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Birthday Party Games

Birthday party games are one of the most important parts of the party. While cake, ice cream, and presents are loads of fun; if you don’t have a way to entertain the guests the party can quickly turn into a yawn-fest. Even worse would be ensuing chaos when a group of children that has consumed sugary cake and ice cream is left to their own devices for entertainment. We recently took our little boy and girl to a party that took place in a large concrete area and every man and his dog was invited which was sweet but not a good idea and within 5 minutes 3 children had been knocked over and hurt including my little girl she had a bleeding elbow all over her favorite party outfit and it ruined the rest of the party for her and me as I had to carry her around for the entire two hours. I do not like to Criticise other people’s parties as I know everyone is trying their best but I do like to reflect on parties to share with my readers on how to make the most out of their children’s birthday parties and I honestly think you need to treat a birthday party like an event as that is what it is, you would not invite 30 adults to celebrate a 40th birthday party and have no music, no decorations, no instructions on where the toilets are and no entertainment and expect it to be a memorable fun time for all well the same goes for kids if not even more so as kids unlike adults do not know how to control themselves especially when high on sugar and bored, so you really need to have a arm full of kids party games up your sleeve!! If you feel self conscious with kids party games then why not hire a kids party entertainer have a look around the net ask friends for recommendations or hire a teenager such as a cousin who may be looking for a bit of pocket money. It is fantastic having someone else taking care of the party entertainment as it leaves you free to organise party food, the party cake, any accidents that might need attending to, taking photos etc.

Anyway if you are looking for some fun party games that either yourself or your chosen party entertainer can carry out then you must check out they have a fantastic selection of party games at great prices and a even better selection of kids party favours that you can use for games such as pass the parcel, treasure hunts, filling the pinata’s and the take home party bags.

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions on successful kids parties and tips for fun party games then please feel free to share.


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  1. Tug of War is a great childrens birthday party game

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