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Minion’s Party Supplies/Minions Birthday Party Theme Ideas/Minions Parties

Everyone is going Minion’s crazy and of course lots and lots of Aussie Boys and Girls are requesting a Minion birthday party. And who can blame them!! At One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia we have all your Minion birthday party supplies and Minion party decorations covered. It is a fantastic fun kids party theme and there are lots of ways you can mix solid colour party supplies with some of the Licensed Minion party supplies to create a fantastic party setting.

Start the perfect Minions themed party table with our Minions plastic tablecloth.

Tablecloth is a rectangular size and measures 180cm x 120cm.

This bright orange table cover features silhouettes of Minions in the centre and a crowd of little yellow Minions in action on the side skirting border, and is sure to delight Despicable Me and Minions fans.

Set your table with matching tableware from our Minions party range.


Minions party tablecoveronestop



minions party bannerOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Above is our very Cool Just Arrived Minions Jointed Birthday Party Banner.


Also Just Arrived In Store is our Minions party pack for 8 guests.

Start some Minions madness at your party with our Minions party pack for 8 guests!

Featuring those loveable Minions, this fun, economical set includes:

8 x large paper plates 23cm diameter.

8 x 266ml paper cups.

16 x large paper napkins folded size 32.5cm x 32.5cm.

8 x plastic lolly bags 23cm x 16cm.

Complete your Minions party with fun favours and decorations from our Minions party range.

minions party packOne Stop Kids Party Shop


Pack of 6 Minions lolly/treat bags.

Make marvellous Minion gifts for all the kids with our Minions treat bags!

Bags are made of plastic and measure 23cm x 16.5cm.

These cute Minions party bags feature the cheeky Minions characters giving each other a high-five and are perfect for party thank-you gifts.

Fill bags with sweets and Minion themed favours for a memorable Minion party thank-you gift for your guests.

Find a fantastic range of favours to fill these bags with in our Minions party range


Minions Lolly BagsMinions party supplies

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DIY MINIONS PARTY/How To Create A Minions Theme Birthday Party

Minions parties are currently very popular with the release of the new  Despicable Me movie. If your little one has requested a Minions party then read on for some helpful hints and for a starting point. You can purchase some great solid colour party supplies in blue and yellow from our website

Minions Party

In the below image our party Co-Ordinator has used a mix of solid colour party supplies in the Minions party theme colours which are yellow and blue. You may wish to go yellow and royal blue or yellow and light blue or even yellow polka dots and blue polka dots..

Start by collecting decorations to create the backdrop for your Minion’s party. You will need yellow and light blue puffy balls (which we sell in store) and yellow and blue streamers. This is a simple quick and easy backdrop that will look fantastic.

Next you need to grab yourself a royal blue and yellow tablecover (which we also sell in store) and layer them according to the above image. If you have more than one party table don’t forget to get enough table covers.

You may choose to grab two foil Minion party balloons as in the image above but if you were not looking at going to the expense and hassle of getting helium filled balloons you can always use your child’s minion soft toys or characters which I’m sure they have if they are a minion fan. If they don’t consider purchasing a couple as a part of their birthday gift then use them as table feature pieces.

You may or may not choose to go with the licensed Minion party range. If you decide not to go with the licensed minion party range then we have other options available in store such as our quality yellow party plates, bowls, cups and so on and you can team them up with our royal blue napkins.

Minons birthday partyOne Stop Kids Party Shop DIY Minions partyMinions Party IdeasOne Stop Kids Party ShopYellow & White StreamersOne Stop Kids Party Shop

For your Minions Party Bags you can try our yellow paper party bags. You can print out the Minions Character features from our image below to use to decorate your party bags as well as your serving boxes which we also sell here at One Stop Kids Party shop in both yellow and royal blue.

Minions FaceMinion party bagsOne Stop Kids Party shopYellow_POProyal blue popcorn boxesminions napkinsOne Stop Kids Party Shop



If you are creative and perhaps even get the kids involved you can print out our Minion’s character sheet and stick them onto the yellow balloons. We sell the plain or metallic yellow balloons in store. It is always lots of fun and well received to include hand made party decorations especially for kids birthday parties.

Minion party balloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Or Try your hand at creating a Minion out of balloons as we have done in the below image, you will need yellow, electric blue and black balloons we sell all these colours in store. Research on you tube under how to create a balloon arch it will show you the correct way to secure 4 balloons together which is the foundation of creating this Minion balloon man. Most importantly it is important to inflate your balloons to the same size.


Minion BalloonsOne Stop Kids Party Shop



Below is a taste of just some of the great party supplies and party decorations you can purchase from our store for your minion birthday party. Please check under both our boys and girls party supplies boxes for our full range of listed minion party supplies.

12pk yellow polka dot cutlery Yellow Party Napkins Yellow cups Yellow Happy birthday Bunting:One Stop Kids Party Shop Yellow Hanging Tissue Balls 3pk Honeycomb Party Decorations:One Stop Kids Party Shop 3pk blue decorative puffs:one stop kids party shop Yellow Striped Bunting FlagsCandy Striped bunting Yellow Plastic Plates yellow bowls Blue bunting flagbuntings, bunting party decorations Yellow-and-White-Bunting 12_pk_Name_Tag_S_53d8c29b68a01 _8_pk_Dotty_Ball_53e574655a337 _8_pk_Dotty_Ball_53e57645764c5 5pk_Dotty_Lanter_53a15e9c64b29 5pk_Dotty_Lanter_53a15d1f5f135 Royal Blue Swirls/Party Decorations/One Stop Kids Party Shop 2 Blue Honeycomb Balls