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Findy Dory Party Food Ideas

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Finding Dory Jelly/Jello Slice Ingredients


  • 1 Packet of plain biscuits (I used Griffins Super Wines)
  • 170grams (6oz) Melted Butter
  • Baking Paper or tin foil to line the tin to make getting it out later easier.
  • 20cm Square Baking tin – Deep 5cm (2”)!  Or if shallow use a larger size but the whole slice will be thinner.

I didn’t end up using the lemon jelly/jello, but add as many layers as you like!


  • 1 can or Sweetened Condensed Milk 395gram – Reserve 1 Tablespoon
  • Juice of 2 Lemons
  • 2 Tablespoons (15ml size not 20ml size) Gelatine Powder
    • Quite Firm so could go a little less for a softer finish.  I think this particular gelatine powder sets a little firmer than the one I normally use, next time I would try 1 1/2 tablespoons
  • 1/4 cup of Hot Water
  • A little yellow Food Colouring
  • 1 Packet Bright Blue Jelly/Jello (Blueberry)
  • 1 Packet Very Pale Blue Jelly/Jello (Lemonade)
  • 1 cup of Boiling Hot Water per Packet of Jelly/Jello (or half the water recommended in the instructions)

Finding Dory Ingredients One Stop Kids Party Shop

Finding Dory Jelly/Jello Slice Instructions

NOTE!  This slice needs to be left in the fridge over night to set!  You can probably get away with a few hours but keep this in mind when planning!

Step 1 – Prepare the Base

Finding Dory Jelly BaseOne Stop Kids Party Shop

This has to be the easiest base to make!  Crush your packet of plain biscuits using a food processor if you have one, or you can just put the biscuits in a zip lock bag and bash them!

Finding Dory Making The Base

Add the melted butter and mix together.

Press the mixture into the lined tin, I like to use the back of a spoon to do this.  Place in the freezer to set while you prepare the first layer.

Step 2 – Prepare the First Layer

Finding Dory Jelly Jello Slice recipe Triple 3_thumb[1]

Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a medium sized bowl.  Juice the two lemons and add to the same bowl.  I just love my old fashioned glass hand juicer!  Little tip I sift the lemon juice as I poor it into the bowl, that way I don’t have to worry about catching all the pips/seeds while I’m juicing!  Mix together.

Finding Dory Jelly

Put the gelatine powder into a bowl and add the hot water.  Mix well until completely clear, then add to condensed milk and lemon mixture.  Stir to combine.

NOTE:  If your condensed milk and lemon mixture is quite cold your gelatine may set straight away causing the mixture to curdle.  Don’t panic!  Just fill the sink with hot tap water and sit the bowl in the hot water and stir.  After a little while it will all smooth out.

Finding Dory Jelly Yellow

I’ve added a little yellow colour for the Finding Dory theme and poured it over the chilled base and return to the fridge to cool and set.

Step 3 – Prepare the rest of the layers

Finding Dory Jelly

Time to make the last two layers.  Mix up the packets of jelly/jelly with boiling hot water.  This needs to be half the amount recommended in the instructions as the jelly/jello will need to be quite solid to hold together when cut.

Finding Dory Jelly

Stir the tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk you reserved earlier in to the lighter coloured bowl of mixed jelly.  This is to turn the layer a little opaque.  If you were to pour the blue jelly straight onto the yellow layer it would look green from the top, not very Finding Dory at all!

Finding Dory Jelly

Leave the lighter coloured jelly/jello in the freezer to cool faster, and the bright blue in the fridge.

Step 4 – Finish Assembling and Chill

Finding Dory Jelly

Once the first yellow layer has set you can poor the second opaque layer over the top and return to the fridge to chill again.

Finding Dory Jelly Jello Slice recipe

And once that one has set you can poor over the last bright blue layer and chill again.

Now this is the hard part, the recipe says to leave it to set overnight!  Patience is not my strong point so I may have cut a couple of sides off for the kids for desert it after about four hours later…it worked fine!  So proceed at your own peril here!

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Finding dory Party Food Ideas 1  One Stop Kids Party Shop Finding Dory Jelly in hand