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1 large Hanging Santa lantern Xmas Decoration

Santa Lantern (27cm x 14cm x 0.6cm) .
One 12 inch round Santa Lantern. Here comes Santa Claus and he is ready to add joy and cheer to your Christmas party. Santa has a twinkle in his eye, a red nose, and a white beard. Hang this lantern from the ceiling in your party room. Your party will be decorated for Christmas from the ceiling to the floor.

  1. Carefully stretch the paper lantern.
  2. Insert metal frame through the top(larger) opening so the bottom of the metal frame sits on the bottom opening.
  3. Gently insert the top of the metal frame corners into the metal loops to complete your round paper lantern.


Hang from the balcony, outdoor landing or hang him inside, make sure you bring him in if it rains, this gorgeous Santa lantern will will make a lovely addition to your house and Xmas party room. What is great you can put him away after Xmas and use him for many more years to come.

This lantern is not suitable for lights.

Looking for Gorgeous Christmas Decorations to decorate the inside or outside of your house this Xmas then please come on into One Stop Kids Party Shop and check out our great range of Xmas decorations. We have everything to help make your xmas this year a success from decorations to tableware we have you covered.

Santa Lantern Decoration

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Christmas Decorations-Xmas Party Supplies

Are You after Beautiful Christmas Party Decorations? Then look no further at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a fantastic range of unique and beautiful Xmas party Decorations and Christmas Party Tableware to make your Christmas party this year a huge success.

Whether your having a Winter Wonderland themed Xmas Party or a Red and Green Traditional Christmas Party Theme One Stop Kids Party Shop has you covered.

This year we have a huge selection of Christmas Wall Scene Setters so you can transform your living room/party room into a Xmas Heaven. Our Scene setters this year and last year have been a huge success and 100% of our customers who have purchased our Xmas Scene Setters have been over joyed and many have come back to purchase more!!

Or perhaps your looking to light up your house this Xmas and have one over the neighbours? Then you can not go past our flashing party dots lights.These fantastic bright blinking or non blinking lights have so many possiblites, they can be used inside balloons, they can be used to light up a garden path, they can be used to high light a gift, present or favour bags. They can be used around a cake or a cup cake tower,They can be used to decorate a garden path for a night time party or at xmas time, they are perfect for a kids disco party  the ideas are endless.

Perhaps you are looking for good old Christmas party plates, Xmas Party Napkins, Xmas Tablecovers and Xmas Party cups after all all Aussie Xmas’s need the essential party tableware so we have you covered this year with our gorgeous and very cute “Night Before Xmas Party Range”. The night before Xmas party range includes party plates, cups, napkins, table decorations and matching Xmas Door greeting poster.

We even have a gorgeous Snowman Cupcake 3 Tier Stand this year as we know Cupcakes are so popular at the moment and there are many fab Xmas cupcake recipe’s currently on the net, and ha what a better dessert for your kids this Xmas day than a yummy snowman cupcake or santa cupcake. The adults may love Tiramisu and cheesecake but the kids would much prefer a yummy cupcake with lots of icing.

We also have a fabulous selection Xmas Party Cellophane bags. Our Xmas Themed Cellophane bags are fantastic for home made Xmas gifts especially great for the kids teachers, neighbours etc where you do not want to spend a arm and leg but you want to give a special gift to say thank you and show your teacher that she/he has been a very special party of your child’s life and education over the past year.

And of course we have a gorgeous selection of Christmas Garlands, banners and hanging decorations to make your house simply gorgeous this Christmas. And what is great is almost all of our Christmas decorations can be carefully packed away and used time and time again.

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have not forgotten New Years Eve Party Celebrations or Australia Day gatherings so we have a great selection of decorations and supplies for these two great events.

Christmas Scene Setter Decorations


Christmas Scene Setter Decorations




3 Large Tissue Pom Pom Xmas Balls


10, 28cm Santa & Christmas Tree Ruby Red Helium Quality Balloons


Ceiling Decoration – Santa and Snowman


Santa Lantern Decoration


30 Metres of Beautiful Shimmering Snowflakes


Night Before Xmas Party Kit-Xmas Party Supplies


4 Night Before Xmas Table Decorations
Christmas Snowflakes hanging decorations


2 piece snowman lantern


5 hanging snowflakes


4 Large lanterns Red & Green-



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Flashing Coloured Party Dots-Xmas Party Lights

Flashing Coloured Party Dots-Xmas Party Lights


At One Stop Kids Party Shop we are excited this year as it is the first year we have decided to sell Party Dots. Party Dots are fantastic, they are little LED lights that you can set to be blinking or not blinking, you can get them in packs of multi colours or just the one colour and what is so good about One Stop Kids Party shop Party Dots are they have so many possible uses. At Xmas time you can decorate the outside of your house with them or the inside. On the outside of the house you can stick them to walls, garages, windows, inside your outdoor Xmas Decorations, light up the garden path put them in your outdoor Xmas displays the ideas are endless when using them as Xmas Lights/Decorations. I’m so excited as I can not wait to use them this year as I know no one else in our town house complex knows about them and we have a annual Xmas Decoration competition and the party dots are going to add that extra Bam!!

If you are hosting a Xmas Dinner or a Xmas work function or end of year Xmas Disco for the kids then you can use the party dots on the inside of balloons they look awesome inside balloons and you can then add our flashing sparkle ribbon to the end of your balloons and you will have the most magnificent decorations around.

You can use party dots to light up your Xmas party gift bags, you can stick them to yourself as a decoration or put them on the front door of the house for a outstanding greeting entrance to your party guests.

Check out this You Tube Demonstration at


 Party Dots are so simple and yet such a versatile product. Elegant for floral lighting, eye catching on gift baskets, Dynamic as indoor or outdoor party lighting for almost any occasion. They are Super Bright, completely safe.

Party Dots in Luminary Bags

Flashing Dots-Xmas Lights, New Years Eve Decorations Ideas

Pink Party Dots Lights on Cake
Flashing Party Dots Lights

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Xmas Party Decorations, Christmas Party Ideas

Looking for some fantastic Xmas Decorations and general Xmas Party Supplies this year then you must come into One Stop Kids Party Shop and check out our great range of Xmas Themed party supplies. Whether you are having a small intimate Xmas lunch/dinner with your family or a bigger Xmas party with extended family and friends we have you covered.

We know how expensive Xmas time can be with the kids Xmas presents, loved ones xmas presents, holidays, saving money to be put away the list goes on so I have created Xmas Party Kits to try and make things a bit more budget friendly for your Xmas lunch/Dinner celebration, starting with the One Stop Kids Party Shop Xmas Party Kits which includes tableware, decorations etc all in the one matching theme of “The Night Before Xmas”

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we know that a lot of groups such as playgroups, mother groups, church groups, preschools etc have kiddies Xmas Parties at this time of the year and that is why we have a section in store with gorgeous printed Xmas Cellophane bags and some very fun little toys to put inside the bags, some groups love getting a Dad to dress up as Santa and get Santa to hand out the little loot gift bags to each child.

We also have a very fun stick the nose on the Snowman Xmas party game, which is a fantastic game to play at a end of year kids Xmas party celebration. Make sure you grab some favours to hand out prizes for Xmas party winners.

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we specialize in fantastic Quality Xmas Party Supplies and Xmas decorations . We cherish Xmas decorations that can be used time and time again as it is these decorations that create memories and excitement every year when the kids help set the Xmas decorations up and remember their favorite decorations from the previous year/years.

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have lots of Xmas Hanging Decorations, Xmas ceiling runners featuring Santa, Xmas Trees and Snowman/snowflakes we have a great selection of Xmas Scene Setter Decorations so you can create a real xmas scene inside your own living room and we even have life size thick Xmas Trees that have slots for putting your Xmas cards in we know this is a issue every year where to display all the gorgeous Xmas Cards that your family and friends have been sending . We also have fantastic Xmas  disposable Party supplies such as Xmas tablecovers, Xmas Napkins, cups and table setting decorations 

20 Candy Cane Xmas Cellophane Party Gift Loot Bags

The Night Before Xmas Party Kit

Flashing Dots-Xmas Lights, New Years Eve Decorations Ideas

Xmas 2 colour temporary tattoo sheet, a total of 26 tattoos per packet

Xmas Scene Setter Xmas Tree

Santa Cellophane Party Bags

12 Hanging Snowman Xmas Decorations
Santa On The toilet Poster