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Rainbow Party- Kids Party Ideas

Rainbow Party-Girls Birthday Party Ideas

We have noticed here at One Stop Kids Party Shop that a Rainbow Themed Party is becoming very popular. It is a easy party theme to plan as there are a lot of great rainbow party decorations, games and party bags and it is very easy to create rainbow party food. Rainbow parties are bright and cheerful and are bound to bring a smile to everyone’s eyes.

When you just can’t choose a theme, you can’t go past colour! And lots of it – turn the cheeriness of colour into a party with a rainbow theme.

Rainbow party theme invitations

Have the birthday boy or girl colour in, or draw, a bunch of rainbows on a piece of white cardboard cut into a postcard size. Mail the invitations off with the party details written on the back.

Rainbow party theme costume ideas

Ask the children to come dressed head-to-toe in their favourite colour. Or, allocate a colour to each child so each colour of the rainbow is represented!

Rainbow party theme decorations

Whatever you do with decorations, make it super colourful.


Lolly Kebabs


Rainbow cake
  • You could even try making rainbow jelly, this is a slow process but the end result is so worth while, pick up some cute plastic mini wine goblets from the supermarket and choose 3 or 4 different colours. Make one jelly colour at a time, and put a little bit of the mixture into each goblet, when the first colour sets make up the next colour batch and pour on top of the first colour, and repeat this process until all the colours have been created, you can stick a red or green frog in the jelly for extra fun.

    Rainbow Jelly Cups-Kids Party Food Ideas


Rainbow party activities and birthday party games


  • A Rainbow Pinata, is a great way to keep the kiddies happy and busy and it also makes for a wonderful rainbow party decoration check out our rainbow pinata’s at
  • Hanging doughnuts and biscuits – have the kids find and attempt to eat the hanging colourful doughnuts and 100s and 1000s biscuits without using their hands.This colourful idea is perfect for a rainbow themed party, and recreates a fun game which is a twist on apple bobbing. In the hanging donuts and biscuits game, the children must wade through coloured streamers to find and eat as many doughnuts or biscuits as they can, but they cannot use their hands! To prepare this project, it’s best to make the hanging streamers the day before or morning of the party so the food doesn’t get too stale.

    To make hanging donuts and biscuits, you’ll need:

    • Colourful crepe-paper streamers (try any discount store)
    • Biscuits – 100s and 1000s are nice and colourful!
    • Mini iced donuts
    • Scissors
    • String
    • Chopping board
Kids Party Games, Rainbow Party Theme
  • Do any arts and crafts that involve colour – playdough, collages, painting and chalk drawings will all work to add colour and creativity and to fill in some time at the party!!.
  • Make colourful, edible jewellery : thread Fruit Loops onto a piece of string and tie the ends together to make a necklace or bracelet.

Rainbow party take-home party bag ideas

 Try our gorgeous rainbow coloured party bags-


How to make sparkly rainbow

marshmallow kabobs, Either serve at the party or put into our clear cello bags as a gorgeous take home party favour-

Rainbow Marshmallows kids party food ideas

you will need:*

bowl of water
sprinkles or sanding sugar, variety of colors
wax paper
lollipop sticks, 12-inch
paper towels

*I used red, yellow, green, blue and purple sprinkles. I found five marshmallows worked best per stick, so poor orange and indigo got the shaft. Find lollipop sticks in the craft store.

step one: glitter up your marshmallows
Have ready a bowl of water, a paper towel, an empty bowl or plate, an open container of any color sprinkles and a piece of wax paper. Skewer a marshmallow at one of the flat ends with a toothpick. Use the toothpick to hold the marshmallow, submerge the marshmallow fully in the water quickly, and remove. Dab the excess water on the paper towel, hold the marshmallow over the empty bowl and sprinkle generously with sprinkles to entirely coat the marshmallow. Carefully remove the marshmallow from the toothpick and set on a piece of wax paper to dry. Let dry several hours. Repeat with more marshmallows in the different colors.

Dab a paper towel in Crisco and grease the top half of a lollipop stick. Slide the rainbow of marshmallows on the stick. Tips: Don’t skip the Crisco, it makes this step much easier. And, insert the lollipop stick into the hole left by the toothpick.

Rainbow Party Food Ideas-Kids Party Ideas
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