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Pinatas are perfect for dressing up a dazzling ballroom at your little girl’s party or racing into the action at your little man’s birthday. Pull String Pinatas are safe and easy to use. The suspense will build as each child pulls a coloured ribbon attached to the pinata you have chosen because no one knows which ribbon will open the trap door. Our pinatas are presented to you at discount prices and they feature your favorite characters, princess accessories, fish, and trucks. Pinatas make a perfect decoration, in addition to your party drop, and they are safe to use. Use pinatas for a wide variety of occasions, such as birthday parties, luaus, tea parties, spring gatherings, Baby Showers and Xmas. Fill your pinata with your child’s favourite candy and let them select small toys to put in it as well. Pinatas have been putting smiles on faces all over the globe for over 400 years and now you can pass the joy on to your child. So come on into our store One Stop Kids Party Shop and select your Pinata Kids party games today.


3D Soccer Bash Pinata
3D Soccer Bash Pinata



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