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Kids Party Bags/Fun Idea For Creating The Best Kids Party Bags Ever!!

Party bags are a must at any party but don’t get carried away by filling them with lots of expensive goodies. Often it’s simply the look of a party bag and the excitement of not knowing what’s inside that really makes them a big hit at any party.

Make party bags bright and colourful and fill them with all sorts of weird and wonderful toys you come across. Children love things with their name on so try and personalise each party bag with pens or name stickers. But most importantly, be creative and enjoy the look on everyone’s faces as your party bags are brought out at the end of the party… just remember to keep them hidden or some troublesome creatures might find them before the party is over! Here are some Fun Filled Party Bag ideas…

1) Themed Party Loot Bags – although not the most eco-friendly of all the bags, they are great for matching the theme of your party and are a party bag staple. Fill them with fun presents that match your theme, such as stationery, stickers, chocolates and don’t forget a slice of napkin-wrapped birthday cake.

2) Take Home Craft Kit- One of our top fav take home party favour ideas here at One Stop Kids Party Shop is a take home craft kit!! There are so many wonderful kids party take home craft kit ideas. You can have a take home Mr or Mrs grass head, a little take home craft pack with a notepad, crayons, stickers, goggly eyes and so forth, a take home dream catcher kit, take  home Jewellery or treasure box kit there are so many wonderful take home craft kit ideas and at One Stop Kids Party Shop we are just about to introduce a whole craft party category which will include take home craft kits or craft kits for the kids to actually make whilst they are at the birthday party. If you would like to know more about this please email us at and we can send you through our products and prices as this section is currently not listed on the website (April 2016).

3) Cello Party Bags – Fill cello party bags with sweets, little goodies or even just a soft toy. Use loosely scrunched tissue paper to add colour and a sense of fullness to the bags- no child likes something half-full! Tie the tops with curling ribbon, puff them out and fluff them so they sit neatly. Children will love the anticipation of not knowing what’s inside until they get home.

4) Gift cups – These are a novel way to pack up your party goodies and they can be used time and time again. Place each cup (filled with treats) in a clear cellophane bag and tie with some colourful curling ribbon. Choose colours and cup designs to match the theme of your party such as pirate, jungle, princess or pony.

4) Balloon Treat – Perhaps not a traditional party bag but a fun way to send each guest home. Stuff a little toy or wrapped sweets into a deflated balloon. (remember to gently stretched the balloon first) Blow up with helium and tie a knot at the bottom to hold in you treat. Tie with curling ribbon and hand these out at the end of the party. Helium balloons have a habit of flying off so perhaps tie them loosely onto a child’s wrist to avoid any tears. Alternatively tie each balloon to a food box filled with a piece of party cake.

Boys and Girls Party FavoursOne Stop Kids Party Shop Super Value Party Favours Pack 50pce set party favours MINNIE MOUSE PARTY FAVOURS 1 kids party favoursOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Kids Party Favoursone stop kids party shop

5) Paper Party Bags – A traditional favourite and better still, environmentally friendly. Mix and match bright colours and seal each one with a name sticker. For a more retro look, use brown paper bags tied with string or ribbon and write the names in black marker pen.

6) Pre-filled Party Bags – If you are running out of time, you will love the pre-filled party bags and they are such good value too. You can find themed pre-filled party bags to fit with your party theme and the goodies inside have been specially chosen by the party experts, who know what children love best!

7) Fabric Party Bags – A unique and more luxurious party bag option. Fill with little goodies and tie with ribbon. Children will love these as they can keep them after the party to put valuables in.

8) Green Party Bags – Choose paper or fabric bags filled with eco friendly toys that will last well after the party has ended. Things like wooden beads, pencils or puzzles are great. Being ‘green’ is all the rage at the moment so keep it in mind.

9) Creative Party Bags – Using plain fabric party bags, ask your little guests to decorate their own bag using fabric paints, pens and glitter. Alternatively you can use plain paper party bags and decorate these with feathers, stickers and sequins. A fun way to get the party started. Leave them to dry during the party and fill them with all sorts of goodies before they leave.

10) Keepsake Pouches – a great choice for little girls, organza bags can be kept after the party for other treasures. Fill each bag with girly accessories such as sparkly bracelets, hair clips and hair ties. You could even fill each one with a mouth-watering cupcake, an edible treat to devour on the way home.

11) Party Boxes – Not only great for party picnics, party boxes have a wide range of uses and work well as going home presents! Line each one with a coloured napkin and fill with all sorts of party treats, including a slice of birthday cake. There are lots of fun and original designs to choose from to fit with your party theme such as fairy castles, treasure chests and even tool kit boxes.

Party Bag Top Tips….

  • Fill the bags with the same party fillers to avoid the  ‘I prefer his/her toy to mine’ moment.
  • Choose party fillers to match the theme of the party – there are hundreds to choose from.
  • Keep the party bags hidden during the day to avoid any peeking!
  • Personalise them with stickers or labels to avoid confusion and to make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone.
  • Keep them colourful, bright and simple – curling ribbon adds a special touch.
  • Make them a priority – a party is not a party without a party bag!!

For lots more Party Bag Fillers/Favours visit One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia.

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Star Wars Loot Bags

10 Dinosaur Party Loot BagsOne Stop Kids Party Shop cellophane loot bags Lavender Loot Bags Frozen Party Loot Bags Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party/Mutant Ninja Turtles Loot Bags/One Stop Kids Party Shop/Party Supplies Australia
Snowflake Loot Bags
Batman Loot BagsOne Stop Kids Party Shop thomas the tank lootbags New tinker-bell-loot-bags Loot bags DinosaurOne Stop Kids Party Shop Minnie Mouse Loot BagsOne Stop Kids Party Shop
8 Lego Blocks Loot Bagsone stop kids party shop

Paper Party Bags
Paper Party Bags



Paper Party Bags in Lego Themed Solid Colours With Lego Character sticker sealers to Truly create that Lego Party Bag Finishing Touch.
Paper Party Bags in Lego Themed Solid Colours With Lego Character sticker sealers to Truly create that Lego Party Bag Finishing Touch.

Lego Party StickersOne Stop Kids Party Shop

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Kids Party Kits/Kids Party Supplies Bundles-One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia

Are you strapped for time or funds then you must check out One Stop Kids Party Shop New Ready Made Party Kits store category. There is an abundance of kids party themes and Kids Party ideas already created for you and presented in neat bundles that contain everything you need for your child’s birthday party. In each bundle you will find a different mixture of awesome kids party supplies that are going to assist you in pulling of the best ever kids party at a very low cost. Within the bundles you may find a kids party game, children’s party favours, kids party tableware to suit a particular party theme idea and much more. So take a look for yourself below so you can see how One Stop Kids Party Shop has your child’s next birthday party covered.

Mickey Mouse Party Kitone stop kids party shop Under Construction Party BundleOne Stop Kids Party Shop BLUELIME PARTY KITONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP BLUE STAR BUNDLE KITONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP pirate party kit 2one stop kids party shop PIRATE PARTY BUNDLESONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP DISNEY FROZEN PARTY PACK SALEONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP PARTY BUNDLEONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP Pink & Purple Party SuppliesOne Stop Kids Party Shop Pink & Lavender Party KitOne Stop Kids Party Shop GIRLS HUGE PARTY PACKONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP MY LITTLE PONY PARTY PACKONE STOP KIDS PARTY SHOP eye mask party packone stop kids party shop Dinosaur Blast Party Supplies:One Stop Kids Party Shop Glow Party Pack:One Stop Kids Party Shop teenage mutant ninja turtlesone stop kids party shop $_12-3

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Having trouble tracking down Frozen Party Supplies then come on into One Stop Kids Party Shop.  Not sure how to go about planning a Disney Frozen Birthday Party, then please read this blog, then go into One stop Kids Party shop web to purchase your Frozen party supplies. Start planning your party by thinking about the colour palette, you want to use white, pink, purple and blue. Add some winter decorations and games and you are half way there. Remember to throw in a few princess decorations and favours and you will make your little girl’s dream come true. For boys, go for the winter activities and focus more on the snowman and reindeer.

Disney Frozen Party Food Ideas:

White Marshmallows

Chocolate coated snowballs (Can get these from Coles) they are a extra large marshmallow covered in chocolate with shredded coconut on top.

Baby carrots for the snowman nose.

white choc coated pretzels, or yoghurt covered pretzels for snow covered pretzels. Can pick these up from many fruit and veg shops.

Popcorn inside a snowman decorated clear drinking cup. Or popcorn inside our white treat boxes.

Blue Jelly Ice Cubes or Blue Jelly in a cup.

LCMS just in White

Rice Bubble Crackles

Frozen party suppliesFrozen Party food IdeasDisney Frozen Party Food snowman-popcorn-cupsblue-jellyfrozen party foodFrozen-party-ideas-Ask-Anna-3-600x902Frozen Party Table Ideas.jpg





Frozen Party DecorationsAqua Blue Party strawswhite Flutter Ball Decorationshoneycomb ballsHappy Birthday Blue Glitz Swirls.jpgFrozen party KitFrozen Party Decorationsroyal blue stars4 hanging snowflakes.jpghot pink tablecover.jpgFrozen Party BagsFluffy BallsSnowflake Loot BagsBlue Polka Dot Napkinsblue polka dot party cups713122196_tpblue pom pom garland12 Blue Polka Dot Paper Party Plateslight blue garlandLet It Snow Ceiling Runner DecorationFrozen Party bags12 Light Blue Ceiling Swirls6 Blue n White Polka Dot Party Trayslavender puff balls/party decorationsHappy Birthday Pink Glitz DecorationsHot Pink Party Spoon8 pink princess bracelets6 princess gem ringsBalloon mix for princess partypink swirls8 party wands favoursfrozen party supplieswhite treat boxesfrozen party cutleryfrozen party favoursfrozen party napkinsfrozen party costumeFrozen party tablecoverlace tablecoverFrozen Party Treat Boxes.jpglight blue treat boxes