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How To Create Your Own Balloon Garland

How To Create Your Own Balloon Garland

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Balloon Garlands are the Number 1 Party Piece world wide at the moment!! And we know why!! They look fantastic, they make a huge impression on a budget, you do not need to use Helium to create them and best of all as they are air filled you can create the balloon garland a few days in advance of the party which is always a massive bonus as who want’s to be worried about frantically decorating their house while juggling food, cake and guests arriving any moment!! Don’t worry we have all been there and that is why the team here at One Stop Kids Party Shop have gone crazy for the DIY Balloon garland Kits.


How it Works

Here at One Stop Kids Party Shop we supply DIY Balloon Garland Kits in many different colours schemes. We help our customers to create their very DIY balloon garland kit by supplying a 3 Metre long Plastic Balloon Decorating Strip with their kit, that means at the end the balloon garland can be up to 3 Metres long. However you can cut the strip down to make it smaller, or cut it into two or three different pieces to create a few smaller balloon garlands. What we love about DIY balloon garlands is they allow for individual creativity and imagination. We usually get our customers to email us their creations and it is just so exciting and rewarding to see how different people take the same items and add their very unique touch on it.

The Balloon Decorating Strip is designed for any size balloon. Balloons may be inflated with air or helium. Two hole sizes are provided. The smaller for balloons 3″ to 9″ and the larger for balloons 9″ to 18″. You may not need to use all holes provided. This clear, polyethylene strip is practically invisible as it holds up to 12 balloons per foot.

1. Use all same size balloons or stagger larger and smaller balloons. Choose colors to complement your event space. Inflate and tie the balloons.

2. Cut strip to desired length for clusters, arches, streamers or garlands. Leave extra on the ends for fastening the decoration once complete.

3. Pinch the lip of the balloon together and pull the knot in the balloon neck through the hole.

4. Attach balloons to one or both sides of the strip to create an even cluster. Explore variations until you recieve your desired look. Skip a hole if balloons are too tight.

5. Use as is or attach accessories to complement your event theme such as curling ribbon, flowers, leaves, tulle, etc. These finishing special touches to your garland can be found at stores such as Kmart, The reject Shop, Dollar Stores and Target/Spotlight however Target and Spotlight tend to be a little more pricey.

6) We always remind our customers to NOT OVER INFLATE THEIR BALLOONS it is tempting to over inflate your balloon perhaps thinking it will last longer, look bigger than it is or just plain error, this is a big No No. Over inflated balloons look ugly think about the type of balloon that looks like a light globe compared to a nice tear drop shape. The over inflated one is the the ugly light globe shape one and they really do not look appealing to look at and they certainly will look really yuck on your Balloon Garland. You want your balloon to still be a bit squishy for a balloon garland and leave a long tail as this will make putting them all together much easier later. PLEASE NOTE THESE BALLOONS ARE VERY HIGH QUALITY YOU CAN NOT BLOW THEM UP WITH YOUR MOUTH YOU WILL NEED EITHER A HAND HELD PUMP OR HELIUM. SOME OF OUR KITS COME WITH A HAND HELD PUMP SOME DO NOT. WE CAN SELL YOU ONE SEPARATELY IF NEEDED THANKS.

7) You do not have to use the balloon strip to create your DIY Garland kit that you purchase from us. There are many other creative ways to put together a DIY balloon garland and we will put some links to some great You Tube Tutorials below.

8) The most important things to remember are allow extra time so you don’t get flustered. Do not over inflate your balloons or they will pop shortly after been inflated as balloons expand. Don’t put to much pressure on your self to get it right as there really is not right or wrong way to create a DIY balloon garland it is all about having fun and letting your creativity run wild.









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How To Make A Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are the latest and greatest in Venue decorating at the moment. Balloon garlands are been used at weddings, baby showers, sports events, company promotions and more. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a wide selection of DIY balloon Cloud garland kits to make decorating in style at your next special event a breeze. Each of our special kits comes with a wide selection of Latex balloons in various sizes and styles. We also include confetti balloons in most of the DIY Balloon cloud kits which just add that extra special finishing touch. We love supplying our customers with everything they need to create their very own Balloon Garland as we totally appreciate just how expensive it can be to have someone come out and install a balloon garland for you. In each of our Balloon Garland Kits we include not only the balloons but also a special plastic balloon strip which is 3metres long and upon purchasing one of our balloon garland kits you will be sent a email with full instructions and some great you tube tutorials on how to put the kit together. We also include a balloon pump in each kit to make pumping the balloons up a lot easier. Anyway enough said if you would like to learn how to create your very own balloon garland and need the fantastic quality supplies to make this happen head over to our website at this link

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Mermaid Party Supplies-Mermaid Party Theme-One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia!!

Splish, splash! Everyone will have blast at your mermaid party! Throw a magical mermaid or ocean theme party without spending all your pearls with our collection of Mermaid party supplies. Featuring a stunning underwater scene, complete with a beautiful mermaid and her glittering tail, our Mermaid party decorations and tableware are perfect not only for a girl’s mermaid themed birthday party, but any under-the-sea themed party. Splish, splash! Everyone will have blast at your mermaid party!

Throw a magical mermaid or ocean theme party without spending all your pearls with our collection of Mermaid party supplies. Featuring a stunning underwater scene, complete with a beautiful mermaid and her glittering tail, our Mermaid party decorations and tableware are perfect not only for a girl’s mermaid themed birthday party, but any under-the-sea themed party.

Prepare your party space for an underwater adventure with different types of tissue paper decorations in coordinating shades of pink, purple, and teal. Place our Honeycomb Mermaid Tail Decoration on your refreshments or gift table to instantly make it the focal point of the room. Our Teal Latex Balloons and Foil Star Confetti are other easy accents sure to dazzle guests. When your little guppies get hungry, use our Mermaid party plates, napkins, and paper cups to serve them plenty sea-themed party snacks.

After feeding time, really submerge your guests in party fun with our Mermaid-Blindfold Party Game. Or how about a fun game of Pass the parcel? At one stop kids party shop Australia we have a fantastic range of children’s party favour toys for party game prizes.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big splash at your daughter’s mermaid or under the sea birthday party. Ensure that it all goes swimmingly with our vibrant Mermaid decorations and tableware.





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Party Supplies Australia-One Stop Kids Party Shop

Hi and Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop!! We are your local online party supplies business servicing the beautiful Sunshine Coast residents as well as looking after our Australia Wide Customer base. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have all your on trend party supplies. For local customers we offer Helium Balloon inflation and Balloon set up’s. We are happy to help with children’s birthday parties, engagement parties, Baby Shower parties and Weddings as well as local community events. We have all your themed party ware as well as your party decorations. So give us a call here at One Stop Kids Party Shop on 07 5491 2771 or drop us a email at and let us know how we can help you!!


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JUMBO Number Balloons-Party Decorations-Helium Baoon

After a Jumbo Foil Number balloon to make your next birthday party a standout?? Then you have arrived at the right online party supplies shop. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a great selection of Jumbo Numeral balloons just waiting to be shipped out to our Australia Wide Customers. For locals on the Sunshine Coast we do offer helium inflation as well (Extra Charge involved). So please take a look below at our stunning collection of Jumbo number balloons and if you would like to purchase any please head over to our website by clicking the home button on the top of this page!!


Number 5 Balloon-One Stop Kids Party Shop giant-blue-foil-number-5-balloon-p520-911_image blue-number-5-foil-balloon-86cm Number 1-One Stop Kids Party Shop number 1 balloonNUMBER 1 ANAGRAM il_fullxfull.1223346830_2uph il_570xN.686167858_2y7cHot Pink Number 1 Balloon-One Stop Kids Party Shop