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Ideas For Wedding Decorations-Sunshine Coast Party Store

Your biggest day of your life is fast approaching! It’s time to get your wedding decorations and wedding decor organised. Don’t confuse your self by consulting other people or too many other people on what type of look you should go for on your wedding day. The most important thing is that you and your partner absolutely love the chosen theme/look and feel of your wedding and wedding reception. Don’t just choose a look because everyone on Instagram and Pinterest are going for that look, go with what you have always pictured your wedding day would look like. If you love the current trends and looks in weddings absolutely go for it but if you always pictured something different then go with that something different look and heck you can put your own modern twist on it.

List of Products You Need to Gather & Organise for your wedding decorations

  • Balloon Garland (You can go with a DIY kit and get one of your creative friends to put it together for you) Or if you are a local on the Sunshine Coast we can come and install the garland or balloon wall for you taking out all the hassle and stress for you.
  • You may choose to also add in a streamer wall as part of your wedding decorations, we can do a DIY streamer wall kit or for locals on the Sunshine Coast we can instal a streamer wall backdrop for you.
  • Flowers you may wish to go with a mix of fresh flowers and artificial flowers. If we come to your wedding and set up balloon garlands, balloon walls, balloon table centrepiece or balloon table runners then we will discuss before hand if you would like to incorporate flowers in with the balloons and if so do you want to go with fresh flowers or Artificial flowers.
  • Some of our clients love using the Big Jumbo Mr & Mrs balloons for their photos. After the photos are done these balloons can be taken to the reception room/hall and put on either side of the bridal table or at the doors to welcome the new Bride and Groom into the reception.
  • With your wedding table make a plain on what your wedding table is going to look like and what your wedding table is going to have on it. Are you going to go with balloons? If you do decide to use balloons on your wedding table you can look at going with a table runner made out of balloons with perhaps some flowers or a vine or lights running through them. If you not keen on balloon garland table pieces then you have the option of going with flower garlands, Balloon Topiary display, Light up Balloon centrepieces, vases, candles their is a variety of ways to decorate your wedding table have a look at lots of pictures and decide what you love the best. Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop Sunshine Coast Party Store we are very happy to help with wedding decorations we can be involved as much or as less as you like.


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