and go as the party is happening or are you going to perhaps hire some children’s party tables and chairs and have a more formal sit down lunch. Don’t forget no matter if you choose the casual party food table or more formal sit down party tables you will need to decorate with the lego city party tablecovers, table decorations, balloons, streamers and of course the Lego City party plates, cups and napkins.

Make sure you have a take home Lego city party lolly bag for each guest and why not grab our Lego city party favour pack to help you create the best take home lego party lolly bags in town.

So come on into One Stop Kids Party Shop and let us help you to create the most spectacular Lego City party today.

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