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Kids Party Favours/Party Prizes/Kids Party Games

Are you a busy mum or dad or grandparent and your trying to organise your child’s birthday party but are totally strapped for time and creative brain energy? Then you have come to the right place. At One Stop Kids Party Shop  all our great staff working behind the scenes are parents of young to youngish children and we understand the demands on parents to pull off awesome birthday parties but it is very hard as we are all so busy. One thing One Stop Kids Party Shop can help you with is our pre made party favour kits for the kiddies. At all children’s birthday parties there are party games and usually take home kids themed party bags so we suggest grabbing one of our Mega party favour toy assortments rather than trying to buy individual packs of toys then trying to share them equally amongst the girls and boys whilst trying to work out who like’s what. With our latest mega kids party favour pack it comes with a Treasure Box please read below the ideas we suggest in relation to our mega party favours treasure box kit:

Mix boys and girls 60pce Party Favour toys with our Deluxe Large Treasure Chest

This fun Treasure Chest with Toy Assortment comes with 60 toys and prizes for your special event! Perfect for birthday parties, classroom parties, carnivals and more, kids will love picking out their own treasure to play with from this cardboard treasure chest. (60 pcs. per unit) 12″ x 7 1/2″ x 7″ Assortment may vary. Simple assembly required. Please note each treasure Assortment is different but equal in value, you will not get exactly everything pictured within image as each assortment is different. Can be used to pass around as pass the parcel, but you can play pass the treasure box. Or you can make up a treasure hunt game and give the kids their party bags and at the end when they find the treasure box they all get to choose a couple of toys to go in their take home party bags. Can also be used to fill the pinata. To purchase this kit please click on this link

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We have our Mega party favours 40pce mix without the Treasure box



We have our girls mixed Jewellery and Stationery Mix to keep the girly girls very happy

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