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Elf On The Shelf Toys-One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia!

Elf on The Shelf Toys have taken to the Australian Shores like Crazy!! These super cute little Elves arrive on the 1st of December from the North Pole and from Santa himself and they stay for the whole month of December watching carefully over every move your children make, at night Elf on the Shelf travels back to the North Pole to report on your children’s daily behaviour and then flies back to your house and create’s a little bit of Mischief when he/she arrives back home for example you might find him curled up in the fridge with his scarf and ice boots on (Which we also sell here at One Stop Kids Party Shop) there are so many fantastic Elf on The Shelf ideas on the internet you will find it hard to fit them all in.


Elf On the Shelf Scarf and Ice Skating bootsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Close up Elf on the Shelf SkatesOne Stop Kids Party shopElf on Shelf cold in fridge


We have found that our kids Elf on The Shelf has been such a great good behaviour incentive in the Month of December which can be a crazy and exhausting month for both kids and parents and ha any bit of help to get through it is very welcomed in our house and it is a positive behaviour incentive which we also like. My husband and I have also enjoyed watching our son and daughter take such beautiful care of their Elf’s the way they tend to them, play with them and really take good care of them is beautiful to watch. Some People don’t let their kids touch their Elf on the Shelf’s and say if they do then he/she will loose their magic we have not made this part of the tradition in our house as what’s the fun in that we say but each to their own.

ELF ON THE SHELF Elf in the Dryer Elf On The Shelf Does Weight Training Elf On Shelf Taking Selfies Elf On The Shelf Ideas Bible Elf On The Shelf Shoe Train Elf On The Shelf in a slinkie Elf and Bandaids Elf and Barbie toy sack races elf on shelf ideas Elf on The Shelf Ideas


Looking for Elf on the Shelf Ideas or Elf on the Shelf toys? Then come Into One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia we have all your Elf on the Shelf ideas and Elf on the Shelf toys covered. We have your traditional Elf on the Shelf toys, Dark skin Elf on the Shelfs and we even have Elf on the shelf’s that are dress up in a green or pink outfit and have a little Jingle Bell attached to their hat they are so cute and would make a great friend for your traditional Elf on the Shelf or even if you are just starting out on your Elf on the Shelf journey your little boy or girl will just love their coloured Elf on the Shelf Toy!!

Dark Skin Boy Elf On The Shelf ToyOne Stop Kids Party Shop Dark Skin Girl Elf On The Shelf ToyOne Stop Kids Party ShopElf On The Shelf Pink or Green Pink and Green Elf on The ShelfsOne Stop Kids Party Shop

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Elf On The Shelf Toys Australia/Elf On The Shelf.

Welcome to One Stop Kids Party Shop

Elf on the Shelf is a Timeless holiday tradition that the whole family will enjoy!

Elf on the Shelf is charged up by sprinkling cinnamon sugar on his body. When kids go to bed at night Elf on the Shelf gets up to mischief. I have attached a few photos for ideas. Elf on the Shelf also reports back to Santa on kids behaviour so he/she watches your child for the whole month of December making sure they behave  and are deserving of gifts on Xmas day. We had our first Elf on the Shelf come into the family last Xmas and the kids loved loved loved it. Some days he would spread streamers through the house, other days the  kids would wake up in the morning and they would have to play hide and seek to find Elf on the Shelf, it was a really fun activity for the fun month of December then on Xmas Eve Santa took Elf back to the North Pole and he will return this December with a Girlfriend!!
Perhaps you already have a traditional Red suited Elf on the Shelf and are looking to add a friend to the collection. Or perhaps this is your first year of having Elf on The Shelf come into your life. Check out pinterest for Elf on the shelf ideas on how you can have fun with your kids and your elves on the shelf.  To purchase your Elf on the Shelf simply click on this link Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf 1Elf on The Shelf Ideastoy sack races elf on shelf ideasElf and BarbieElf and Bandaids