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Fun Frozen Party Ideas, Frozen Party Games


Is your little boy or little girl crazy about Disney Frozen, and they would dream of a disney frozen birthday party? Then let One Stop Kids Party Shop help you out with planning a fun Disney Frozen Birthday Party to remember.

Fun Frozen Birthday Party Ideas:

Use the theme colours from the Frozen movie for your birthday party, these include bright pink, white, teal, Aqua blue, Royal blue, and purple. Have a look at the image below, it will show you how a very creative mum set up a party activity room for her little girls frozen party. She has decorated the tables using the different Frozen theme coloured tablecovers (which you can purchase from our Store in our Frozen Party Supplies category). This mum also printed out Free Frozen Colouring sheets from the internet and had the kids fill in some time at the party by colouring them in.  (These ideas and images came from 


Another Great Idea to have as a Frozen Birthday Party Game is a Snowball throwing game. Simply prepare lots of white crumpled up paper and have the kids have a ball with them.

Frozen Party Games.jpg


Another great idea from, is there “Do you want to build a Snowman” Activity which is getting the kids to do just that build a yummy snowman. “Each child received a plate, a cup with frosting and a popsicle stick, and a baggie with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and an orange tic tac.”


Download the sound track from Frozen and have some games using the music, such as Frozen Freeze Dance, Pass the Parcel, sing a longs, free dancing etc.

You can download some fantastic Frozen Party games from, you will need to print them out  yourself but they look fantastic and will be great fun for the kids to play.


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