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1 large Hanging Santa lantern Xmas Decoration

Santa Lantern (27cm x 14cm x 0.6cm) .
One 12 inch round Santa Lantern. Here comes Santa Claus and he is ready to add joy and cheer to your Christmas party. Santa has a twinkle in his eye, a red nose, and a white beard. Hang this lantern from the ceiling in your party room. Your party will be decorated for Christmas from the ceiling to the floor.

  1. Carefully stretch the paper lantern.
  2. Insert metal frame through the top(larger) opening so the bottom of the metal frame sits on the bottom opening.
  3. Gently insert the top of the metal frame corners into the metal loops to complete your round paper lantern.


Hang from the balcony, outdoor landing or hang him inside, make sure you bring him in if it rains, this gorgeous Santa lantern will will make a lovely addition to your house and Xmas party room. What is great you can put him away after Xmas and use him for many more years to come.

This lantern is not suitable for lights.

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Santa Lantern Decoration