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Finding Dory Finding Nemo Party Food Ideas-One Stop Kids Party Shop

At One Stop Kids Party Shop Finding Dory Finding Nemo birthday parties are currently all the rage!! So we thought we would put together a list of some fun Finding Dory Party Food Ideas to make planning your Finding Dory birthday party easier. And if you need Finding Dory party supplies we have them all in stock and ready to ship as well.

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Findy Dory Party Food Ideas

Finding Dory Jelly in hand Finding dory Party Food Ideas 1 One Stop Kids Party Shop

Finding Dory Jelly/Jello Slice Ingredients


  • 1 Packet of plain biscuits (I used Griffins Super Wines)
  • 170grams (6oz) Melted Butter
  • Baking Paper or tin foil to line the tin to make getting it out later easier.
  • 20cm Square Baking tin – Deep 5cm (2”)!  Or if shallow use a larger size but the whole slice will be thinner.

I didn’t end up using the lemon jelly/jello, but add as many layers as you like!


  • 1 can or Sweetened Condensed Milk 395gram – Reserve 1 Tablespoon
  • Juice of 2 Lemons
  • 2 Tablespoons (15ml size not 20ml size) Gelatine Powder
    • Quite Firm so could go a little less for a softer finish.  I think this particular gelatine powder sets a little firmer than the one I normally use, next time I would try 1 1/2 tablespoons
  • 1/4 cup of Hot Water
  • A little yellow Food Colouring
  • 1 Packet Bright Blue Jelly/Jello (Blueberry)
  • 1 Packet Very Pale Blue Jelly/Jello (Lemonade)
  • 1 cup of Boiling Hot Water per Packet of Jelly/Jello (or half the water recommended in the instructions)

Finding Dory Ingredients One Stop Kids Party Shop

Finding Dory Jelly/Jello Slice Instructions

NOTE!  This slice needs to be left in the fridge over night to set!  You can probably get away with a few hours but keep this in mind when planning!

Step 1 – Prepare the Base

Finding Dory Jelly BaseOne Stop Kids Party Shop

This has to be the easiest base to make!  Crush your packet of plain biscuits using a food processor if you have one, or you can just put the biscuits in a zip lock bag and bash them!

Finding Dory Making The Base

Add the melted butter and mix together.

Press the mixture into the lined tin, I like to use the back of a spoon to do this.  Place in the freezer to set while you prepare the first layer.

Step 2 – Prepare the First Layer

Finding Dory Jelly Jello Slice recipe Triple 3_thumb[1]

Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a medium sized bowl.  Juice the two lemons and add to the same bowl.  I just love my old fashioned glass hand juicer!  Little tip I sift the lemon juice as I poor it into the bowl, that way I don’t have to worry about catching all the pips/seeds while I’m juicing!  Mix together.

Finding Dory Jelly

Put the gelatine powder into a bowl and add the hot water.  Mix well until completely clear, then add to condensed milk and lemon mixture.  Stir to combine.

NOTE:  If your condensed milk and lemon mixture is quite cold your gelatine may set straight away causing the mixture to curdle.  Don’t panic!  Just fill the sink with hot tap water and sit the bowl in the hot water and stir.  After a little while it will all smooth out.

Finding Dory Jelly Yellow

I’ve added a little yellow colour for the Finding Dory theme and poured it over the chilled base and return to the fridge to cool and set.

Step 3 – Prepare the rest of the layers

Finding Dory Jelly

Time to make the last two layers.  Mix up the packets of jelly/jelly with boiling hot water.  This needs to be half the amount recommended in the instructions as the jelly/jello will need to be quite solid to hold together when cut.

Finding Dory Jelly

Stir the tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk you reserved earlier in to the lighter coloured bowl of mixed jelly.  This is to turn the layer a little opaque.  If you were to pour the blue jelly straight onto the yellow layer it would look green from the top, not very Finding Dory at all!

Finding Dory Jelly

Leave the lighter coloured jelly/jello in the freezer to cool faster, and the bright blue in the fridge.

Step 4 – Finish Assembling and Chill

Finding Dory Jelly

Once the first yellow layer has set you can poor the second opaque layer over the top and return to the fridge to chill again.

Finding Dory Jelly Jello Slice recipe

And once that one has set you can poor over the last bright blue layer and chill again.

Now this is the hard part, the recipe says to leave it to set overnight!  Patience is not my strong point so I may have cut a couple of sides off for the kids for desert it after about four hours later…it worked fine!  So proceed at your own peril here!

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Finding dory Party Food Ideas 1  One Stop Kids Party Shop Finding Dory Jelly in hand


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Finding Dory Party Supplies-One Stop Kids Party Shop

“Finding Dory” reunites the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way.

The all-new big-screen adventure dives into theaters in 2016, taking moviegoers back to the extraordinary underwater world from the original film. What better way to make your own underwater adventure and bring Dory to life in your home, then by decorating your next special occasion in everything DORY! From decorations, to tableware, you little ones will “just keep swimming” all the way to your next party.

At One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia we have all your Finding Dory party supplies covered from Finding Dory Party Invitations, to Finding Dory party plates and tableware right down to your Finding Dory party decorations and party favours. What is great about shopping for all your finding dory party supplies at one stop kids party shop is we offer free shipping for any orders over the value of $80.00 this means you can go crazy shopping for all your Dory party supplies in the one location and not get all  hot and bothered about how much it is going to cost to get it all shipped to you!! So please take a look below at the great range of Finding Dory party supplies we have on offer here at One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia.



-Finding Dory Party InvitationsOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Finding Dory party invitation set for 8 guests.

Invite all your friends around to join in the recent release of Finding Dory!! With Finding Nemo been such a huge success Finding Dory is sure to Follow!!

This pack of gorgeous Invitations includes 8 post card style invitations with all the important prompts and even comes with 8 Finding dory themed sticker seals and save the date stickers. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we just love it when our clients send out the matching invitations as they really do set the scene for the theme of the birthday party and often prompt guest’s to get dressed up and really into the big day.



Finding Dory Party Table Cover One Stop Kids Party Shop

Finding Dory Plastic Tablecloth.

Not sure where to start with your Finding Dory party set up then a all over print Finding Dory plastic tablecover is the way forward!! Have the Finding Dory which also features Nemo party table where all your guests can see as they make their way into the party room. The gorgeous bright colours of our Finding Dory tablecover will make it easy for you to pull of a fantastic Finding Dory party table scene. The table cover is made from thickish plastic and is a good trestle table size of 137cm by 243cm you may choose to go with one licensed Findning Dory Tablecover and perhaps a solid colour blue tablecover for another table such as the present table.



1 Pack of 8 Gorgeous Finding Dory vibrant Finger Food / Dessert Plates the perfect size for small fingers!! These gorgeous Finding Dory plates measure Aprox 17.8cm by 17.8cm. Don’t forget to team them up with our Finding Dory tablecover, Finding Dory Cups and Finding Dory party napkins which we sell here at One Stop Kids Party Shop. And remember for orders that reach the value of $80 or over your shipping is free of charge so why not buy all your finding Dory party supplies from our great online party supplies store.


Finding Dory Party Napkins One Stop Kids Party Shop


Don’t you just love these gorgeous Finding Dory / Finding Nemo lunch napkins. They are so vibrant and beautiful almost too good to be used as disposable party ware!! Each pack features 16 thick lunch size napkins which are aprox 33cm by 33cm each. They are designed to be matched up with the Finding Dory party tablecover, plates, cups, decorations and favours so be sure to check out all the gorgeous Finding Dory party supplies that we have on offer here at One Stop Kids Party Shop. And why not shop for all your Finding Dory party supplies here at One Stop as we offer Free Shipping on all orders that are to the value of $80.00 or over so it pays to get all your party supplies from here at One Stop Kids Party Shop Australia.

Finding Dory Party Cups One Stop Kids Party Shop


1 pack of 8 Finding Dory party Cups, perfect for refreshing those thirsty little guest’s at the party!! These finding Dory party cups will also make your Finding Dory party table look fabulous and we love how our favourite Nemo has not been left of the Finding Dory party supplies. Don’t forget to team up with the finding Dory Party plates, cups, napkins, tablecover and of course the finding Dory party decorations and Favours that are all sold here at One Stop Kids Party Shop!


Finding Dory Scene Setter Kitone stop kids party shop

Set an enchanting underwater scene with our Finding Dory Wall Decorating Kit!

Featuring Dory and Nemo under the sea with their ocean friends, this colourful kit comes in 5 separate pieces which you place together to achieve design shown (or separately around the room if you prefer)

Kit contains-

2 x large Finding Dory underwater scenes 82.5cm x 149cm.

1 x Happy Birthday banner 111.7cm x 40.6cm.

2 x Dory and Nemo side pieces 25.4cm x 40.6cm.

Finding Dory wall decorating kit is printed sheets of clear plastic – not self adhesive wall stickers – and you will need your own blu tac, sticky tape etc to attach.

Comes folded in retail packaging and will have crease lines.


Finding Dory Party BagsOne Stop Kids Party shop

1 pack of 8 Finding Dory Party Bags featuring the gang from Finding Dory including the star Dory and Nemo then Hank. All kids love taking home a party bag so don’t forget to pick up these essentials to send home each guest with a special thankyou for attending your child’s special day. We have licensed Finding Dory party favours here at One Stop Kids Party Shop and we also have a fantastic range of mix party favours which you will find in our party favour store category. Bags measure Aprox 23cm by 16.5cm.



Finding Dory Party BlowoutsOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Pack of 8 Finding Dory party blowers.

Kids will love having hours of fishy fun with our Finding Dory blowers!

Featuring bright cutouts of Dory and Nemo these colourful blowers are perfect for popping into party bags or on place settings on your Finding Dory themed table.

This style of blower has the paper unravel when blown into, it does not make a noise.

Team blowers with other great favours from our Finding Dory range.


Finding Dory Party Favour Pack Finding Dory Mega Mix:One Stop Kids party Shop


One 48 piece Finding Dory Giant Party Favour Package for 8. No need to worry about finding the perfect party favours. Get everything you need in one click with our Finding Dory Giant Party Favour Package! Each package includes:

  • Eight 2 inch Maze Puzzles
  • Eight 1 x 1.75 inch Prism Viewers
  • Eight 3.5 Disc Shooters with 1.5 inch Discs
  • Eight 2.5 inch Horn
  • Eight 1.5 inch Mini Tops
  • Eight 3 x 4.5 inch Stickers

These exciting favors will bring smiles to your guests’ faces and keep them entertained for hours. Let your child help you divide up this Finding Dory Giant Party Favour Package and stuff the goodies into your treat bags. Be sure to pick up some treat bags to coordinate with your Finding Dory Party!


Finding Nemo Party GameOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Be the first to fix Nemo’s fin in this fun Finding Dory party game!

A Finding Dory version of the classic “pin the tail” party game, the aim of this game is to get children to take turns trying to place Nemo’s fin back onto his body- closest to the correct spot wins!

Game pack for 8 players contains-

1 paper game poster featuring Dory, Nemo and Hank measuring approximately 95cm x 61.5cm.

8 player stickers

1 paper blindfold mask

Recommended for children aged 3+

Finding Dory Party DecorationsOne Stop Kids Party ShopFinding Dory Party SceneOne Stop Kids Party Shop


Once you have all your party tableware organised your going to want to organise some great Finding Dory party decorations. At One Stop Kids Party Shop we advise mixing some Licensed Finding Dory party decorations with some solid colour in the Finding Dory / Finding Nemo themed colours. For our Licensed Finding Dory Party Decorations try these hanging Finding Dory decorations which feature metallic blue foil swirls with double-sided cardstock so you can see the images from both sides and foil cutouts of Dory, Nemo, and Hank. Hang them by the attached plastic hooks to create a party room full of dangling sea creatures at your Finding Dory party.

Finding Dory Swirl Decorations include:

  • 6 foil swirl decorations
  • 3 foil swirl decorations with 7in cutouts
  • 3 foil swirl decorations with 5in cutouts
  • Attached plastic hooks


Finding Dory Party CandlesOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Set of 4 Finding Dory Candles.

Top off your birthday cake in true Dory style with our Finding Dory candles!

Finding Dory candle set contains 1 Dory, Nemo and Hank Happy Birthday candle measuring 8cm x 5cm and 3 FInding Dory mini candles measuring 3.5cm each in diameter.

Ideal for a Finding Dory themed party, simply position these colourful candles on top of your birthday cake as desired for a fantastic Finding Dory touch.

Venture over to our Finding Dory range for more Finding Dory decorations, tableware and favours.


Finding Dory Party BalloonOne Stop Kids Party Shop

Finding Dory Happy Birthday Helium Ballon.

Let everyone know where the Finding Dory fun is with our Finding Dory Happy Birthday balloon!

This square shaped helium balloon measures 45cm and features Dory with yellow Happy Birthday writing.

Give this great balloon to the birthday child as a present, tie one to their chair or buy a few to make a centrepiece for your Finding Dory party table.

Comes deflated – simply inflate at any helium station like a party/balloon store or florist or hire your own helium tank.

Balloon is refillable. Ribbon not included.

Finding Dory Party Treat cupsOne Stop Kids Party Shop


Treat the little ocean explorers to something sweet with Finding Dory Treat Cups! These paper cups feature a wraparound print of everyone’s favourite forgetful fish, Dory, and her pal Nemo surrounded by anemones and bubbles. Use them to hold bite-sized snacks, ice cream, or craft supplies at your Finding Dory party!

Finding Dory Treat Cups product details:

  • 8 per package
  • 8.5oz capacity
  • 3 3/4in diameter x 2 1/4in tall
  • Paper
  • Suitable for hot and cold liquids


Finding Dory party door cover Finding Dory Party Door CoverOne Stop Kids Party Shop

This adorable, bright & colourful

Under The Sea Door Cover will be the perfect finishing touch to your Finding Dory party

Great as a backdrop for taking photos as well and perfect way to welcome your guest’s as they arrive to the party!! Set the excitement right from the moment of entrance!!

Printed on plastic as can be used indoor or outdoor

Door Cover is 1.52m x 76cm

Finding Dory Party Tattoos One Stop Kids Party Shop

Make the kids feel like part of Dory’s club with our Finding Dory temporary tattoos!

These fun tattoos come on a single sheet that is perforated into 8 sections with 2 tattoos in each section (header card says 16 tattoos as each section has 2 tattoos).

Sheet measures 17.5cm x 10.2cm, each square measures 5cm x 4.5cm.

Featuring Dory, Nemo and Hank the octopus, these temporary tattoos are perfect for creating some fishy fun at your Finding Dory themed party!. Pop a square into each child’s treat bag or wrap a sheet up as a terrific party prize for pass-the-parcel, lucky dip etc.

Recommended for ages 4+.

Finding Nemo balloon setOne Stop Kids Party shopAlhambra-Balloons_1

At One Stop Kids Party Shop we have a great range of Solid Colour party supplies for your Finding Dory birthday party!! You can mix up some of the licensed Finding Dory party supplies with the colours Royal Blue, Light blue, Yellow and Orange for a truly amazing look.

Powder Blue Paper Plates : One Stop Kids Party Shop powder blue straws 8 powder blue party cups : One Stop Kids Party Shop Powder Blue TablecoverOne Stop Kids Party shop

orange and yellow loot bags Orange tablecover:one stop kids party shop Orange Plastic Plates orange plastic party cups Orange-Paper-Party-Bags-12ct orange lunch napkins Chevron Bunting OrangeOne Stop Kids Party Shop

School Bus Yellow Cutlery SetOne Stop Kids Party Shop Yellow Paper PlatesOne Stop Kids Party Shop 8 Yellow Paper CupsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Yellow chevron bunting bannerone stop kids party shop yellow-paper-party-bags Yellow cups Yellow Plastic Plates Yellow Party Napkins 12 yellow ceiling swirlsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Yellow Striped Bunting FlagsCandy Striped bunting Yellow Hanging Tissue Balls 12pk yellow polka dot cutlery Sunburst Yellow Balloons Yellow Tablecover Yellow_POP 12 Yellow Hanging Swirls

true blue cutlery setOne Stop Kids Party Shop bright blue cups 25 Royal Blue party Cups Blue Paper Party PlatesOne Stop Kids Party Shop happy-birthday-blue-hanging-string-decoration Blue Star NapkinsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Blue Star Paper CupsOne Stop Kids Party Shop Royal Blue Party Bags royal blue popcorn boxes Blue Napkins light blue party bags Royal Blue Polka Dot balloons/One Stop Kids Party Shop Royal Blue Swirls/Party Decorations/One Stop Kids Party Shop Royal blue Fans Royal Blue Swirls blue-jelly light blue garland Electric Blue Balloons pastelbluetablecover