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Charlotte’s Rainbow Birthday Party-One Stop Kids Party Shop

My gorgeous girl Charlotte turned 6 last month, so been a creative mum and a mum that owns a Online Party Store  I feel it is essential to really celebrate in style! Charlotte is obsessed with all things rainbow at the moment! So, since it was during the Autumn months and we live on the Sunshine Coast QLD which has maybe a day or two a year that is slightly cooler, we decided to have a outdoor rainbow birthday party!! As it is Charlotte’s first year at school we decided to go ahead and invite the entire class, yes it was big but it was a great opportunity for me to meet the other mums and for Charlotte to bond with her new friends. Charlotte was very shy when she started at school as this is naturally her nature and we had just moved interstate from Sydney so she knew No One at all and had missed the getting ready for school days the year before starting school so she struggled to make friends at first. I have to say the party was a huge turning point for Charlotte. Immediately everyone knew who Charlotte was after this fantastic birthday party and everyone wanted to be her friend, well done mum!! After you have looked at the pictures below please see underneath them some Rainbow Party Food recipes and ideas.


So back to the party.

Below were the invitations that went out to all the party guest, to let all her new friends know that the theme was a rainbow birthday party we obviously had the invitations made up to be rainbow party invitations and we added a extra not on the invite to come dressed in your favourite colours. If you wish to purchase these invitations please head over to Party InvitationsOne Stop Kids Party Shop


So the day came around for the big Rainbow Party and I had to get up very very early to do the finishing touches to the rainbow party cake and set up all the rainbow party decorations and games. We purchased an inflatable rainbow slide of the internet and we already have a permanent swing set and monkey bars in our backyard. We also have a large springfree trampoline with we covered in rainbow balloons. I also had stick the horn on the unicorn rainbow party party game ready to go and a Rainbow pinata so I was pretty confident the kids would have lots to do.

rainbow jelly cups:One Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow partyOne Stop Kids Party ShopRainbow cookiesone stop kids party shopColorful-rainbow-geometric-Bardot-baby-shower-023Rainbow Baby Shower Party Cake One Stop Kids Party ShopRainbow Lolly Buffet Table:One Stop Kids Party shop


rainbow slideOne Stop Kids Party ShopOpening giftsplaying on the swings


Charlotte eating her rainbow birthday cakeMy Charlotte at her rainbow partycharlotte pinataunicorn rainbow


Each of the guests got to take home a special rainbow loot bag and within each of the party bags I put a very special Rainbow Beaded Necklace which can be purchased through our website. I also filled the bags with Rainbow stickers, Rainbow Candy as well as Rainbow Bouncy Balls I like to put in party favours that the kids can actually use and keep for sometime after the party as a thankyou for coming and just something special to reflect and look back on and what is really nice is a lot of Charlottes friends have since worn their rainbow necklace to other kids parties in their class it is really cool how they all have the same matching piece of jewellery.

12 Glitter bounce ballsRainbow NecklaceOne Stop Kids Party Shopballs

Charlotte's rainbow birthday party-One Stop Kids Party shop


How to make Rainbow Cookies


  • your favourite sugar cookie recipe or sugar cookie mix from the grocery store
  • liquid or gel food colouring in red, yellow, blue and green


  1. Make your cookie dough and separate into six separate servings in a bowl
  2. Add food colouring to each serving and mix well. When mixing colours to get purple and orange, make sure to mix the colours in a spoon ahead of time to get an even coloured dough
  3. Chill your dough in the fridge for 30 minutes and then roll each serving out to about 1/4 inch thickness on a piece of plastic wrap. Make sure each piece is about the same size.
  4. Layer each piece on top of each other in the proper order (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red) and put in freezer for a couple of hours.
  5. Once solid, remove from freezer and slice dough into 1/4 inch slices with a large sharp knife. Depending on the size of your ‘loaf’ you can half each cookie – make sure every cookie is about the same size.
  6. Place cookies carefully on parchment lined cookie sheet at least 2 inches apart (my dough spread from a small rectangle into 2.5 inch round cookies). Bake according to instructions until edges turn just golden.
  7. Let cool completely.


If you are worried the layers won’t stick, you can brush a little egg white between each layer when you assemble the cookies.

Rainbow Cookies-One Stop Kids Party Shop



  • Slices of plain, soft white bread, room temperature
  • Vanilla cake frosting
  • A bazillion sprinkles


  1. Spread an even layer of vanilla frosting onto each slice of bread and coat liberally with sprinkles. Trim the crusts off the bread.
  2. Roll the sprinkled bread up like a sushi roll and cut each rolled up slice of bread into three pinwheel rounds, or desired thickness.
  3. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and chill for at least 1/2 hour to help set the shape and keep the rolls from unravelling..




Simply Use premade Vanilla LCM’s and stick a paddle pod up the middle, I just used plain coloured paddle pop sticks but you can get coloured ones as well.  and Betty Crockers Pre Made Vanilla icing and dye it using different colours then spread on top of LCM.



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Rainbow Party Supplies-One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia

About this collection

Throw a rainbow party guests will love… without spending your pot of gold! Our Rainbow Themed Party Supplies combine bright colours with fresh polka dots and stripes in a design that’s so versatile you can use it for a rainbow birthday party or any other special occasion.

Brighten your party room with Rainbow party decorations. Color-coordinated party streamers, fans and balloons make it simple. Group streamers by color and hang vertically for a backdrop or in an arch to mimic a real rainbow. Cluster Balloons in colorful rainbow bouquets or create a rainbow balloon arch. Hang coordinating solid paper fans, dot garlands, lanterns and honeycomb decorations. Create a DIY rainbow party candy buffet with jars of colored candies, swirl lollipops and gum balls.

When it’s time to sit down for cake, ice cream, and other sweet treats, reach for our Rainbow party plates, cups, and napkins. Covered in polka dots and stripes, these rainbow party supplies will make your refreshments look even more delicious.

Need a rainbow party idea to keep younger guests busy? First, protect your table with our Plastic Rainbow Table Cover, then watch as they have a blast making edible bracelets. Simply string Life Savers candies and colorful fruit cereal on red licorice strings. If your guests want more action, our Rainbow Pinata doubles as a decoration and kid-friendly Rainbow party game. For a quieter DIY party game, use easy to find printable rainbow color bingo boards with M&Ms game markers.

Finally, let everyone take a piece of the rainbow home by stuffing our rainbow goodie bags with a selection of cool Rainbow party favors and candy.

  • All the essentials for throwing a fun, colorful Rainbow party
  • Rainbow party supplies feature stripes, polka dots, and “Happy Birthday” text (on select items)
  • Charming for any rainbow themed party including an adult or kids birthday party
  • Shop our full collection of Rainbow Party Supplies, party favors, and Rainbow decorations

Main Picture Rainbow Baby Shower PartyOne Stop Kids Party Shop Colorful-rainbow-geometric-Bardot-baby-shower-192a My Charlotte at her rainbow party Rainbow Party BagsOne Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow cake bunting flagOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Photo Backdrop rainbow baby shower ideasOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Birthday Party rainbow striped tablecover 8 rainbow cupsone stop kids party shop 8 rainbow paper platesOne Stop Kids Party Shop RAINBOW BUNTINGONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP 8 Rainbow Party Hats Rainbow Dash Balloononestopkidspartyshop rainbow party invitations rainbow party cakes NEON RAINBOW PARTY CUPSONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP 100 rainbow cupcake casesone stop kids party shop Ebay Rainbow Heart BalloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow starsone stop kids party shop 8 rainbow hats cone shapedone stop kids party shop Rainbow Balloon Backdrop Rainbow Balloon ArchOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Balloons Stair Case Rainbow Ultimate 8 Party Kit Rainbow Balloon rainbow cover RAINBOW BUNTING Rainbow Marshmallow PopsOne Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow photo backdrop Rainbow Lunch Napkins Rainbow Metallic Square Balloon rainbow bunting Rainbow Banner BuntingOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Striped Party Straws happy birthday rainbow striped banner rainbow-party-happy-birthday-banner Rainbow Party Happy Birthday NapkinsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Glitter Sticker SheetsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Beverage Napkins Rainbow Honeycomb Party DecorationOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Jewel temporary tattoo One Stop Kids Party Shop 5 Rainbow Happy Birthday Dizzy DanglersOne Stop Kids Party Shop 5 Rainbow Dizzy DanglersOne Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow corkscrew twist balloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop RAINBOW CUPCAKES WITH FLAGSONESTOPKIDSPARTYSHOP.COM.AU Rainbow Munch Pack 6 Metre Rainbow Paper Party Bunting:One Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow star paper garland Rainbow My Little Pony Party rainbow stripes plates RAINBOW PARTY INVITATIONS:One Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Party Invitations Rainbow Invitations rainbow strap lollies rainbow party balloons, one stop kids party shop RAINBOW STREAMERS/Rainbow Party Decorations/One Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow swirls lollipops RAINBOW UNISEX PARTY BAGS rainbow straps.JPG_mini Rainbow Lollies/Rainbow Party Supplies/One Stop Kids Party Shop Giant Rainbow Party Balloons-One Stop Kids Party Shop-Party Supplies-Party Decorations Rainbow Rainbow Pinata Rainbow Bubbles Megapartystore rainbow blowouts rainbow party blow horns/Rainbow blowouts/Party Supplies/One Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow party cups/Rainbow Party Supplies/One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia/Party Supplies  rainbow party finger food dessert plates rainbow party lunch napkins/Rainbow Party Supplies/One Stop Kids Party Shop/Party Supplies Rainbow Party Table Cover/Rainbow Party Supplies/One Stop Kids Party Shop/Rainbow Party/Party Supplies Rainbow Balloon.jpg Rainbow-Bunting 2 Rainbow Party Bags/Rainbow Cello Bags/Rainbow Party Supplies/One Stop Kids Party Shop rainbow hanging swirls 46450-rainbow-birthday-flag-banner rainbow cupcake cases Rainbow_Candy_Buffet_0125s

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60 Rainbow Helium Quality Balloons/Create A Photo Backdrop, Party Table Back Drop/Balloon Banner/Balloon Arch/Decorations


This listing is for 1 pack of 60, 30cm rainbow decorator balloons . Please note listing is for the beautiful balloons only, The balloons do not come with the balloon string or clips. The balloons come deflated (Helium not included).

If you are looking to create a Rainbow Balloon Photo Booth Backdrop or a Backdrop for your Rainbow Party Table Setting then please check out our listing for our Rainbow Backdrop Tent Canopy’s under our Rainbow Party Supplies Category at this Link 
There are many different decorations you can create either using helium or air, whether you are creating a balloon wall backdrop,  Rainbow Balloon Banner, Rainbow Balloon Arch, it is best to use top quality helium professional balloons to get the best results. Also once the balloons are inflated coat them in a heavy duty hairspray this seals the pores of the balloons and stops them leaking helium, making them last longer. Also keep them in either Air con or the coolest area of the house/party room away from heat.

Please Take Note that good helium quality balloons like the one’s you are purchasing are very dense with colour, this means that they may appear black or a very different colour when they are deflated compared to their true colour which comes to light once inflated. If you are concerned blow a bit of air into one of the balloons and you will see it’s true colour. Whilst all care is take to accurately describe and represent the balloons in the most realistic lightening their may be slight differences due to different light’s, computer screens, flashes as so forth balloons are one of the hardest items to accurately photograph. These are great quality balloons, and you will not be able to get such a mix anywhere else for such value for money and quality.

This Listing you will receive the following Balloons:

10 30cm Helium Quality Red Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Yellow Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Orange Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Purple Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Green Balloons

10 30cm Helium Quality Dark Blue Balloons

Rainbow BalloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Australia Rainbow Balloons Primary rainbow balloon wall backdropRainbow Balloon ArchOne Stop Kids Party Shop Rainbow Balloon Backdrop Rainbow Balloons Stair Case Rainbow Balloons