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Winter Wonderland Party Decorations/White Xmas Party Supplies Australia

Hosting a Winter Wonderland Xmas Party Theme this year? Are you still caught up in the whole Winter Wonderland and Beauty from Disney Frozen’s movie and want to transfer that into a stunning white xmas landscape for your xmas party guest? Then One Stop Kids Party Shop can help you to transform your party room into a winter wonderland that will make your guest’s feel like they have stepped into a magical world. Please read below for just a small sample of gorgeous Winter Wonderland xmas party supplies and decorations that we have on offer here at One Stop Kids Party Shop. To Shop for all your gorgeous Winter Wonderland Xmas  party theme supplies and Decorations please click on this link Winter Wonderland Xmas Party Supplies Australia

Sample of One Stop Kids Party Shop Xmas Decorations

Snowflakes Flag Bunting 3.7m Paper (Each Flag is 23cm W x 28cM L) – No winter Wonderland Xmas party Theme will be complete this season without One Stop Kids Party Shop gorgeous Blue Snowflakes bunting Flag Banner.

Snowflakes bunting:One Stop Kids Party Shop

Hanging 3D Snowflake Mobile (55cm) Prismatic Foil, the perfect decoration for a Disney Frozen Birthday Party or a Xmas Winter Wonderland Party theme

Xmas snowflake mobile

Hanging Decoration Stars Iridescence Contains 14 foil swirls and 16 foil swirls with 12cm cutouts. Each swirl measures 60cm – Pack of 30, Iridescence stars reflect the light giving off a rainbow and multi coloured effect depending on what colour lights are shining on them. Also available in Silver.


Hanging irdesent stars30 hanging silver stars


2 Huge Snowman Scene Setter Decorations/Winter Wonderland Xmas Party Decorations

snowman scene settersOne Stop Kids Party Shop


Winter Snow Window Insta View (95cm High x 1.57 Metres Long) Made of Plastic Use Blu Tak or Sticky tape to adhere to walls or windows can be used alone or in combination with other scene setters and backdrops.

Winter Snowflake Instent Scene Setter


Whether you’re hosting a Disney Frozen theme party or want to decorate for the holiday season, deck your windows with our frosty and fun Snowflake Window Decals! These festive Snowflake Window Stickers are removable and reusable with no tape or special adhesive necessary so they’re a simple and easy way to add some sparkle to any window in your home, classroom, or car. Snowflakes Window Decals are also a cool party decoration idea for your ld’s Disney Frozen themed birthday party. These Snowflakes Window Clings are printed on both sides with a glossy finish and coordinate well with other snowflake party supplies and other winter holiday decorations. Package contains 1 sheet of 9 window decals in assorted designs. Each snowflake is Aprox 3inches tall. Please note image 2 is for demonstrational purposes only the exact snowflakes you will get are in image 1 thank you.

Snowflake window clings One Stop Kids Party Shop snowflake window clings


And Don’t forget  your Xmas Goody Bags whether you love making home made Xmas Shaped Cookies or xmas Coconut Ice you are going to need some cute Xmas favour bags to package your xmas goodies and gifts up in and at One Stop Kids Party Shop we have that covered for you.

snowflake treat bags 50 Snowman buddies Treat Bags recipe-image-legacy-id--601478_10

You will also need gorgeous Tableware to go with your Winter Wonderland Xmas Party Theme and we have that covered for you as well.

snowflake beverage napkins Baby Blue Plates snowflake banner 2One Stop Kids Party Shop Snowflake Cutout Banner Lace Paper Flag Banner 2 46803 Teal hanging Stars 3 Silver Hanging StarsOne Stop Kids Party ShopXmas Snowflake Window ClingsHanging snowflakesSnowflake Party Tape Banner/Frozen Party Decorations/Xmas Decorations/One Stop Kids Party Shopsnowflakes swirlsmini snowflakes/Frozen Party Decorations/Winter Wonderland Decorations/One Stop Kids Party Shopsnowflakes/Frozen Party Decorations/Winter Wonderland Decorations/Xmas/One Stop Kids Party Shop8 snowflakes cupsSnowflakes Tier Cake/Dessert Stand11cm snowflake cookie cutterSnowflake Around Clear Helium BalloonsSnowflake party tablecover/Frozen Party Supplies3 Hanging Snowflakes Decorations.jpgSnowflake Cupcake Tree4 hanging snowflakes.jpg1548_Pack_of_4_Snowflake_Foil_Hanging_Decorations

Xmas Snowflake Ceiling Runner Decorations
Xmas Snowflake Ceiling Runner Decorations



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Cellophane Xmas Party Loot Bags-Kids Xmas Parties/Homemade Xmas Party Gifts

Unique Christmas Goody Bags

Are you looking for some gorgeous printed Xmas Cellophane Bags , to present your family and loved ones this Xmas with a small homemade gift such as shortbread or chocolates or perhaps you are looking for Xmas Cellophane bags as you are planning a end of year Xmas party for the kids at your local kindy or playgroup, then you must simply try One Stop Kids Party Shop as they have the best online Xmas Party Bags out there.

20 Candy Cane Printed Quality Cellophane Party Loot Bags

These Christmas party bags are great to use for handing out handmade xmas goodies.

For instant holiday cheer, fill these Christmas goody bags with unique and inexpensive stocking stuffers, prizes, and giveaways.

Perfect for Kids Xmas Parties or if the kids want to hand out a few small gifts to their closest friends at school great for adults to give out a small gift to work friends at Xmas Time, if you are wanting to give to work mates why not try some handmade chocolates or handmade Shortbreads, I have included a couple of recipes below.

20 Candy Cane Xmas Cellophane Party Gift Loot Bags

Very simple shortbread

  • Preparation Time:15 minutes
  • Cooking Time:45 minutes
  • Makes:15


  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted


  1. Preheat oven to 190C.
  2. Sift flour into bowl. Add sugar and butter, mix with spoon till the mixture appears like breadcrumbs. Place the dough and place in a 15cm by 15cm pan and place in an oven.


  • If you sift some icing sugar over it when completely cooled it will taste even better.

    Very Simple Shortbread


Christmas chocolate spoons

Christmas chocolate spoons recipe

These chocolate spoons are lots of fun to make and decorate and they make cute little presents to give at Christmas.

Prep Time:

15 mins

Cook Time:

2 mins


  • 200g white chocolate
  • 200g milk chocolate
  • Cachous
  • Coated chocolate chips
  • Plastic spoons
  • Ziploc bags
  • Christmas style ribbon


Lay spoons out on a tray covered with baking paper. Prop the end of the spoons up so they are level.

In a glass bowl, heat the white chocolate for 30 second increments in the microwave, stirring constantly until it is melted and smooth. Pour into a ziploc bag. Repeat with the milk chocolate.

Snip a small corner of the bag and fill half of the spoons with white chocolate and half with the milk chocolate. Tap each spoon so the chocolate is a level spoonful.

Pour the remainder of each chocolate into fresh ziploc bags. Snip a very small corner off and pipe your chosen designs on the spoons.

Add the cachous and coated chocolate chips. Tie ribbons around the spoons. Place spoons in the refrigerator to set.


  • I piped christmas trees and christmas lights on my spoons but you can pipe your own designs.
  • Cachous are a fancy name for silver edible balls.
  • Use the best chocolate you can afford for these spoons. The taste really matters.
  • You can cover these in clear cellophane and give them as gifts.
  • This recipe was created by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot.