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Charlie And The Chocolate Party Theme-Willy Wonka Party Theme-Kids Party Supplies Online

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop we are pleased to announced that our boys party supplies and range of boys party themes is expanding to match our girls party supplies. And one new theme we have just released and we are so excited about is the Charlie And The Chocolate Party theme!! This is a awesome range as it means boys can celebrate their party in just as much colour and style as the girls without it been a “girly party”. Us mum’s can let our creativity and imagination run wild with a Charlie and The Chocolate party theme as there as so many great ideas to run with. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we will help kick start your Charlie and The Chocolate Factory or Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory party with some awesome party supplies and decorations please see below and clink on the link about to take you through to our live website to start your purchasing today.

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Wonka Party Invitations

Custom Wonka Bars with Golden Tickets

The invitation is the first contact the kids will have with the party. An amazing party invitation can get the kids excited long before the big event, and give them a glimpse of what they’re in for. It is also the time to make sure that the kids have seen the movie. After all, if they haven’t watched the movie, them much of the party won’t make sense to them.

The concept of the invitation comes straight from Wonka himself. Wonka invited the children to the factory with a golden ticket inside a Wonka Bar. That’s exactly what you can reproduce for your invitation.

Learn about how to make your own Wonka bar invitation, how to set up your template, and what materials work best to make it as authentic as possible just click on this link but don’t forget to come back to us to purchase your Charlie and The Chocolate party supplies and decorations Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Invitations

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Kids Party Favours/Party Prizes/Kids Party Games

Are you a busy mum or dad or grandparent and your trying to organise your child’s birthday party but are totally strapped for time and creative brain energy? Then you have come to the right place. At One Stop Kids Party Shop  all our great staff working behind the scenes are parents of young to youngish children and we understand the demands on parents to pull off awesome birthday parties but it is very hard as we are all so busy. One thing One Stop Kids Party Shop can help you with is our pre made party favour kits for the kiddies. At all children’s birthday parties there are party games and usually take home kids themed party bags so we suggest grabbing one of our Mega party favour toy assortments rather than trying to buy individual packs of toys then trying to share them equally amongst the girls and boys whilst trying to work out who like’s what. With our latest mega kids party favour pack it comes with a Treasure Box please read below the ideas we suggest in relation to our mega party favours treasure box kit:

Mix boys and girls 60pce Party Favour toys with our Deluxe Large Treasure Chest

This fun Treasure Chest with Toy Assortment comes with 60 toys and prizes for your special event! Perfect for birthday parties, classroom parties, carnivals and more, kids will love picking out their own treasure to play with from this cardboard treasure chest. (60 pcs. per unit) 12″ x 7 1/2″ x 7″ Assortment may vary. Simple assembly required. Please note each treasure Assortment is different but equal in value, you will not get exactly everything pictured within image as each assortment is different. Can be used to pass around as pass the parcel, but you can play pass the treasure box. Or you can make up a treasure hunt game and give the kids their party bags and at the end when they find the treasure box they all get to choose a couple of toys to go in their take home party bags. Can also be used to fill the pinata. To purchase this kit please click on this link

treasure chest 1THIS ONEsmiling face spinning topsringsmobile phone water gunsMINI WATER GUNS 14_8037arainbow flutesLAZER SPINNING TOPS PATTERNBOUNCE BALLSmini dinosaur tattoosfairy tattoos6_Mini_Photo_Fra_53b3d3971e31310 sports ball whistleskids party favours4_Skateboard_Key_53b360c2e5c07Dino Puzzle Games.jpg


We have our Mega party favours 40pce mix without the Treasure box



We have our girls mixed Jewellery and Stationery Mix to keep the girly girls very happy

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Fun Birthday Party Games

Party games make kids birthday parties come to life! Party children anticipate the birthday games as a key part of the birthday party fun. Kids activities range from musical chairs to pass the parcel to pin the tail on the donkey – all wonderfully fun games for your children’s party.

Are you looking for some fun birthday party games? Then you have come to the right spot. At one stop kids party shop we have a massive selection of birthday party games to keep everyone laughing and entertained. We have such a great variety of kids birthday games including themed party games as well as party games that will tie in with all party themes. So your wondering what games do you have?



  • We have a great selection of pinata’s including pull string pinatas which are great for the younger kids that do not yet have the strength or hand eye co ordination for the bash pinata’s, we have a fairy themed pull string pinata, a pirate themed pull string pinata as well as a dinosaur and a princess castle. Some of our larger 3D pinata’s are either or meaning they have the pull strings as well as the options to bash.
  • In terms of our 3D pinata’s we have a great selection including a pirate treasure chest pinata, a giant dangle monkey pinata, a ladybug pinata, a mermaid, a unicorn pinata, and Dinosaurs we are constantly adding to our selection of party pinata’s and we are happy to order one in if we do not have the theme  you currently need.
  • We also have your traditional party games such as pin the tail on the donkey, pin the nose on the clown, pin the ball on the soccer player, pin the tail on the unicorn, pin the tiara on the princess, pin the patch on the pirate, pin the dummy on the baby etc, these are fun cheap party games which will keep the kids entertained for aprox 10minutes.


  • We also have a fantastic array of mix party favour bags which are great for games such as pass the parcel, treasure hunt party games and for filling the pinata and the take home party bags.
  • Other great games we have at One Stop Kids Party Shop are Jumping potato Sacks, Egg and Spoon Race, Inflatable Hot Potato , Inflatable Limbo, rocket balloons, punch a balloons, duck fishing, Treasure Hunt, Lego City Party Game and many more.
Potato Sacks for Races (Each sack is approx 100cm High) - Pack of 6
Potato Sacks for Races (Each sack is approx 100cm High) – Pack of 6
  • So Please come into One Stop Kids Party Shop and check out our great Fun Kids Birthday Party Games today. We also have a special on at the moment where is you spend $50 or more you will get a 20pce Mega Party Favours pack for FREE!!


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Kids Party Ideas to Make Every Party a Complete Fun

Kids Party Ideas to Make Every Party a Complete Fun

One Stop Kids Party Shop-Kids Party Supplies & Baby Shower Supplies

Kids parties are always a source of great fun. There are loads of kids party ideas to meet the needs of individual parents and there is no dearth of kids parties supplies in the market. Kid’s birthday party bags, balloons, thanksgiving cards, loot bags, balloons and a lot more things are there to make kids party a memorable experience.

There are many kids party ideas to choose from like pirates, farmyard, princesses, ocean, animals etc. When you plan your kid’s birthday party beforehand and get hold of the kid’s party supplies beforehand you can be stress free on the special day. There are stores: both the real as well as virtual ones where all possible kids parties supplies are available. So, there is no hard work to be done for buying the kids party supplies as you can do so online from a virtual store also which makes your shopping tasks simpler. Also, for the moms-to-be who plan to throw baby shower parties, there are baby shower decorations available online.
You get all the supplies to meet the requirement of your kids party and hence have a lot of time left for doing other things. There is absolutely no need to be extravagant as you can make the party of your kid real fun without spending too much. Once you have decided the theme of your kid’s party, the next thing which comes is designing the costume of your kid. There are many kids party games that children just love to play.
Musical chair is one traditional game which is a big hit among kids. In this game, six players are needed and some chairs. All the chairs are to be set up back to back in a row. The music is started and the kids participating in the play have to make rounds of the chairs and as soon as the music stops all the players have to occupy the chairs. The kid who is not able to occupy the chair is asked to leave the game and one who remains with a chair till the last is the winner in the game.
Simon says is another kids party ideaswhich kids love to play. In this game, an adult gives the command like Simon says, sit down and everybody has to follow the command but here players will follow the command only when they hear it. The player which is left at the end is declared winner of the game. In another game called statues, the number of players is not restricted. The kids can spread out in a large room and they have to dance or can do any silly thing in the tune of music and when the music stops all the players have to remain still at the position in which they are. If anybody moves, he or she would be out of the game and the player that continues till the last is a winner.
So, choose any of the kid’s party themes as per your requirement and let your kids have loads of fun.

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Baby Party Bags and Games to Make Birthday Parties a Huge Success

Baby Party Bags and Games to Make Birthday Parties a Huge Success

One Stop Kids Party Shop-Kids Party Supplies & Baby Shower Supplies

Is the birthday of your kid round the corner? If yes, there are a lot of choices that are available both in real stores as well as virtual ones. There is an entire range that is available at the prices you can easily afford. Be it birthday party bags, meal boxes, loot bags, balloons or just any other decoration. There is a huge range of supplies that is available in these parties.


These kids supplies stores have everything to cater the needs of any type of theme that you want to go in for. These stores never run short of the stock that you may need for the birthday party of your children for whatever theme you have chosen. They have the most wonderful kids party ideas as per you needs. All the kids party themes are in stock with them. Kids themed party decorations, balloons, part invitations, kids party games and a lot more. They have a vast range to meet the needs of every customer.


For getting hold of quality birthday party bags and a range of other products which you need in the birthday party of your children. If you need different types of baby shower decorations you will get baby shower banners, baby shower hanging decoration pieces, baby shower balloons and a lot more. Also, if you want to get hold of baby shower banners, you will get hold of personalized baby shower banners. These banners can be customized as per the individual needs and can be hanged anywhere you want, indoor or outdoor. If you want to add photos you can. It does not involve any extra costs. These baby shower banners can be hanged anywhere you want them to be.


If you need baby shower banners to welcome your guests to announce the party and to give warm welcome to the guests, you can also consider the idea of baby shower balloons for decorating baby showers. The movement of balloons is enough to catch the attention of the guests. There are banners to match the baby shower. There are banner accessories that you can shop. Just the right baby shower decoration makes a huge difference to your party. There are customized banners for decorating baby showers and there are balloons of all shapes that are available with these stores.
There is a huge choice on the kids birthday supply that you get from these stores to make birthdays of your children a super success and memorable. There are different supplies that you get from these stores for whatever theme you have selected for the birthday of your kid. Birthday parties of your children have always been a special occasion not only for your kids but for you also so leave no stone unturned to make these occasions the most cherished ones by getting hold of kids party games and kids party supplies from these stores and get enchanted.