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How Do I Make A Balloon Garland?

How Do I Make A Balloon Garland?

How do I make a Balloon Garland? This is one of the most popular questions we get asked here at And it is a very good question. Balloon Garlands look awesome they can cover a large area of your party room or outdoor area you have designated to hosting your party and therefore in the long run they can be a very cost effective decoration and they do not require helium making them a preferred choice over more traditional methods of party and event decorating. Balloon Garlands are fantastic for lighting up the entire party area and they are such a beautiful background for your guest’s to have when taking their all important Instagram worthy pics at your party or event. At One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia we sell a lot of DIY balloon garland kits to repeat customers because after they have created one garland they realise how easy and not so scary they are to put together so they come back again and again for birthday parties, Xmas parties, Baby Shower Parties, Work Events and so forth. It’s amazing how many types of parties and celebrations as well as events such as school fete’s, Dance eisteddfod, community events, Shop openings, House Auctions and of course Weddings that a balloon garland is the best choice to use to decorate. If your scared of having a go at creating a balloon garland then consider this, my little girl Charlotte (who features a lot on the One Stop Instagram account) created her very first balloon garland when she was just 8 years old, it is possible for anyone to build a balloon garland even if you don’t consider yourself very creative, I just say the most important thing is to allow plenty of time to inflate your balloons and to assemble. Invest in a good quality balloon pump or a electric balloon pump both of which we sell here at One Stop Kids Party Shop and this will save you a lot of time. I strongly advise against attempting to blow the balloons up by mouth and in fact it is impossible to blow the 12cm Mini balloons up by mouth so you will at the very least need to get a hand held balloon pump. Once you have these and of course you have chosen which DIY balloon garland kit you are going to purchase then you are well on your way to balloon garland success. A absolutely fantastic you tube channel to check out if you are new to balloon garlands or even a well practiced balloon garland person will benefit is Best You Tube Balloon Garland Tutorial Channel Ever!!

Step By Step Balloon Garland assembly instructions

  1. Visit One Stop Kids Party Shop Home Page and click on the box that says DIY balloon garland kits. You will find a very large range of DIY balloon garland kits and if you don’t find exactly what you are after we can customise a garland for you we may need some extra time with customised balloon garland kits as we don’t always have the right stock ready to go if it is a garland that we don’t regularly stock and contains colours we don’t regularly stock, but in most cases we already have all the balloon colours required and we just need to get on with designing the correct garland for your party/wedding/event that is going to match perfectly with the rest of your theme.
  2. When your balloon garland arrives it will come in a vacuum sealed bag sometimes two, I do advise opening that bag up to make sure the balloons don’t go sticky especially in the current Australian heat.
  3. Start planning on how you are going to assemble your garland, If I have been asked by a client to come and set the balloon garland up for them then I will make a time to meet up with them before the date and work out where the best place to hang the garland is and I will take measurements etc. Things I will take into consideration is finding if possible a spot that has a blank background such as a plain wall, it is best if you don’t have professional balloon display walls to use a spot that has a firm plain background so when people have their photos taken in front of the garland there is not a pile of mess behind them. Nothing spoils the look of a garland more than having messy garden equipment and a clothes line seen in the background. If you do have the time you can build a balloon garland backdrop, you can use Wooden Pallets, bikes, cool cars, pool gate, outdoor palings, large trees, Stairs or command hooks on the wall or nails depending on what you are allowed to use. If you are using the double hole plastic balloon strip to attach your balloons to then you will still need some clear line fishing line works perfectly to tie around the garland then to attach it to your chosen backdrop. If you are unsure of what I mean with this please check out this you tube tutorial link for a better explanation. How To Attach A Balloon Garland Kit
  4. Enlist in some helpers their job is to inflate the balloons, best to choose some friends or family members that are good at taking direction and getting the job done!! It will frustrate you if you ask a friend or family member to help you set the party up if they just want to stand around talking or texting on their phone so think wisely sometimes just getting up earlier so you can do the job yourself works out better.
  5. Its the day before or morning of the party/event and you need to get started on your garland. Firstly find a nice clean area where you can just throw your balloons down once you have inflated them. Make sure the area is SPOTLESS as balloons will pick up any dirt, dust, pet hair you name it and they will look really bad very quickly if they have been waiting on a dirty hairy floor. Yes learn from my mistakes I have made them all. You can set up your garland the night before that is fine, just keep the garland in a cool area not too cold not too hot and if you plan to display the garland outside don’t hang it until the morning but you can still semi assemble it or at the very least inflate the balloons the night before.
  6. You have now inflated your balloons and you have chosen your  method of assembling your garland IE whether to use balloon strip or fishing line, no the fun begins its time to create or re create. You can either come up with your own way of displaying the colours and different types of balloons in your garland or you may wish to re create a garland you have seen on my site or perhaps on pinterest that is fine as well there is no right or wrong with balloon garlands their is just have fun it will look great no matter what!!
  7. Take heaps of photos with and without your party guests and be proud of your creation don’t feel shy about showing it off on the likes of Instagram, Facebook and so forth.
  8. Tag me in on your garland at I will share your garland and give you a shout out.




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